• Royalty Jackson

    Nice!! I love his stuff...

  • http://Prodbynotez.bandcamp.com Sammie NoTeZ=MC


  • jacobm15

    bruno's album cover >>>>> drake's album cover

  • robertTHEallen

    frEP, or itunes/amazon?
    ill have to support either way

  • J-Dub

    Dude got talent, hope he blows up.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jwizzlebruh TakeFlight

    I was thinking the same thing Jacob.
    Drake is still that dude though.

  • C-P

    This man is gonna be scary good...

  • Tre

    this guy is TALENTED

  • http://www.imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    EP =/= Album

  • HHS11

    This is nice, Bruno doing things

  • boss

    Wow, nice to hear the finished version Otherside. B.o.B killed his verse, and I haven't heard Cee-Lo in awhile. I can't wait to download this EP.

  • tazzer

    Dude's got a future.
    B.o.B killed it on The Other Side.

  • DEV

    cant fuck with it

  • ItsBenAWhile


  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    yo get with it this is also the team behind K'Naans waving flag remix , sean kingston and flo rida hits - B.midas!!

  • RichyRico

    yes i already downloaded just tap Bruno Mars – It’s Better You Don’t Understand donwlaod theres a lot link

  • rapster

    It's actually called "It's Better *If* You Don't Understand"

  • jacobm15

    whoops, I meant EP cover haha

  • ShadyPsycho

    I've downloaded it off a couple of different sites and I seem to get the same version of it which I believe not to be the full version, the tracks are much shorter than they are supposed to be and B.o.B and Cee-Lo are not on "The Other Side"... is this the only version out right now? I guess I'll have to wait til May 11.

  • esr

    wow.. i'm really impressed

  • Lee Bahlmann

    i want this now. downloads are shorter/incomplete. cant wait

  • http://49erswebzone.com ace*

    cant fuck with it



    it's pretty good stuff

  • GR

    pretty good, lets see if he can make more hits in the future

  • Drico

    yeah i am def buying this when it comes out, its real impressive and i didnt even like some of the other stuff he put out. it is def worth the listen if you are wondering whether to listen to it or not

  • http://twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    if his own music is anything like that Our First Time. im pissed its only four tracks....

    that our first time is baby making music

  • http://www.mikedreamsmusic.com M. Hannah

    This dude is about to be a beast!

    Not only is he going to be on the two biggest records this year (We already saw what "Nothin' On You" did and I'm sure "Billionaire" will get huge too. I hear it all over the radio now.), but his solo music is such a refreshing sound.

    He'll get the Jason Mraz type fans, but also have a hip-hop pass because of the collabs he's done.

    The formula works again!

  • S.Valentine

    can someone rip the stream?

  • ItsBenAWhile


  • eb

    yea its not up yet o_O

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlosniqueperez Sir Charles

    Bruno Mars - Count on You


    Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon


    You all welcome..

  • Neece

    Listening to the EP my ipod right now. It's fucking dope. Buy it on iTunes or Amazon, stop downloading shit.

  • madConsumer

    @ Neece
    go away

  • J.Hunt

    The EP is super cheap and worth it, so just buy it.