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G.o.D Jewels – Greatness Opens Doors (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka May 3, 2010

After a few leaks and videos, here’s the latest project from the Chicago representative. Tracklist and linke down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: G.o.D Jewels – Greatness Opens Doors (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • keNyCuhh

    hope its tight

  • Rezo

    Wtf kind of cover is that? That’s real gay and you can’t even read the tracklist if you actually wanted to download it..smh

  • D

    ^ hatin fool ass nigga. fuck outta here.

    Never heard of this dude. Gonna check it out though.

  • TOKS

    Im not going to lie with yall. IM COPPIN THE MIXTAPE ON THE COVER ONLY hahah. I know must yall do aswell. Covers always kinda show if the artist a real artist.

  • YipYacWeedSack

    Rezo is a fucking hater wow. this dude has a smooth flow from what ive heard, ima check this shit out

  • Rose’ and Henny Sipper

    i think the covers dope.

  • ill cover.

  • Dope cover. G.O.D. makes dope shit. Def worth the download. #NT

  • Aje

    Gonna peep. The covers looks official.

  • hiphopzpop

    No Actually Keys Open Doors

  • DUBble


    Open The Door (Prod. By Flu)
    All Things ‘Go (Prod. By Plan)
    Old Folks (Prod. By Flu)
    Keeps You Running (Prod. By TIME)
    The Frozen Moment Interlude (Prod. By TIME)
    The Cusp Ft. Jelisa Nicole (Prod. By E&J)
    Jesus Piece (Prod. By TIME)
    Aqua Flow (Courant D’eau Turquoise) (Prod. By Plan x TIME)
    Make It Look Good Ft. The Boy Illinois (Prod. By E&J x Ms. Polka Dot)
    R.A.C.E. (Respect All Colors & Ethnicities) (Prod. By Mez One)
    Under The Act Ft. Tommy Mitchell (Prod. By Hero George)
    Louboutin Blues (Prod. By The Baron Boys)
    Perfect Man (Prod. By Flu)
    Close The Door Ft. Jelisa Nicole (Prod. By E&J x The Baron Boys)

  • PJ4

    Yeah I’m gonna have to go ahead and say that the artwork is crazy, and you’d be able to read the tracklist just fine if you had a hard copy. Refreshing to see somebody care about the presentation of their project instead of just using the standard photoshop filtered shit.

  • Ricardo

    can someone post up the .zip please


  • Ricardo

    Got it it kl dope mixtape!

  • Nextstopheaven

    Any word on what the project sounds like?

  • YipYacWeedSack

    Ricardo, click on the mediafire and its .zip

  • MIGS

    Rezo: using “gay” to describe stuff anymore is mad outdated, and just plain ignorant. Get enlightened.Besides… what’s your mixtape cover look like??

    I’m gonna check this out, hopefully it’s good shit.

  • YipYacWeedSack

    This mixtape is nice though, smooth feel all on it

  • dquarles5

    Must Download! FIRE!

  • dope title for a mixtape

  • that “all things go video is cold.” hope the mixtape is good.

  • JG

    hope you enjoy it.

  • diandre pickett

    I think the cover is dope.u gotta be from chicago 2 feel it (the bears & the bulls) i hope dude is good,cuz we(chicagoans)shit on our own here,unless you are Supa-Nice with it.

  • midnightkat

    sounds pretty dope and the album work is hot fire!!!!

  • J.

    I started listenin to this cat a week ago and he has another mixtape on his myspace. Dude is nice, shits fuckin raw


    ..”aaah the DOPENESS!”

  • Yessir been waitin on this #NT

  • Alright, looks good based off the comments here … downloading. It’s a long week for no-releases so this should help.

  • Gordon B.

    “I don’t have a major rap blog co-signing me”
    You do now, on a serious note I was impressed by this one, dude’s got skill.

  • lmao @ the cover..dude rockin that nut hugger queer denim

  • James Blacksmith

    The cover looks dope. That alone might make me cop it.

  • mo

    So you gonna judge the mixtape based on the cover? So 3 Feet & Rising must be a horrible album. Anything by Buckshot must suck too huh? Listen to the goddamn music. For the record..it’s a BEAR and a BULL…probably cuz he’s from Chicago…

    …second, the presentation of this tape is incredible. Been watching the whole process from the outside and it looks like its an amazing effort.

  • eSo

    Looking for some new artists to I gave this a listen. Def worth the download.

  • I

    #NT This mixtape is nice!

  • @QUEEN yes?

  • vez

    #NT better fucking recognize. Greatness has been revealed to the world


    this shit is mad corny. another skinny jean rapper with no original style. delete and send to recycle bin.

  • Galaxy

    This Mixtape >>>>> Most Niggas Album Good Shit Jewels #NT :hat

  • #NT Greatness Opens Door ;:hat

  • :whitesoxhat

    My nigga Jewels..

  • Project is flawless front to back. Good shit Jewels. #NT #SecretSociety

  • Most of the time when I download a mixtape because the cover looks cool, it has good results (it’s how I found XV, Currensy, Wiz, and hella other guys, cool covers lol). Lets hope the pattern continues.

  • g.o.d. jewel’s is my boy! good shit homie

  • JD

    wows dude can make songs, very different but i got kinda bored of all the soft ass beats.

  • Nathan Kelly

    Wow there is soooo much effort that went into this. There is a PDF bundled with the mixtape that has all of the lyrics as well as wikipedia links over certain words that link to a definition of what he is talking about. Damn… above and beyond.

  • Carla


  • this is a dope tape don’t sleep.

  • anonymous

    Really good tape as stated above don’t sleep. There are soft beats and it is a bit slower but there was a lot of effort put into these lyrics and this entire tape. I really like it, its different, but in a good way. Keep it up Jewels, you just got another fan.


    SMH only 48 comments? This is pure dopeness!!!

  • J_More

    *smh* kids hes okay, this the first mixtape I ever heard from dude. nothing different from the rest uh these “new era” rappers though it is not a bad or great tape though… You can live without it

  • Incite_88

    Yo never heard of dude till I listened to him today and this tape is dope ass shit..fuckin one of the best out right now in all seriousness. Dude is nice and flow is somethin different but tight as shit, and beats are fuckin nuts!!! COP THIS SHIT NOW IF YOU DON”T HAVE>>>>

  • Katithepope

    This is Fire!!!!!!! I didnt know who he was and just gave him a try and now he’s in my IPod. He is good. Word to all check him out

  • STLAllDay

    DO NOT SLEEP ON DUDE. Glory Or Death is a fantastic mixtape as well. The only problem people can have with this dude is if they don’t care for his flow, which I personally don’t mind, but either way he’s smooth as hell.

    Also, the dude featured on the track The Boy Illinois has two mixtapes out and he is just as good, if not better, as Jewels. If you want more dope Chicago music you have to check out Inhale Pt. 2: Loyalty Before The Love by The Boy Illinois. Promised dopeness.