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ESPN 30 for 30: Straight Outta LA (Video)

blame it on Meka May 12, 2010

I forgot I had recorded this last night, but for those who still aren’t able to watch this on TV here’s the full episode, directed by Ice Cube.

What happened, Al Davis? You went from this to JaMarcus? Really? A guy named JaMarcus was your “savior?” Really?

  • Tone

    Snoop is a steelers fan.

    Banwagon ass fan

  • cbanks13

    welll I guess you can say banwagon but it’s a really for his hoood which use black and gold as the colors. 20’s

  • A guy named “Jamarcus” is your savior?………
    Yea that sounded very stereotypical…what’s that supposed to mean anyway? Too many syllables in his name or somethin? If Al Davis started drafting and signing some half decent wide receivers instead of offensive lineman then Jamarcus might of never got cut

  • WTFrandy

    Co sign lol
    snoop bandwagon ass nigga
    any way in the places who have the better football talent
    fla > Cali
    fla & tx tied with the best players we come out with

  • MaG

    man snoop aint no damn bandwagon fan…he didnt say he was a radiers fan in 30 for 30. cube was just asking him what the raiders meant to LA and he was answering…

    and nah man overwight 400,00 lbs jamarcus just is not an elite quaterback period no matter where he goes

    good job on the post meka…had dis joint in my calendar


    Raiders mite b alrite dis yr. they got sum good SEC D in dat backfield so atleast they defense mite b a lil better and gettin rid of Russell was da best move Al Davis did in awhile

  • J Campbell cant save them..

  • Txhustla15

    @ If Al Davis started drafting and signing some half decent wide receivers instead of offensive lineman then Jamarcus might of never got cut

    Sorry disagree fam a) because sound football knowledge is that without a strong line its doesnt matter how many all pro receivers you have – you will not effectively be able to throw the ball if there is no time in the pocket. b) No matter since Al Davis doesnt draft any type of player let alone make any real sound personnel moves c) The most important is that JaMarcus sucks – pure and simple , granted Oakland may not be the best spot to play at ..He despite numerous chances did not want train , learn the playbook or do anything to make himself better but sit on his fat ass…

  • Dallastx_groveside

    Cowboys > Raiders

  • herman


  • Xavier

    Even though he takes the place of Ryan Leaf as the biggest draft bust of all time, JaMarcus Russell has banked $36M already even if he never takes another snap. He might not have an ounce of pride, dignity, or integrity remaining, but he has money. And to the comment that better receivers would have made the differnce for Russell – no – it wouldnt have mattered. JaMarcus Russell is a knucklehead. Didn’t study the game. Didn’t care enough to improve. Al Davis lost big time.

  • 214Reppin

    I don’t think he was worse than Ryan Leaf. Leaf just had a meltdown, but JaMarcus really was drafted into an un-winnable situation. He’ll find a job for some team, but he’ll have to be a backup.

    And the Raiders had a pretty good draft this year, so I think they can win at least 8 games this year; the AFC West is bad enough to where they can at least contend for 2nd place

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Snoop may be a bandwagon fan at his roots since he’s a Steelers fan from L.A., but at least he’s still loyal today.

    One thing worse than a bandwagon fan are all you player groupies, you know, all you fags who are “fans” of a team because you got a man crush on an individual player. Like Kobe & LeBron fans. Last night I actually heard people talking about “I’m not really a Cavs fan, I’m a LeBron fan. If he ends up in New York, I’m definitely repping the Knicks again.” That is some of the gayest, most pathetic shit I have ever heard from sports “fans”. I went through 10 years of suffering as a LOYAL Knicks fan, I deserve a winning team, & you fags just wanna jump on when everything is all good. Fuck you, life don’t work that way.

    BTW, fuck the Raiders, go Giants.

  • bd

    This 30 for 30 was real dope, I’m glad they touched on tthe hip hop as much as the game.
    Btw Jamarcus could have been a good qb but he had no type of discipline, I agree that the raiders offensive line is shitty but he could have been better than wat he was

  • solking91

    Jamarcus had bust written all over him since the day he got drafted. The Raiders are shit they make the worst draft decisions until this year they actually had a draft that made it seem like Al Davis might have a slight clue to what he’s doing. The guy at the top who said they should of signed wide receivers instead of offensive linemen a another clueless sports fan. They need a better o-line to protect the quarterback so he can even get a pass off dumbass. Al tried getting recivers but failed at it. Drafting DArrius Hayword Bay that high in the first round is just an example of how stupid Al Davis is. They have a horrible coach to. I could go on all day on how bad they are but I got better shit to do.

  • bd

    Bandwagon fans are pretty shitty I must say, I’m from Chicago and I love how now everybodys a bulls fan because of Derrick rose or a bears fan because of jay cutler or a sox fan because of Jake peavy or a blackhawks fan because of patrick kane. Lol that was alot but really people need to stop the player dickriding

  • Gourmet

    Much love for posting this joint…I was a huge LA Raiders fan but I hate Oakland Raiders and the gay ass Rams…I’m from Inglewood, so when it comes to sports right now I’m only fu(king with the Lakers and maybe a Clipper game. But this video brought back memories…Eyez Up!

  • tj559

    Damn makes me want the Raidersto be a relevant team again! Oh well we will see what happens still a die hard fan. & this was hella dope 30 for 30!

  • Add

    That closing song was DOPE!!!!!!!!…lmao

  • JohnDank

    Co sign lol
    snoop bandwagon ass nigga
    any way in the places who have the better football talent
    fla > Cali
    fla & tx tied with the best players we come out with

    u serious? every1 no cali still is the king when it comes to producing high profile football talent. tx and fl are amazing too but nothin like playing in the pac-5 <<< hardest high school conference to play in the nation.

  • JohnDank

    o ya and snoop is only a steelers fan jus cause his hood sported steeler shit as there logo

  • shon527

    shit was nice cube doing his thang but what else is new with cube music,movies now t.v.

  • abusaud

    The Raiders (or at least the logo) is most probably one of the most recognizable logos in the world where people would know the logo but not the sport (kinda like the Yankees Cap logo), I mean I’m from the Middle East and I know who the Raiders are (though I am a Cowboys fan myself). A really dope documentary

  • Onederin

    Nevermind about how good or bad the Raiders are. This is about the 30 for 30 special and it was really good. I liked the way it portrayed what people were going through that time and how the Raiders seemlessly fit into it.

    I think they also did a good job showing how things got bad and how non-sensical Al can sometimes be when he thinks he’s getting slighted. I kind of wish they got one or two more personnel people that were working close with the commissioner to give a better idea of what the commissioner personally was thinking of during that time.

  • Taiga McFly

    ok nice docu , but jamarcus has potential all the physical asset you want in a qb , he was probably in a bad situation i mean people are harsh normally it would take 4 years ,to be a good qb , i know he had so much money on his head but nah mean , he thought he had it made , and never had a vet qb to learn from or a treat to take his place so i thnik its really just bad luck for the raiders

    Btw Go skins Go jets

  • Yea I was watching this last night! Pretty nice little documentary from Cube on the Raiders! It’s to bad they where never able to stay in LA! That documentary that him, Dre & Ren are supposedly supposed to be working on about N.W.A. should be really dope! Anybody know how could get the embeed on this for my wordpress blog though?

  • Word

    Wish they went into the Allen/Davis feud a bit more, that’s a juicy tale right there.

    With that last statement, Cube is just wanting to make a rift between what little ‘town fans are left.

    Peace to all the Raider fans out there.

    Go Raiders. Chuuuuch.

  • albert

    al davis looks like golem (hurry up and die old man)

  • What about Bo Jackson… That what I most remember About L.A Raiders

  • phil sims

    where can I see all the 30 for 30s?

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