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Slang Editorial: Is Old Man Rap Really Obsolete?

blame it on Meka May 11, 2010

Over at XXL, I talk about how old man rap really isn’t going out of style. Like Betty White.

READ: Slang Editorial: Is Old Man Rap Really Obsolete?

  • Mighty Casey

    it is if bloggers like you don’t return email and i get love on Gawker before i even get a reply from the circle of blogger friends

    Mighty Casey “Crackhead Superheroes”


  • Bass in Yo Face

    The game is so watered down that people stick with what hasn’t failed them – the vets in the game. The rookies in the game are trying to re-create the same shit and fail miserably. Most are cornballs. Most are not believable. Most are actors, bragging and boasting about shit they know nothing about over and over again. This is part of the reason Hip Hop continues to be a riotous unintentional comedy. It’s a culture where marketable fakers get put on cuz they’re willing to play the part and cater to the sheep with multiple features and “big name producers & co-signs” and real talent goes without shine.

  • Level

    Never heard of old man rap. I listen to Hip-Hop.

  • eff

    Ease up on the thesaurus.

  • DiggySimmons

    Mighty Casey<probably becasue of the quality levels need to be upped dude.

  • Pell

    Extremely off topic, but i figured that putting it up top would give me the best chance of getting an answer but shake or meka u have any idea if longterm2 has a release date yet

  • Zlatko

    Ghostface is far and away the best example of aging in hip-hop. He’ll be in his 60’s and still entertaining as hell because he raps with so much emotion and honesty.

  • yah diggy, you tell him, that Crackhead Superheros shit sounds like it was done on a webcam microphone

  • Mighty Casey

    well i’ll take constructive criticism but 36 chambers sounded like it was done on an old 4 track and it was still dope…i was writing for Meka when he was at hiphopdx and would just like an email back if he don’t like it he don’t like it..gawker put it up of a cold call email yet all these blogger circle of friends who i see at industryparties all the time can’t even do me the decency to tell me what diggy did

  • DjQ

    co sign level the fuck is old man rap

  • DiggySimmons

    Mighty Casey<i think the concept is good tho. sound quality just needs to go up.

  • robertTHEallen

    well jay-z has more records sold than there are lethergic negroes on welfare so theres some oldies still doing it big.

  • robertTHEallen

    and the bookdocks hasnt been hittin like it used to btw.
    return of the king + the passion of ruckus > all


    Yeah, this is what I’ve been saying, “What about when all you young fucks get old?” you won’t want niggas to push you out! Plus if rappers are still adequate then I’m fine with “old rappers” it’s when they get like LL, smh.

  • chronwell

    OC and AG have a real dope Old Man Rap album,Oasis! I was ridin round jammin that joint this weekend. As long as the lyrics still on point, I will buy niggas’ shit that I been diggin since ’92 or whatever!

  • ianism