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Big Sean – What U Doin? (Bull$#[email protected]) [CDQ]

blame it on Shake May 12, 2010

Here goes the final/mastered version (and artwork) of Big Sean’s first single.

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – What U Doin? (Bull$#[email protected]) (prod. The Olympicks) | Mediafire

  • clutch

  • UPC

    Ann Arbor!
    Whats good

  • Kanye East

    good music. too bad he looks like a clown.

  • Taylor Rogers

    Here we go..G.O.O.D Music Boy!!!

  • DayO

    this shit is hard. i dont care.

  • John

    that beat’s no good

  • DreamOn


  • OnTheRun

    this shit sucks, sounds like the trash i hear on my local rap radio station

  • Mtrx


  • i liked the first version better, this one still nice though

  • Your Father

    This beat is so amateurish..sounds like those “homies over hoes”/”stomp em in da nutz” records off The Boondocks.
    Big Sean is better than this.

  • samet


  • bass is better. its a radio record. i hope to hear that mr hudson collab as a second single

  • Jarvo

    Yea ilike the 1st one betta but the bass kick in song should be longer tho amd wheres finally famous 3!?!?!

  • wow, sean went straight radio single. good god this is terrible.

  • webeethem

    This song and single cover is the state of hiphop today!

  • D.Nick

    I definitely dig the beat this time around.

  • kobe2481


  • markjaystrong

    Better than any fuckin Drake single put out. Of course you put out something for the radio that’s where the fuck it’s going to be playing. Real fans by the album… duh.. simple ass mfers.

  • V dot E G

    This aint THAT good :(

  • ILL-Virtue

    @ UPC

    Ace Duece all day!

    313 West Side Too! Joy Rd.

  • 214Reppin

    Eh*Huey Freeman voice*

    Not bad, yet not terrible. It’ll get moderate spins with some marketing. Still waitin on the real version of “Way Out” w/ Mr Hudson

  • Dallastx_groveside

    This nigga is Ok at best

  • 3L

    {sigh} No, Sean. No!

  • DaCook612

    He should go back to da lab wit dis one. new beat and it BETTER BE KANYE, not thats a 1st SINGLE!

    I pretty sure my local mpls radio station aint finna play dat B96!

  • 23kid

    F^ck U Doin?

  • Big Sean isn’t trying to be taken seriously as an MC is he.

  • nojojosimmons

    nigga sound like he tryna be drake

  • MaxB-OnTheGrill

    Not bad, but the previous version was better.
    He can still do better.

  • Jarvo

    Cosign @ Markjaystrong.

    Ion think this the official 1st single jus a street warm up single, but the single Way Out with Mr.Hudson will be his 1st single.

  • Big_E

    pass… Big Sean is hit or miss with me.. and sometimes he reaches too hard with those similes… i like “Made” a lot more than this jaunt

  • TOKS


    Every Rapper Needs to drop some MARKETABLE MUSIC IF THEY WANT TO MAKE IT BIG! You niggas STeady Complain when an Artist gets a good Radio Hit. IF yall Want the more lyrical stuff from Sean Go Cop the FINALY FAMOUS VOL 3 MIXTAPE When it gets released.

    Feel me? When Jcole will release 1 club banger yall gon be hatin aswell!!

  • No One

    he looks like a clown with that little ass tee and the baggy ass pants

  • Youngscrew

    Lol at niggas talking about some cloths mainstream song he trin to get on the radio I won’t complain

  • bobbyc

    Catchy as hell. I don’t see why he’s getting hate here.

  • foie gras

    This isn’t good enough for radio. It’s trash. This song will not do a thing on commercial radio.

  • Rio$

    dont really listen to big sean this joints aight tho

  • John

    whatever happened to that snip of sean and kanye whatever u want? dat joint was deff hotter than this one

  • suave colione

    real tough i like the track alot good way to come in b

  • George Clooney


    This is what Drake’s music might sound like if he didn’t go full-vagina on us.

  • chris_martian

    epic trash

  • Dizzy

    Well, it’s better than the demo at least.

  • I like the first version better. It just flowed better. This sounds like something that’d be pushed out, maybe a video on 106&Park? Lol. But Big Sean definitely isn’t trying to sound like Drake. Drake AND ALOT of rappers got his flow from Big Sean, just listen to Supa Dupa by Big Sean & you’ll hear how Drake also pauses & doesn’t fully complete the similes and ish.

    I’m just waiting for Final Famous Vol. 3


    Way fucking better than the original that leaked… This shit is fucking dope. Big Sean’s the fucking truth! However, that sentimental shit with Yeezy needs to be scrapped.

  • …man…this shit is funny but definitly not his best…not to make a joke, but i seriously thought this song was bullshit…mixtape throwaway stuff for fun…i hope this isnt the next track he tryin to get on the radio

  • JD

    I’m sorry but this nigga look like a clown, no really a clown.
    But the song is catchy

  • J.

    The beats wack as fuck….i was hoping this song wouldnt be on his album:/. the premise of the song is dope but the beat was just lame

  • Gage

    fuck wat y’all sayin
    i fucks with this heavy
    and the beat was not lame u are

  • Chuck

    is he trying to channel a milli on this?

  • JoJoSimmons

    im not mad him at making this shit… people on the mainstream will jump on this shit quick, i want Sean to be big cause the nigga deserves it, the beat has an indian type shit going which is ok i guess… but this track isnt a Supa Dupa Lemonade type shit.. but again im not mad Sean keep doing ur think :-\


    D3TROIT STAND THE [email protected]%# UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J_EaRLy

    Didn’t even listen to the whole thing..


  • Jarvo

    Fuck You Doin? Huh? BULLSHITTIN!

  • Kid_Prince

    the bass is ridiculous!! Nice drop Sean!!

  • Kid_Prince

    Now I need the CDQ of that Made f. Drake

  • I’m not here to hate, but I’ve heard better coming from dude already

  • Kbrian

    is it just me or does the original release sound a whole hell of a lot better than this one? sigh.

  • Gram

    its a single. there is no way you can say this shit wont have the radio goin’ crazy.

  • hurrdurr

    those are some boat ass shoes

    fuck yeezys

  • mo3 fo

    @hurrdurr hahaha broke ass nigga

  • Yall apparently aint played this in da whip yet…this shit knocks 10 times more than da 1st version…this dat summer music, don’t be so critical its a fun song

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    So I listen to it all, and I’m basically the most versatile nigga in Hip Hop….so from a Mainstream perspective….THIS IS A GREAT FIRST SINGLE….”He must not want to be taken seriously”…Nigga shut up and kick back…it’s a funny n light hearted song…U just got “Not Afraid” if u want that super upliftin music, Drizzy coverin the pop, Jay Elect got da traditional…Lets not take away from a G.O.O.D year

  • RED


  • Purp

    song is okay, and yea those Yeezy LV’s look horrible, atleast on him they do

  • ne….~

    This guy sounds exactly like Drake…. rofl. No cosign.

  • Musikfiend

    Looks like he tried to go the A Millie route w/ no defined hook. Doubt this will work.

    *Patiently awaits that record w/ him & Pharell.*

  • Tiiz

    Big Sean dresses like a tool. #justsaying

  • jd

    Glad every hot new rapper looks like this clown. F*ck the industry for giving us Lupe, Drake, and a million followers.

  • Dude needs to slide up out those fuckin kicks asap. Shits is lookin mad horrible.

    As for the track. It’s okay. Lyrics were good, but the beat could’ve been better.

  • AirRaid

    I like it. Like Jonnie said, this shit knocks way harder than the 1st. I sent the 1st one straight to the trash after this one started playing. It has the ability to pop on the radio, depending on how it’s pushed, and when, don’t wait too long ‘Ye, better use that pull you got. And on his apparel, his jeans are too long and he has them all the way off his ass, that’s why it looks so funny. And those Jasper’s just look weird.

  • Jarvo

    Smfh @ niggas talkin bout what he gots on amd how he looks wow. Niggas stylist in 2dbz now??

  • Jarvo


  • dinner

    yall bullshittin

  • @jarvo
    big sean was on wljb in detroit tonight and he premiered this…& he said it was his first single.

    can we talk about the cover?
    is he david blaine?…why the fuck is he floating….
    & they spelled olympicks wrong….

  • *wjlb

  • AirRaid


    Oh, shit they did spell it wrong. I know them niggas is pissed. And LMAO @ “Why the fuck is he floating”.


    lmao that covers horrible.
    but the songs.. alright.

  • Big Sean is dope to me and this song is cool, the beat is nice! Its a radio single and yall complaining? if this was Lupe or Drake yall would love it

  • Jso

    This is fucking wack.

  • RSX

    Radio single….last I checked (unless we all have XM now, which I do…) songs have to be clean on the radio. How u gonna flip/bleep Bullshittin to make it sound good?

  • olugbam

    you, if this ain’t good, i need to get up on some more Big Sean. I think this shit is fire.

  • Grundz

    For Big Sean, I wouldn’t expect this as his first album single..Sounds more like a mixtape track than an album track to me. Get’cha Some is more of an album single, theres a few joints on his first two tapes that would serve as a better first album single..

  • this nigga look like a straight up joke..his swag is not proper…pretty gay actually….same goes for this trash song…first version sucked, still sucks

  • hella

    lmao @ the haters. get a proper stereo and you’ll realize this beat is far from garbage for a radio track.
    Also lmao at big sean probably going over y’all heads…and thats with his simple shit. Go listen to your Drake & Eminem bullshit




  • Man,this track is HARD.Day N Nite sounds nothing like the other music on Cudi’s album.Its called being a smart artist, Shout out to Fianlly Famous and the MUTHAFUCKIN OLYMPICKS!!!!!!!

  • zookeeper

    faggot swagger on a hundred thousand billion

  • Sean you really need to make this record longer. More Bars or add a dope feature. No Posner or Chip though.

  • shit.

  • texas slugga

    I was down with his mixtapes, but this song sucks

  • LB28

    They spelled Olmypicks name wrong in the pic… nigga will never get his credit!


    good soong though!!!

  • lasean


    nigga kill yourself dont you ever compared lupe to drake or big sean they are nonthing alike and they dont make the same type of music music at all
    you saying “F*ck the industry” for giving giving us lyrical rappers like lupe with creativity,wordplay,lyrics,metaphors, similies,flow,story telling, and content? nigga go listen to gucci mane dumbass lupe is NONTHING like drake or sean from the music they make,the content of there songs,or the clothes so learn wtf you talking about before you diss you piece of shit
    also how can you say fuck the industy for giving us rappers like lupe when the industy dont even support lupe his label dont do shit he gotta do it all by himself and lupe is not a industy nigga he from the hood and back in the day he was into all of that ignorant gangasta shit but you would know that cuz you DONT know WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT and should shut the fuck up

    @tris nigga
    if lupe made a song like this then everybody would hate him cuz this song sucks and lu dont make this kind of music

    @ esbe you stupid that nigga aint floating he standing on a white background

  • lasean

    i like big sean but this song sucks

  • bbs

    shit garbage


    i listened to it a few more times and its pretty good.
    but why is he trying to get a song called “Fuck you doing? Bullshittin” on the radio? smh

  • IFwear.com more big sean videos

  • I liked some of Big Sean’s previous stuff, but this sounds like errythang else u hear nowadays.

  • realshit

    fuckery artwork for a fuckery rapper

  • carbyne

    the artwork aint that bad. y dat boy so fresh?

  • yo Sean, ignore all the hate man. shit goes hard, keep makin that G.O.O.D. music.

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