Killer Mike - iHipHop Interview (Video)

Man, I am not a fan of Mike's new alias whatsoever.

I sat down with Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga at CrossFade Studios and chopped it up about the progression of hip-hop, his views on his place in the game and his current projects. It’s always refreshing speaking to someone that’s intelligent and still keeps it hood. Salute to Killa Kill from Adamsville for the dope interview. Bang, Bang, Bang! - iHH

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  • Whats the point of having an AKA for your AKA?

  • dara

    i think mike bigga is actually his government name or close to it...... thats what people had told me at least


    what's the name of the song that he perfomed in the beginning?

  • southcakc23

    mike is trying to become more marketable by changing his name from KILLER Mike to Mike Bigga.

    that song is off his 1st major label album "Monster" and the song is "Re-Akshon" ft. TIP, Bun B and Lil John.


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