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French Montana – In The Sun f. Curren$y [NoDJ]

blame it on Meka May 12, 2010

What, exactly, the fuck is a “French Montana?” I tuned out after Spitta’s verse. Anyways, here’s a DJ-free track from his latest mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: French Montana – In The Sun f. Curren$y [NoDJ]

  • K_C

    spitta that dude. french is wack now

  • (2)dope!!! we need one with just the hook and spitta’s verse
    The Pack TV http://shar.es/mhyZL

  • chill french that dude.
    he got like 3 good songs lol.

  • 23kid

    Jets Fool.. this the same song (was) named So High


    I can easily crop the wackness outta this (and any other track, for that matter)…gotta good ear, so the cropping won’t even be noticeable…question though: is there a free service that I can use to upload them onto for y’all?

    P.S. I’ve done this for a buncha trax…any requests?

  • YES!! THIS DA ONLY TRACK OFF THE TAPE I LISTEN TO! Perfect chill song for da summer…probably gonna loop the beat and make a instrumental for it

  • “Penning these lyrics from a hammock with a ounce of kush, a pack of bamboos and a ice cream sandwich..I’m that dude”
    – Curren$y

  • DiggySimmons

    LOL @Meka and the other currensy nut huggers, u forget frenchie made the song, but u still diss him, cos u cant help stanning ur boi currensy, 1 of the least lyrical ppl in the game french is a betta rapper than currensy, bar for bar, so wat u talkin about? this song goes they both did their thing.
    *plays coke wave and ignores the haters*

  • Freshone

    yeah I told yall bout this a week ago. Atleast french can pick a beat

  • No1 cares if Frenchie made the song…Curren$y stood out on this track, had the more clever lines and rode the beat better…Montana mite have better bars but spitta def delivered his better on this

  • DiggySimmons

    JonnieHayward Music Blog< If u listen to the lyrics again u will see that montana, actually had wittier lines, id say give it another listen, honsetly, bar for bar montana was the better man. And im just sayin that becasue it seems like ppl were just listening to the beat or something, and just wrote montana off, wat witty did spitta say n wat did montana lack. (coming from a spitta and frenchie fan)

  • what’s a french montana?

    gtfoh at this cover. you’re getting macaroni and cheese all over your guns!

  • that could be the worst mixtape cover i’ve ever seen.

  • Jarvo

    *Plays to spitta part is done* french doesnt gose well wit the beat

  • Reason

    ^How wud u know if u switched it off before dude even rhymed?

  • Jarvo

    Cuz idid listen to the whole song 1st ah duhh. Thats wat made me to say my comment nd *goes

  • Drew

    What’s the little chorus sample from??? It’s hella chill

  • R.I.P. Usershare.

  • i dont have this song on my copy of this tape??

  • Charlie Hustle

    I need an instrumental of this. Beat is too smooth.

  • Big_E

    …DiggySimmons i usually agree with ur comments but if you think French is better than Curren$y u need to listen to more of his songs… and how were his lines witty? he was trying to be witty but lines like “gotta me reaching like a 2-guard, 2 hard” and “i be balling all Arenas, hommie hiding somewhere in Venus(?)” and a buncha other average lyrics… at least Spitta’s flow goes with this track.. This nigga French just sounds like he’s talking… son doesn’t go with this beat at all IMO

  • Charlie Hustle

    After a couple listens, French’s part isn’t bad (name aside).
    Is the mixtape worth a DL?

  • KillerBwai

    its definitely worth the download. mac and cheese 2>>>>trap or die 2>>>>the champ is here pt. 3

  • Licks

    Nice Riddim . whats the sample ?

  • DP

    just being real, I don’t listen to the french part because I don’t like him or his wavy gang boy max b.


    This song is dope..Curren$y kills it and this beat is colder than most of the stuff on here

  • DiggySimmons

    DP< thank you
    Big_E< I think spitta flow is unique,but..
    french: "comaro like larry flynt,block star, rock star, montana aerosmith, 40 spit". Im sure that went over alot of heads (camaro like larry flynt). Gimme sumthing that spitta sed that was dope. (no shots) just think french gets alot of slack cos he doesnt have the image or branding that alot of spitta fans wanna see, n i think people judge him before the lyrics get heard.

  • DiggySimmons

    but i do like spitta that said.

  • wow. worst. cover. ever. hilarious, but just awful.

  • 1woRd

    if someone got the intsrumental of this lemme kno

  • SwishasNKush

    I wasnt gonna cut Frenchie out of the track too, but i smoked a few w/ my bro and we played this song a couple times the last 3-4 hours and to be honest i aint a French fan but he does just fine on this track…and to think i almost cut him out before i even heard his verse. They both fit nicely.

  • T-Zak

    Meka i said the same exact thing aha. SPITTA IS WHERE ITS AT! FOR SURE MY FAVORITE MC RIGHT NOW! but im on it is the only other good song on that mix

  • BrokenEmpires

    You guys are truly mistaken.
    If you would give all of French Montanas mixtapes a listen.
    You’d know that he is lyrical, when he wants to be.
    Or at least when he’s sober.
    French Montana got classic records, yes classic.
    Under his belt, I’m proud to have been a fan since he first came out.
    Now he got than akon deal, lets just see if they give him a chance.
    He has the potential to make classic radio hits by himself,
    now put him next to akon and lady gaga and t pain. wtf else he supposed to do but blow up.
    Sometimes I feel like Akon signed French in order to replace Dolla. That dude that got killed last year.

  • urmom

    Song is nice… that mixtape cover is funny as hell .

  • French does his thing, on a track; just like Curren$y. If the name ain’t got e-weight behind it, you fools write ’em off and shit. French a street dude, fuck outta here dissin’ dude ’cause his name is French.. what’s your name? haha.

  • Jeffsmith32

    What is a pack of bamboos that currensy talks about in his first verse?

  • roswell

    rolling papers, bambu’s.

  • roswell

    rolling papers, bambu’s.

  • DS

    French has classics? Wow, now that’s reaching. @BrokenEmpires Smh If you said that shit and actually meant it.

  • hotspitta

    whats being said in the chorus?

  • can anybody make or find a instrumental to this beat and yes im wondering what she says so i can find the original song

  • for anyone who still cares
    i chopped montana’s verse out and made a new cover art with just curren$y


  • London

    ^^thats so gay. seriously.

  • Jp

    Relaxed in the sun, low as possible…

  • whats a french montana? ahahah what is curren$y?! montana been comin up since 2002, curren$y been gettin on other peoples tracks since 2000.