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Jay-Z x SNL (Video)

blame it on Shake May 9, 2010

Tonight, Hov rocked the Saturday Night Live stage. Up top he performs a medley of songs (has anyone else ever done that?) and after the jump he’s joined by Mr. Hudson for Forever Young Forever.

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  • What I Said

    I Wish Eminem Perform Like That

    Imma Just Put It Out Like This Eminem Performance Was Better When He Was High But Now He Suck Donkey Ballz


  • JF

    Mad stage presence.

  • 23kid

    That chick singing can get it

  • Hotnikelz Tha Don

    lmao, shake and 2dopefagz late as usual

  • yep.. and you still continue to come to the site. way to go champ.

  • kanye kinda did it with 2 songs lol

  • DiggySimmons

    Shake dont even bother replying to a worthless troll

    On the other hand..jay always does those same hand movements , I seen this performance 100x basically already lol. I find him presence-less.

  • DiggySimmons

    The songs sounded dope live tho.

  • DiggySimmons

    Reminds you y ppl say hes the GOAT.

  • Strange Famous

    Thats why Hov live has taken it to new levels.

  • ahkidagreat

    Soo that’s bridget Kelly yea she can definitely get it.

  • jay is ass..dude is so boring

  • tonstergfx

    I really think rap artists should put out recordings of live shows…

  • 2Skilful

    Every artist has their own particular hand gestures…

  • DiggySimmons

    Jay z/ Lupe/ Kanye = same hand gestures.

  • james

    23kid, co-sign.

    I enjoyed the medley but thought the young forever performance was wack. I don’t really like that song either so..

  • Matt

    Uhh…Mr. Hudson can’t really sing…

  • Bstew

    awesome video… jay is a living legend and just cause he has tokened hand movements doesn’t mean its repetitive…. others can do it but they are just stealing his shit

  • koowkowk

    I think Mr. Hudson was nervous as fuck.

  • shay

    damn I fell asleep, betty white was on it too

  • The mini-Jay Concert seems awkward to me. IDK why…but all throughout, something just seemed off…maybe it was the crowd response or the pauses inbetween stuff; weird transitions into new songs, etc.

    But Bridget Kelly made up for all the awkwardness with her sexy presence and “two thumbs up, Ebert and Roper” dress.

    She was yummy.

    I’ve never liked “Young Forever”. I felt it was that formulaic approach to an “epic” or “timeless” song that really turned out to be kinda wack, based on the sub-par production (I hated that snare) and Jay’s lyrics/flow on there. Mr. Hudson made the song what it is, but he sounded horrible live on it.

    Jay’s performances are usually on point though, so this was different…

  • Raptorsarefriends

    Yo I Kinda wish rappers would let singers sing instead of fucking ad-libbing when they are singing.
    “YOUNG” “YES” “UH HUH”

  • a

    lmao I still can’t believe people fucked with that god-awful rendition of forever young. not to mention jay-z is average at best now. to each his own i suppose

  • WeShallLaugh

    Raptorsarefriends @ lol

  • yoyo

    shake stop fucking hatin..it’s normal lupe fiasco treat u like shit..

    mr hudson can’t sing, but anyway he looked gay as fuck with this short pants showing his socks.
    although he looked nervous or something was goin on with his fucked up voice.

  • jacobm15

    I liked when hov did the melody of songs, that was dope, but I didnt really like “forever young” or whatever the hell its called these days

  • Musikfiend

    Bridget Kelly fine ass should’ve been on stage the whole time, lol.

  • beatphats

    Best part: 99 Problems b/w Linkin Park. Also, his flow was better now for ESOM than the album. He definitely should rerecord that shit.

  • I liked the medley, but Forever Young is the corniest shit ever, and probably Hovs worst song.

  • philly blunts

    amazing!! anyway we can get an mp3 of that?

  • js

    every time i see him live performing empire, i kind of want him to record it with her more. who is she? i know she’s signed to roc nation now.

  • Kris

    people forget mr hudson’s on tour in europe right now too…but yeah he looked nervous as hell haha

  • TGoldman

    Yeah whos the fine bitty performing with him on empire?

  • SDM

    Look at hov at 7:56 lmaooo. YOU!!!!

  • robertTHEallen

    am i the only one wishing for another unplugged album?

  • ^probably..jay is ass didnt u know?

  • fuck jayz

    i will never get it. jay-z is not a good performer, his voice is always fucked up when he performs. can’t understand him if i’ve never heard the songs before. i think reasonable doubt and blueprint are classics. but man fuck jay-z he is not that great hahahaha

  • Cupcakesss

    cosign SDM WTH is he doing lmfao faggot ass soulja boy shit ahhhhh *dead*

  • MelancholyGypsy!

    i mean, i’ll break it down, straight up
    jay-z has never been a good live performer. ever.
    if he’s any worse now, it’s only because he’s a middle-aged man now.
    the hand gestures are annoying as fuck. plus, he’s been doing the same ones for like 10+ years straight. and Jay-Z, if youre not rapping, it means that you can shut the fuck up at that time. you dont need to take that opportunity to furiously bob your head up and down as you yell out random ad-libs.
    and of course the songs sound better live. live instrumentals will always sound better than some bullshit GarageBand production. another thing, though, people need to stop acting like Jay-Z is the first rapper to perform with a live band. people have been doing that since hip-hop started. bottom line, Jay-Z’s just not as impressive as he thinks he is.

  • Alecia keys is super, loving her new style…Jay’z a Monster!
    Thanx for this post. I missed SNL too!

  • Mr. Hudson had on some billy jean, Micheal Jackson ass short ass come play with me ass kicks and sounded Graspy, but this dude is bless to be working with Jay Z.

  • Joe

    Check out some of HOVA’s mashed up albums, all 9 of them. Jay-Z vs. Big Band Jazz, The Grey Album, DMB, Radiohead, The Godfather Soundtrack, and more..

  • Geez

    Jay-Z is great live if you don’t think so then I don’t think you’ve ever seen him in concert.

    That’s not even an exaggeration he controls the crowd like crazy and he rips it. People are way to sensitive talking about hand gestures lol don’t be gay.