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Slang Editorial: When I Die, I Want My Biography To Be Done By White People Too

blame it on Meka May 5, 2010

On today’s post, I wonder why so many “minorities” get butthurt whenever they see a white person doing anything hip hop-related.

READ: Slang Editorial: When I Die, I Want My Biography To Be Done By White People Too

  • Oh, Meka. Haha. Kudos!

  • Pell

    I’m as white as it gets and I listen to anything in hip hop that’s good and that’s it. I don’t mind rock if other people play it, but i’ve loved hip hop since I was about ten and always have haha.

    People take it the wrong way sometimes and think i’m trying to be gangster and pretend i’m from the hood if i listen to someone who is rapping about guns or whatever but it has nothing to do with it. I just fuck with anyone and anything that puts out good music from people like ab soul to cassidy to joell and it don’t matter and people shouldn’t look down on that. I put on so many white people to good music they’d otherwise never hear or give a chance

  • Good one….

    Where I live (the Netherlands), this is even more prominent…Theres a lot of black people here (50% in some big cities) and they pretty ALL only listen to Lil Wayne and that bullshit…

    The white people that are in to hiphop often listen to way better hiphop and know more about it as well…

  • hesis

    ^^ My life story lol

  • shakes white?

  • EC

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtiUjevGanI i think nikki explained it best in this piece

  • Bass in Yo Face

    Rap & the rap culture are further becoming a riotous unintentional comedy. While these rappers are out getting throwed & getting caught up with multiple baby momma’s, they need someone responsible handling the business. This includes house rentals, car rentals, and stripper rentals for videos, purchasing shitty overpriced liquor, tour matters, photo ops, weed & guns, blow if you get big enough, ecstacy if you’re a fruity MC, etc. The list is endless. Now, it just so happens that most of these people who are successful at handling these matters are white. To get to the point, I’m saying you should thank the white man for keeping hip hop alive, otherwise MC Such N’ Such wouldn’t even make it to the studio.

    Oh, and only racists see color.

  • DiggySimmons

    Ok i agree with people complaining about white ppl listening to hiphop is dumb. but ur acting like they have contributed more to hiphop and black ppl just cant seem to get it done. wen ur forgetting the majority of ppl who are the artists that make hip hop/rnb are actually black which is likely cos its origianlly an african american form of music

  • Burnie Goetz

    Fuck TiRon’s twitter just said his harddrive situation set things back but he let a track off Mustard loose.

  • Rio$

    The white people that are in to hiphop often listen to way better hiphop and know more about it as well…
    BBhiphop said this on May 5th, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    the word butthurt< ppl still say that shit?

  • yawn

    Meka The sugar hill gang were put on by a white woman..ok and makes sense considering only 8years earlier blacks were just given equal voting rights so wats ur point of course white people are gonna be in more places of power.

  • gabe

    I’m white and I have always loved hip hop music…it doesn’t matter if you personally “relate” to it as long as you think it’s good musice…I don’t relate to a rock band who’s white lead singer sings about doing heroin but it doesn’t mean I won’t listen to Nirvana bc I love that band

  • dude

    the word butthurt< ppl still say that shit?


    nah, now people say "booty tickled"

  • alot of white people listen to better hip hop than some black people…(I’m not white, I’m Mexican)

  • The fact that you think like that is ill. White people profit off of hip hop, Do you really think jimmy iovine cares about hip hop? So if someone only cares about money it doesn’t mean they give a shit about hip hop. They just want to protect a investment. But at this stage in the game if you are thinking black and white you are lost. This shit is Universal. Perception is crazy and allot of these rap cat perception is fucked. Business wise to say whites have done more for hip hop than minorities is stupid. I would say that whites have helped destroy it more than anything. Lil wayne, Ti, Jigga, is mainly a white fans buying the wack records that keep the real shit from even surfacing.

  • Millis

    Pell i feel u dog..it fuckin sucks gettin the “wigger” label just bc i listen to undround rap, and its annoying as fuck when black ppl say shit about it too. and reading these comments are soo frustrating bc all i see black ppl just talkin shit about whites and blaming us for “buying wack records” fuck all u interent g’s thinken u own hip hop just cus ur black..shit really is annoying. and im NOT racist one tiny bit, but these racist shots really get old…

  • Bill Clinton

    Millis <I feel u I dont think white ppl shud be branded like that in anyway. But Meka rather than aknowledging that white, black, yellow and all inbetween are contributing to hiphop, u chastise blacks for dissin white hiphop heads and then go on to diss black further saying we basically do a crappy job wen given the chance and act like only white ppl put us on (sugarhill example) forgetting sooo many things like No Limit, CashMoney, Roca Fella, Dames New Shit, Akon, The Simmons Family, Ll Cool J, Will Smith have all contributed and built shit by thier own black selves. Meka you just swapped one form of ignorance for another.

  • Teddy

    There are good Black Filmmakers out there. Its just Hollywood wont give them a day in hell.

  • robertTHEallen

    (insert a bill cosby-esque statement here)
    thats why.

    quite a few black people are still on that “we deserve reparations for our [ancestors’] personal struggle” type shit

  • akaconcept

    “word to Shake, my melanin-less partner over at the main hustle”

    hahahah i dig this

  • akaconcept

    and i think, from what i’m reading, a lot of these comments just don’t grasp what meka is really saying..

    just a thought

  • read my comment not my name

    I’m white and the majority of the black hiphop fans i personally know listen to lil wayne, 50 cent, t.i, jay-z, drake, kanye, and the majority of the white hiphop fans i know listen to the exact same artists, the colour of your skin doesn’t matter, if you like good hiphop you like good hiphop, if you dont then you dont, just coz the majority of skilled and talented hiphop artists are black doesnt mean black hiphop fans listen to better artists than white hiphop fans.
    To any black fans being ignorant towards white fans- You’re born the colour you are by chance not by choice or by working to gain it, so stop taking shots at white people and using other black peoples achievements (such as hiphop/rnb artists) and talking about them as if they’re your own just because you have the same colour skin, i’m not taking shots at black people in general, just the ones being ignorant towards white people.
    As a white guy who was born and grew up in a white neighbourhood for me to find out about underground hiphop myself and introduce other people to it is a bigger achievement then any of you ignorant people probably introduced to it by someone around you

  • jadaafa

    whys it got to be black or white,we all are red inside

    and to the person who labelled white peopl as destroying hip hop because of jimmy iovine,shit thats the most ignorant sterotype ive heard,is hip hop in a bad way because lil wayne n soulja boy are black,no its because they are wack

    also also some of the illest spitting atm are white bu thats not me saying anything racial,i dont just see why people cant look at other people as humans

    brother ali
    little vic

  • Ha! Meka said ‘butthurt!’

    Anyway, Hip Hop is all encompassing. It always has been. Without one, the other would not exist. This is the beauty of H.E.R. To be Universal.

    Recognize. There is only one race in the Universe.