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Slang Editorial: Why Kat Stacks Exists

blame it on Meka May 4, 2010

In today’s episode of Slang Editorial, I wonder why rappers can’t pull better-looking big-lipped beasts.

READ: Slang Editorial: Why Kat Stacks Exists

  • Do you post this here because xxl got mad @ you and told you that you wasn’t gettin enough hits? It’s not cuz you not gettin no exposure, you can’t write folk.

  • Nolais504(uptown)

    If there was no kat stacks then there would be no sin.

  • GRS

    Man this hip-hop culture thing is so far from reality, just like it’s over-analytical self-righteous bloggers.

  • Sam Sneed

    Wow. A thought-provoking insightful article this is not.

    A better article would be about the hustle of Kat Stacks and how she made a name for herself by working her way up a chain of talentless rappers and how now she’s constantly mentioned by a Z-list blogger.

  • HipPotHead

    “I mean, really? Gudda Gudda? I mean damn.” <—-hahahaha

  • D

    Summary: Kat Stacks is a dumb whore. (Some) rappers will fuck anything.

  • Good read, I dont why ppl give hate, it’t there opinon on a subject, freedom of speech and press. If you dont like it dont comment…SMH

  • Ryuk

    But lets be real. Meka wouldnt be kicking kat stacks out of bed in the morning. He’d be up early cooking her cheese eggs.

  • rukstar

    the fuck is a kat stacks? I aint never heard of this broad in my life, i guess i havent forgotten what hip hop is and didnt get wrapped up in whatever fuckery is goin on in the fake records biz.

  • tom

    HAhahahha thats word to Ryuk.

    Gudda Gudda is better at rapping than you are at writing anyways bro

    (not a hater)

  • chef

    kat stacks needs to die. it will happen soon enough when she contracts aids from fucking some random weed carrier she thinks is important.

  • Meka, is there somewhere I can see all your posts you put up there on XXL, as well as new ones you put up? These are pretty entertaining.

  • Danger Russ

    @ AceDaOne exactly. It’s freedom of speech. Quit whining. I doubt many people know who Kat Stacks is….and the only reason people here know who she is is because 2db put her video on this site in the first place giving her shine and they keep bringing her up. Kat Stacks won.

  • JamesFinnaGet

    you use “however” excessively in your editorial.

  • cause they chick has 2 be willing 2 suck and fuck the whole crew. thats why.

  • DaBullMatt

    I honesly look at the bitch and laugh at her.Like everyone knows she lies thru her silicone,so why even get mad.Annoying,dam right.But she’ll b gone before we. No it

  • robertTHEallen

    HAhahahha thats word to Ryuk.
    Gudda Gudda is better at rapping than you are at writing anyways bro
    (not a hater)

    tom said this on May 4th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    either youre lying and you ARE a hater, or your flat out ignorant. whats next, shit smells better than brownies?

    pretty good article btw

  • FakirWise

    So Meka posts something about her, then you all click it and come here to talk shit to him about it….in the end, Meka wins because you all just gave him more hits…
    I think I just discovered that the internet has the added effect of killing brain cells to specific individuals, cause these motherfuckers are dumb!

  • Dale doback

    “Pioneering whores like Karrine Stephans have made it possible for anybody with a modicum of sense to come up after getting came on.”


  • Musikfiend

    “Nowadays it seems any woman can do a couple of low-grade music videos to meet a rapper, catch him not using the most skullduggery of tricks and end up with a book deal.”


    Word to Mike Tyson!!

  • ************************

    lol at “Chuuuch” and her blatant grudge with Meka

  • shane

    lets just stop talking about that trash already, given her more media will help her “not exist anymore.” rather hear about music, not groupies.

  • shane

    not giving her more media**