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EPMD – Mr. Peter Parker Interview (Video)

blame it on JES7 May 13, 2010


Boston’s Parker Vision builds with Eric Sermon & Parrish Smith about their future projects (solo albums from the two, as well as a new EPMD album), the differences between today’s hip-hop and yesterday’s more organic sound, and new artists they’re feeling (J. Cole is mentioned). Spotted at X’s domicile.

  • joe

    real ish

  • swoop

    “yesterday’s more organic sound”

    that made me ;/


    EPMD are legends without a doubt, funny how Parish didn’t even know A. Hole’s name. funny how they said “WHO DAT?” “WHO DAT?”. which tells you even these legends are forced to lie and give A. Hole some props and rap buzz credentials. Epmd are trying to cross over to the skinny jean era fanbase bringing up the new generation. I’m kind of tired of the hypocrisy in hip hop. emcees need to confront the madness and mythology of today’s hyperbole rappers like A. Hole. A. Hole may go down as the most over-hype emcee ever next to MC Brains and The Redhead Kingpin. God help us all.

  • youngson

    peter parker the worlds biggest lame. new hampshiers lost son


    Ya tu sabe ..Youngson