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Bring It Back: Clipse – Popular Demand f. Cam’ron

blame it on Shake May 13, 2010


You already know why I brought this one back… #LikeThatBronBron?

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  • markaveli

    being from LA…..yea i do like that!

  • Hoes

    Shake you act as if you personally had something to do with Lebron losing. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, they would have gotten destroyed by the Magic.

  • la/london

    somebody is a little sensitive about the subject.

  • Scotty Bowman


  • Jimbo

    Been playing this song all week for my Cavs fan friends (I am a Celtics fan who goes to school in Ohio…it’s fun)

  • @Hoes

    That’s what NBA fans do man. They brag and talk shit. You actin like that’s somethin new.

  • Montana

    Magic over Lakers 2010

  • dasani

    Ahaha..y’all wrong as hell. Magic n Celtics definitely going to be a nice matchup

  • sdhake i hate you. imnever coming to this site again

  • 214Reppin

    Lol @ Shake bringin this one back. Fucked up yet funny as hell.

    And Lakers vs. Magic in the finals. Lakers in 6

  • Lake Show

  • chea

    Funny, you can hate on Lebron James, but soon as someone hate on 2bdz/shake/etc… it’s a whole different game?

    PHX > Lakers in 5. Boston vs Magic going to game 7.

  • robertTHEallen

    shake, lebron probably hats you now

  • Musikfiend

    Damn that cold blooded, lol. Lebron will be back next year.

  • haha you a fool shake



  • LV

    I actually feel bad for the guy.. I didn’t want him to lose this bad, but he needs a new team. Anyways..


  • I know most Laker fans wish this happened in the Finals.

  • williamhsince83

    Lebron is a bitch. LAL all day. Bring on Bos. We want the rematch. Lebron fans should have learned in this series that he will never be as good as Kobe. Kobe is clutch. Lebron is choke.

  • bd

    Man I swear as soon as they lost a bunch of niggas came out of nowhere saying either that lebron sucks dick or that he’s the greatest player ever and that the rest of the cavs are bums and whatever. My opinion is that he’s not the greatest player but he’s definitely the first of his kind, he has the potential to be the greatest if he gets the right fit because clevelands actually a decent team but somethings up when your star player has a triple double and you still lose

  • dro

    yea its called your star player chokin and turnin the ball over 9 times. Dude dribbled it off his foot bogusly. I think its fixed, homie just wanted to speed up his ticket to the Chi hookin up with D Rose and bringin some more 6-Peats to the west side

  • Kobe For The Rape

    Lakers aint even makin the finals.. stoudemire is dat nigga and will shut down pau gasoft.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    All of you groupies who have man crushes on Kobe or LeBron are all faggots. Stop rooting for another man to succeed & root for your hometeam.

    BTW, if LBJ does join my NY Knicks, I will literally smack all you groupies off of the bandwagon one by one. It’s easy to tell you apart from us real fans who have suffered for years as loyal fans.

  • JuanNIto

    didn’t see the game but damn i wanted kobe and lebron at the finals would have been fun to watch shaq play against his old team

  • dro

    Damn a Knicks fan, you must’ve been suffering since 1973, I remember Jordan booty touchin yall every year. Ruined a lot of careers, Ewing, Starks, Oakley. Kinda hope Lebron goes to yall so you can end that 37 year drought, but on second thought he’ll prolly go to the Nets with Jigga

  • real talk

    suns will beat the lakers anyway so….

  • Dave


  • I got it made If Jeezy’s payin’ LeBron, I’m paying Dwyane Wade.

  • bd

    I can feel wat Benny blanco sayin, too many people just dickride players even if they hate the team. I was a little kid when the bulls won their championships and they haven’t won jack since now that I’m a fan but I won’t give up on them just cuz I’m for the team, even if d rose leaves and were stuck with injured scrubs I’ll always rep the team with the best NBA season record ever

  • youngscrew

    phx>lakers sweep watch

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX


    I’m only 19 so the 90’s are a blur to me, but I do know the history of Jordan(& Miller) fuckin it up for N.Y. I didn’t become a die hard Knicks fan till Ewing got traded which unfortunately is exactly when the team went to hell. So I didn’t even experience the good years in the 90’s. Thank god for the Yanks & Giants.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX


    No doubt. I hate when people be like “why would you be a Knicks fan, they suck.” It’s called LOYALTY for the hometeam. There are actually people in New York who lost interest in the NBA just cuz the Knicks have sucked for the last 10 years. The same people who were repping them in the 90’s. Now they wanna jump back on if LBJ comes, fuck that shit. It’s fuckin pathetic.

  • waldo

    Queen James

  • heirxavier

    If only LeBron had the best frontcourt in the league to back him up.
    And the best coach…
    And the best offensive philosophy…
    Catch my drift?

    Kobe would commit suicide if he had to play with Cleveland’s roster.

  • Yessiree

    FUCK kobe, LEBRON all day ha… Yea I said it!

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^put LeBron on the Lakers & Kobe on the Cavs(wit today’s Shaq, not backintheday Shaq) & see what happens.

  • Freshone

    Yeah who on the suns going to guard gasaol and bynum?

  • Trifectah

    Magic vs. Suns
    Magic in 6

  • Trifectah

    @Freshone, who on the Lakers are going to cover Nase & Amar’e? Rhetorical question. No one.

  • Trifectah


  • Big_E

    ahahahaha fuck a Lebron… the Wiz about to get it next year watch… lol

  • Unpopular Demand

    Cam ruined an otherwise flawless track. Celtics FTW. Kobe’s third humiliation. Colorado what? Is one…the Boston beatdown 2 years ago is two

  • Gudda C

    Trifectah, really?. Yes, Nash can run circles around Fisher if he wants to. However, if need be, Kobe can be placed on Nash and shut him down. We saw it against Westbrook, and we saw it against Williams. A great point guard is nothing the Lakers haven’t seen already. Stick Artest on J-Rich, shutdown. As for Amar’e, he can score 30 a game and the Suns will still lose. Amar’e has no D, and the Lakers’ frontcourt will rip him apart. That’s basically a microcosm of the Suns.

  • DreamOn


  • gill

    thats cold blooded shake, i knew i shouldnt have checked out 2dopeboyz after the game lol fuuuuck. you best post somin bout lakers when they’re out though, its only fair

  • WIzzzz

    LeBron in DC next year. you heard it here first

  • B1RdM4N5150

    FUCK Kobe!!!!! Lebron all day! Hell yeah im hating. i dont give a shit

  • Abdul

    Reflection Eternal album is sounding INCREDIBLE.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    “DAMN you like that Bron Bron I had that one a long time ago” lmao

    Poor LeBron lmfao… well as they say… “there’s always next year!”

  • They said theres always next year last year LOL How many time do they gotta keep saying it.

  • 2pn

    Like that Bron Bron…Had a ring a long time ago”

  • Glitch

    well for me, im from N.H. and one thing i hate the most is when people tell me to root for the home team, why you hate new england teams, blah blah blah, mothafucka i dont live in boston, ive been watching the Cavs since 05′, im pretty sure i started liking b-ball around 04-05 lol so ive been fallowing the Cavs since then, watch everyone of there games when its on and i know exactly how they play so i think i can call myself a loyal fan now, but yeah, LeBron is staying with the Cleveland but if im wrong id watch his games but im still gonna be rooting for the Cavs all day baby, “you have to go through alot of nightmares before you accomplish your dreams” and im sure that friend was KG but thats some real shit, and real talk, id rather them lose early than a heartbreaker in the finals ya know but im still a little bummed about them losing cuz it just was out of nowhere

  • Glitch

    my b for the long comment lol just needed to add my 2 cents

  • dasani

    Magic gonna win in 7 imo..Lakers in 5. Magic gonna beat Lakers..can’t stop em this year

    @Benny F a home team. Them Hawks was playing shitty as hell. Magic and Lakers are solid.

  • stevep

    fukk you guys. 330 all day! we get em next year bron bron!

  • realist

    for all the F*CKTARD LAL FANS. ask yourself, if Bron and Kobe traded teams, who would win a ring first? get off kobe’s dick. bron > kobe all fukken day

  • DiggySimmons

    waooh lol jay elec set kay slay straight on angela yee show lol

  • sfuse613

    Blanco I got you NYK fan to the death OR till “THE KING?” signs

  • RJN

    “Kobe would commit suicide if he had to play with Cleveland’s roster.”
    you wanna know the starting 5 that kobe took to the playoffs back in 06?
    kwame brown, smush parker, kobe himself, luke walton and sasha
    gtfoh with this suicide BS, kobe payed his dues, lebron playing with 3 current or former allstars does not constitute a “bad team.”

  • Jarvo

    Lebron jus cnt get the job done he’s gonna be that great player that probably neva wins that ring like AI, Barkley, Ewing & etc. But u cnt put the blame on em his team trash they neva showed up, but the nigga goin wit jay to the nets they can get john wall (if they get that #1 pick) and lebron can get bosh & amare (if he opts out) to come or somebody. Ion think to high on lebron cuz i like kobe & wade but damn ikno that nigga hurtin bad cuz kobe & wade got one. But Magic vs Suns in the finals!

  • Username

    as seen on Charles Hamiltons blog…zEE hazE – FasterThanTheSpeedOfSonic (prod. J.Dilla)

  • JF

    I hate when people say, “Put so and so with this team, and blah blah blah …”

    Well, put Jordan on a team without Pippen, and a great rebounder in Rodman and see how far he gets. He didn’t do anything until the Lakers and Knicks were on the decline.

    As for Kobe and LeBron, Kobe is a way more skilled basketball player. Bron is more athletically gifted, but you can’t say Kobe isn’t a better player. Plus Kobe had to earn his status as the best, LeBron was given it out of high school. They called him King James before he even played a NBA game.

    Bottom line is rings count, so for now LeBron isn’t in the Kobe talk. Jordan … Kobe > LeBron.

  • matt

    sucka shit… lebron is the best


  • abusaud

    First off I am a Lakers fan, and LAL had some shit years in the 90’s as well as in the Mid 2000’s, yet I still support the team regardless. Kobe as of right now is better than Lebron, Lebron has the hype going to his head. “I spoil them with my play too much”? Seriously?! It was so obvious that he called it quits after that beating at game 5. As for these “I support the team because of the player” type people, I know people who are fans of say KG and moved their support to Boston when he went, and people with Lebron who will move teams with him if he goes (99.99% chance likely). heh, sorry for the long post, my own 2 cents.

  • D. $cience

    Looking at these comments, it’s obvious who are actual, sane basketball fans and those who just say things out their a$$…

    First, as a diehard Laker fan (even when we had Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, and wack a$$ Cedric Ceballos), I don’t see how some on here are saying Phoenix can beat us. I don’t understand how somebody said “who’s gonna guard Nash and Amare?”. Out of, like, 4 games, the Lakers beat the Suns 3 times. It’s not like their roster got any different, so I’m not gonna be afraid of Steve and Amare…they’re gonna get theirs but sh** the playoffs is about the team winning.

    As far as the Lebron better than Kobe thing…you guys need to get off your high horses on that. Lebron is a physical beast, a super athlete, but sh** he can’t do what Kobe does, and Kobe don’t even have the physicality of Lebron. Lebron is the Drake of the NBA…you can’t deny his talent, but Lebron is only great because of media hype and his connections, and stans who overhype him as if he already one THE ultimate prize. This series sums up why Lebron isn’t at Kobe level yet…think about Game 5 & 6. Lebron looked disinterested in Game 5, and Game 6 he had a normal game, for it was his team that didn’t show up. When Kobe scored 81, the Lakers were DOWN against the weak a$$ Raptors…yet, if you watched that game, Kobe did that EFFORTLESSLY. If Lebron was a closer or great like Kobe, he wouldn’t have turned the ball over 9 times, he wouldn’t try to be a facilitator, and he would’ve lit the Celtics a$$ up.

    Sorry for the long comment, but I’m a true basketball fan, and I hate trolling d***riders.

  • Username

    It amazes me to sit here and read that people really think Kobe hasn’t been dethrowned as the best in the NBA. LeBron is WORLDS better than Kobe. He was the player of the month every month this year. NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THAT. I hate “what-if” scenerios, but imagine this. LeBron on the Lakers. They would demolish everyone. Period, no question. Imagine Kobe on the Cavs. They would be the Lakers post Shaq with Kobe jacking up 203483653 shots a game. Look at the stats people. Numbers don’t lie. He has got to be the only player to score around 20 points, have 10+ rebounds and 8 assists and STILL said to have a bad game. That’s how dominate LeBron is. We expect him to drop 35+ points with 10+ rebounds and 10+ assists. That’s the LeBron we are accustom to. Not sometimes. ALL-THE-FUCKING-TIME. He is crazy good. Like insanely good. Like Jordan-status great. When your team is god-awful and all the defense has to do is focus on you, ofcourse you are gonna be slowed down. Guys, his elbow is hurt, don’t forget that.

  • ppl killing with kobe i got more rings than lebron…hes better…

    1st kobe been in the league 12 13yrs..
    lebron been it 7….OF COURSE HE SHOULD HAVE MORE RINGS….HES BEEN IN THE LEAGUE TWICE AS LONG!!! Lebron wasnt even in the league when kobe won 3. Question who got those finals mvp?…SHAQ.

    People was still saying Kobe was the best when they kept getting popped by suns in the second round (by the 0-2 vs suns in the playoffs, last time they played the suns they had a series league 3-1 n blew it. Whats the excuse for that?) n by the spurs…..losing

    ppl still kobe was the man when he scored 9 str8 40+ games n went 9-13 on that strectch…

    Kobe came into the league on the bench……Lebron came straight in being the man….

    nigga lebron had 27pts 19 rebs 10 assist……How is that Choking?! plz tell me how is a trouble doulbe choking….ill wait…………………………

    Kobe got 3 rings with shaq in his prime…lebron had shaq 1 yr frm retiring…

    Lebron hit back to bck 3 that put his team with in 4..then ran a play for a team out that didnt roll right after the pick that lead to a turn over……most his turn overs was from a team-mate…1.not being in the spot for the passs..2lost the ball….he had 4 turnovers on his own…..

    Lebron is still A GREAT PLAYER..
    did yall forget kobe lost the same wayy to the celitics in the finals…..did yall forget…hiis team didnt step…lost in 6 (like lebron)……so can kobe be better than lebron if they lose to the same team the same way?!….

    Lebron carried his team the whole time….he wasnt crying to the media like kobe..screaming i need hlp cuz he lost n the playoffs n he had to drop 40 pts n still lose..

    info lebron n kobe has played 13x’s since bron been n the league…

    lebron won 8…..kobe won 5…..
    they lost by double digits both times this season…kobe still better?!

    you compare two ppl wihen they play each other not when..they play diff teams.

    another thing…Kobe was still great the year Cleveland went alll the way n kobe had an early summer? y cant lebron be….(if u bring up rings, go back n re read the first two lines.)

    Lebron had 15 pts in game 5 against the celitics (4th seed)

    but KObe had 12pts! against an UNEXPERIENCE 8th seed.

    chill out with the kobe n lebron comparrisons…they are they own man n player…

    stop being bias….

    p.s-did any1 notice during half-time (when cleveland was down by 2) that they showed the schedule for neext week instead of tue saying “boston/cleveland vs orlando.”……..it said “Boostn vs Orlando” ….how can u but “Boston definitely on the schedule if the game not over by far n was very close?………… hmmm..thinking the game was fixed


  • These LeBron lovers are so obsessed by his stats,,Kobe doesn’t care about stats, he doesn’t have to get triple doubles and score 81 points anymore just for his team to win, he can score 15 points and his team still win cuz he still got Gasol Bynum Odom Artest…LeBron has to pretty much do everything for his team to win, if he was on da Lakers his stats wouldn’t be as good becuz he’d have better teammates, if Kobe was on da Cavs he’d be like he was 3 or 4 years ago averaging 36 points a game once again and having to do everything himself just for his team to compete..Dwyane Wade is in dat same situation, he has to do pretty much everything for his team too…if Kobe was on da Heat, he’d be havin 80 and 60 point games once again every month….Kobe wins rings, Lebron puts up stats, Kobe gets FINALS mvps, Lebron gets reg. season mvps

  • Username

    o my god. are u that dumb. u jus proved my statements. LeBron has to do everything for his team to win……LOOK AT HOW MANY GAMES HIS TEAM WINS. holy shit man.

  • @username…Lebron is not “worlds better” than Kobe, Kobe could do exactly wat Lebron’s doing if he also had a weak team, which he no longer has…[email protected]…if its so easy to score 81 against the Raptors,,then how come only 1 other player in NBA History has reached 80+ points in a game? And that was over 50 years ago when Wilt was playing, and it was 60 minute games not 48 minute games…the Nets this season were worse than those Raptors, how come nobody dropped 80 on them this year? Btw Kobe also scored 62 against da Mavs that same month back in 06, and that was da year the Mavericks went to the NBA Finals

  • Jarvo

    ^^^ Great points @ neezy & username. But to me kobe > wade > lebron.

    I say that bcuz yea kobe has those four rings (even tho cuz shaq was in his prime nd jus unguardable) but hell kobe won it last yr comin out in the HARDEST conference in the NBA nd he gets it done nd turns it on whenever his team is down he’s clutch. Wade is betta than lebron cuz shit jus watch the 06′ finals imean who really helped him?? I mean they was on the verge of bein 0-3 down nd jus cameback on em nd won (dnt give me he had shaq cuz he stayed in foul trouble) but wade is clutch nd gets it done draggin that god awful team to the playoffs every yr then lose cuz his body gives out. & lebron dnt get me wrong he is the best athlete NOBODY has the talent he has mix wit speed, strength, vision dude a fuckin 6’8 point guard really, but jus gives up game 5 & 6 he has too much pressure on him ppl needa stop puttin him to jordan cuz he’s not even close!!! Nor kobe or wade jordan is jordan nd lebron is lebron nd thusfor nd thusfor. Sure he’s a regular season champ (best records, mvps, scoring titles etc) but in the playoffs gets beat nd when he did go to the finals got sweeped (by my spurs!) he jus dnt come thru the team feeds off him & if he’s not playin good team isnt he’s the coach, star player, gm EVERYTHING! ion see lebron winnin shit wit the cavs cuz the team suck nd him havin pressure on em like dat to be sumthin he’s not. Cuz lets face it at the end of the day its all bout the rings nd he has none, ikno u mite say well darko has omedoes dat make him betta FUCK NO! lol but to me those 3 are the top dudes in the league nd thats has it pan out kobe is jis betta nd wade lebron is 3rd. I feel sorry for lebron cuz he’s good but dnt gets it dne

  • stats are not 4 personal accolades, they are seen to show what u have contributed 2 team n the game…so if a dude has double digits n 3 the most important part of the game…u cant blame him…no pllayer plays like man…man i wanna score 35 pts 12 reb 11 asst…..they just play…

    Kobe fans r hilarious….its ok 4 kobe 37 pts game….n have been n a ppoint of his career where he has had no help n got knocked the 2nd round more then once….he still great

    but when wade or lebron do it there weak?…C’MON SON.

    remember kobe hasnt all ways had help….! (07 08 when threatned 2 be traded cuz he didnt have it)

    4 rings…..1 finals mvp……..who has the other 3 finals mvp….thas right shaq..

    if rings make you better than…robert horry…john salley are better than kobe!

  • Jarvo

    ^^^ Damn sorry for my looooooong post Fuck lol

  • U guys r really overhyping triple-doubles…players get triple-doubles all the time and their team still end up losin…all it is is personals stats..woopty-doo, I bet if Derek Fisher really wanted he could make sure he got atleast 10 assists then 10 rebound then 10 points in a game if he wanted…a player can contribute more to his team by scoring 8 points and 2 assists in a game all in the 4th quarter than a player on the other team who got a triple-double for himself but did nothing to help his team win..

  • All this BULLSHIT about this player is better than that player….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Who gives a shit about who the best player is…..when the season is all done, only ONE THING MATTERS and that is WHO WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP! That’s all that matters, so everybody keep talking about Kobe & LeGone…..in the end it’s all about THE CELTICS TAKING IT THIS YEAR!!!!!

  • 214Reppin

    I know someone already said this, but i’m gonna reiterate it[and as a Dallas Mavs fan, there’s no bias]

    LeBron is probably the most gifted player in the league. He can play about three to four positions during a game, and he’s a superior athlete. So in that way, he’s the most GIFTED player in the league. One of the best, without question. A walking triple-double basically. But if LeBron doesn’t get st least a secondary star on his team (i.e. Joe Johnson, or maybe Amare Stoudemire, who they should’ve traded for) LeBron will end up like alotta great players. He’ll be the greatest ever without a ring

    In saying that, Kobe is probably the BEST player in the league for a few reasons. First one is because he’s a closer. In the 4th quarter, there’s no question who’s getting the ball to win the game for the Lakers. Second, he IS the Lakers organization. Remember, he almost virtually traded himself to Chicago at the deadline that year before they got the most lopsided trade in NBA history to get Pau Gasol.

    And of course…4 Ringz

  • @[email protected]$ack..lol u probably didn’t even think da Celdicks could win it all until this week…just like u kids jumpin on the Suns bandwagon cuz they beat them arthritic ass Spurs and Blazers with a 2% Brandon Roy…and co-sign 214 Reppin…Lebron has a advantage over da league with the size combined with superhuman athleticism, but when it comes to basketball skills, Kobe is better, Deron Williams is better, Chris Paul is better…if Deron Williams was 6’8 260 pounds and dat fast and could jump dat high,,he’d average 40 pts 15 reb 15 assists a game lol Chris Paul probably would get 30 points 10 reb 20 assists 11 steals a game and Kobe would probably just average 55 points 8 assists 15 reb 8 blocks 6 steals a game

  • dasani

    F all y’all niggas. Mike Bibby G.O.A.T.

    & talks about Lebron going to LA…lol

  • D. $cience

    I co-sign all of JonnieHayward’s comments…

    Stats don’t mean sh** at the end of the day. Stats is the perks where in the long run the media and the people see you were a great basketball player. Stats don’t equal championships. All the great players that was notorious for stacking up stats (Jason Kidd, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, etc.) never won a championship. They were all close, but they didn’t win the championship. They played without even recognizing if they had a Triple Double or not…and they played hard until the “better team” f***ed them over. And that’s what really wins championships, the better team.

    And I don’t understand why rings would be less important than stats. Yeah, Kobe been in the league for a while, but Kobe was on a team built around Shaq; it was never about Kobe when he won his first 3. It was about the Lakers TEAM that won those championships. Shaq said that was HIS team. Kobe never said that. It was never an expectation for Kobe to hit 40 points a night to help the Lakers win. Lebron came into the league with high expectations from the media and the NBA to transform a garbage team into champions, because he is the “Chosen One”. And that’s where the f***ery happened; Cleveland tried to build a team around a guy, where despite his talent and potential greatness, he was still YOUNG and INEXPERIENCED. Lebron have a long way to go to be considered great and better than Kobe, MJ, Magic, Larry…but you Lebron stans want him to surpass all of those guys NOW, which is a shame, because all the greats, whether champions or not, put in WORK for 10+ years. Yeah, Lebron is the greatest player in the world…but Kobe is 2 series away to add another notch to his legend. Deal with it.

  • Username

    ok, saying stats don’t matter or that a triple double is easy to get is completely ridiculous. i mean, do u really believe that? i hope not.

  • Jarvo

    @ 214reppin my points exact wat imade in my post.

    Lebron is a one of one. But ijus wanna touch on the subject how everyone talkin bout he goin to the knicks that will be a HUGE mistake cuz they fans crazy. As soon as he doesnt win in lile 2yrs they gonna be yellin trade this clown they cursed at winning jus like cleveland. He should jus go to the clippers or nets, mite take em sometime but he’ll get it done.

  • D. $cience

    and @ neezy

    Look at the teams Robert Horry and John Salley was on. That’s the point I’m trying to make; the better teams wins championships. And although they were on great championship teams, Robert Horry or John Salley never had the talent Kobe had. That’s why Kobe is great…his talent + great team X 4 times= greatness. That’s why MJ is great…his talent + great team X 6 times= greatness. That’s why Magic is great…his talent + great team X 5 times= greatness. Lebron? His talent – great team X 5 playoff appearances= great stats and 0 rings.

    I’m not writing off Lebron, but he’s not close to the guys I’ve mentioned yet.

  • Jarvo

    @ username its tru stats only matter in the reg season. But playoffs it dnt mean look a stockton white boy was crazy good do u hear anyone talkin bout him or malone?? Same as ewing, barkley, & AI. You can hav all the reg seasons mvp’s, best record, scoring titles, But if u dnt reach the finals or win it u jus get forget bout u always gonna have that “BUT” on u yea u did this and that he was amazin “But” no ring, didnt get it done nd so on nd so on.


    @robertTHEallen it’s funny that you assume lebron even knows who shake is!! Lebron doesn’t really care how this season ended and especially doesn’t care what a stupid hip-hop website admin (That doesn’t post lupe!! HAHAHAHAHAHA) has to say about it!! He will be laughing all the way to the bank!! No matter what Lebron will beat kobe in the cash race motherfuckers!!

  • @ JonnieHayward – I’m A CELTICS FAN!!!!! There was never any doubt in my mind they were gonna take the Cavs (even after that 29 point whooping the Cavs put on them @ home)! Everyone told me I was crazy, but I kept saying they were gonna take them. The Celtics are playing at another level right now.


    and for real shake!!! can we get some pictures of your ass getting knocked the fuck out already?!?!?!?! don’t be too proud man!!!

  • D. $cience

    @ Username

    Stats don’t mean nothing when you lose…continuously. Didn’t you get what I was saying about the Charles Barkleys and the Karl Malones in this world? Charles Barkley was the MVP in ’93, but lost to whom??? MJ and the Bulls. MJ averaged 32 points a game, and still didn’t win MVP over Charles Barkley, who averaged 21 points a game. Charles didn’t have better stats, but won MVP. MJ won the championship with better stats, but it still didn’t mean sh**, because his team won, not his stats. John Paxson’s game winning shot that sealed that championship is what people remember, not how many points per game MJ had.

  • @username….a lot of players can get triple doubles if they really focused on certain statistical categories…a lot of no-names have gotten it, lol even Ricky Davis has gotten 1.. u stat fiends forget that Kobe tied Oscar Robertson for consecutive games with a triple double back in I think 03’……and if my team is down by 1 with 3 seconds left in the game, and I had a choice to either pass to Robert Horry or LeBron…I’d pass to Robert-Bob…so far he’s had greater accomplishments in his career than LeBron,,especially in the playoffs

  • heirxavier

    Exactly. You made my point for me. Kobe has paid some dues.
    However, Kobe DID almost commit suicide when played with Odom, Caron Butler, Chris mihm, etc.
    Or did you forget about the “trade me” temper tantrums and the “get Bynum the F*ck out of here” cell phone outburst?
    Has LeBron ever done that?

    Funny thing is, Odom and Butler are better than anyone on the Cavs today, not named LeBron…

  • are we forgetting every nba superstar goes thru this
    mj put up 63 against the celtics n still lost 2nd round

    89 90 lost back 2 back to det….

    kobe got knocked out to…..
    n one year didnt even go 2 the playoffs..
    where was this kobe is great talk when the spurs was winning 3 rings in 5 yrs…..?

    kobe scored 62 but did he lose in that year 2nd round? yes.

    im just saying lebron going thru the same stuff mike, n kebeon, going thru,……

    remeber kobe has only gotten one ring since lebron been n the league……so kobe doesnt have that much of an edge…..

    “A friend just told you have to go thru n have some nightmares,
    before you accomplish ur dreams…n right now i’m ging thru my nightmares.
    -Lebron james (pst game interview)

  • shadowsamurai

    DAMMMMMMNNNNNNNN Shake! you gotta hurt ’em like that! LOL!

  • shadowsamurai

    *aint gotta hurt… lol

  • LeBron will be a New Jersey Net next season… Believe it!

  • Cam

    fuccccckkkkkkkk kobe.

  • RIKO

    2pac,Biggie = Air Jordan

    EMINEM = Kobe

    Jay Z = Lebron

  • RIKO

    2pac,Biggie = Air Jordan

    EMINEM = Kobe

    Jay Z = Lebron