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Dame Dash On The Diplomats Reunion

blame it on Shake May 4, 2010

After announcing the return of Roc-A-Fella yesterday, Dame Dash reveals to MTV his thoughts on the Diplomats reunion.

I’m more happy than anything that they’re friends… that they were able to salvage their friendship, if that’s the case. I think they’re better than me for that: for being smart enough and humble enough to apologize to each other and move forward. I really do hope that where I failed to be the right example, that they can be that. You always want the people ahead of you to do better than you anyway. For that, I gotta give them props for being men above anything.

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  • that’s a classy man speaking

  • J-Dub

    Sounds like he’s disappointed him & jay couldn’t reconcile.

  • Justin Ramon

    Dame is the truth. Now that he’s fucking with Spitta and only focused on producing epic music, he is a man of the people. We all know about Hov’s status, but if Dame continues on this route he’s gonna be like the CEO of the underground lol.

  • DiggySimmons

    damn Dame sounds really down beat sumtimes, and always like hes thinking about the past, which i guess has to happen after anybreak up , wishin dude the best mayne.

  • crackadon

    it looks like Dame has learned from his mistakes and is being a real man about it. his Creative Control/DD172/BlakRoc projects all seem very legit. visually, with the sounds, the typography and overall aesthetic appear to be so fresh and unique. this is what we need Dame and i sincerely hope you + Spitta the best. i’m hyped for them both and i can’t wait for Pilot Talk. the only question i have is who else do they plan to bring on board? Wiz? Chip the Ripper? The Cool Kids? the return of Yong Chris? signing some young, unique artists would help establish this new Roc as a real label for bubbling talent.


    Dame Dash is a smart man, and in my opinion he has the best movement going right now. I respect this guy.