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Jay-Z On LeBron James & Nets (Audio)

blame it on Shake May 14, 2010

With the Cavs quitting last night and LeBron’s contract being up this Summer, Hov called into Fox Sports News to talk with Stephen A. Smith. Speaking on James’ playoff performance, the Cavs x Celtics series, and his relationship with new Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

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  • chris_martian




  • Rio$

    go to the nets he ain’t gonna win shit….still. 7 more years of nothing he could go wherever he wants tho *shrugs*

    still jordan>any other nba player in history maybe with the exception of bill russell

  • Rezo

    In 2 years the Nets will be winning 60 games a season and everybody will be on their dick. The Nets have the best young talent, 10 draft picks the next 3 years, new billionaire owner, and Jay-Z recruiting players. No team in the NBA has more upside than the Nets. When the Spurs, Suns, Celtics, Cavs, Mavericks, and Orlando are rebuilding due to old age the Nets will be in their prime. Just watch and see.

  • yougotrondo’d

    “No team in the NBA has more upside than the Nets”-Rezo

    That’s because no team in the NBA is further away from winning anything…the only way to go is up. You really think Jay-Z is gonna recruit players? Lol no one is gonna sign just because Jay-Z is a part owner…people don’t wanna sign with Jordan, why the fuck would they care about Jay-Z being a small part owner?

  • Rezo

    Like I said just watch and see…

  • Jarvo

    Book it “IF” lebron leaves he’s goin to the nets. They mite get the #1 pick (john wall) lebron gonna get atleast anotha star to go with em nd trade harris for anotha. But if u think the nets goin to be winning multiple championships like that u crazy maybe one but u forget the west have a young team with these kids by the name of durant, westbrook & green nd dey hella young! Nd portland is pretty young too nd good nd golden state if they get sum pieces.

  • Rio$

    i think Rezo thinks the same thing that happened to the celtics in 08 is gonna happen to the nets next year?

  • bluntcity


  • e_money

    lebron still better than kobe tho he just needs a better team

  • dre3staxx

    Actually the Nets do have a talented young nucleus. Injuries derailed them this season. Brook Lopez is one of the best young centers in the NBA and Devin Harris was an All-Star a couple yrs ago. Plus the have the possible #1 pick and a new billionaire owner who wants to win so with Chicago and NYK the Nets are a possibility if Bron leaves. With that said tho Kobe & LakeShow>anybody.

  • I’d love to see Leebo come play in the Bricks for 2 years, but I’m a Knicks fan, and damn it would be nice to see playoff game at The Garden.

  • Belize

    two words: chicago bulls

    bandwagon apps are accepted now. ends on preseason

  • WIzzzz

    LeBron’s coming to DC. you heard it here first.

  • Nito

    hes going to the kings

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Why the hell would LeBron wanna go to the Bulls & wear Jordan’s uniform? He’ll never be Jordan & that’s too much pressure. Not saying it’s for sure he’s going to N.Y. but he could win 1 or 2 titles & he would be GOD cuz we’re fuckin starved for some good basketball.

    Basically the Knicks would give LBJ a list of names & say “Who you wanna play with?” PLUS, Eddie Curry’s fat contract is off the books next year just in time for when Melo & CP3 are free agents.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    I just wanted to repeat, with everyone so focused on this FA year, everyone seems to forget, Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul will be on the market NEXT YEAR. & I’m just sayin, the Knicks have another big expiring contract with Eddy Curry.

  • mpls

    LEbron COMING TO THE TIMBERWOLVES hahah i wish thou

  • bd

    the only way ill ever like the nets is if they actually move to brooklyn and change those fuckin uniforms. im sorry but the colors seem bland and dull, too many teams with the red and blue. now wherever lebron goes has potential to be good, especially if they get wall in the draft. and if he comes here to chicago with rose then its a wrap, but fuck it im not even hyped on that, ill be happy if we can bring dwade back home

  • Will




  • WTFrandy

    delonte west has been Fuckin lebrons mom

  • californiabbboy

    carmelo & lebron on the same team :O

  • Big_E

    Wizzzz we don’t want Bron in DC… give me Wade or Amare… shoot i wouldnt mind getting Yao if he can stay healthy for more than 1 season

  • Big_E

    that nigga is NOT clutch

  • bd

    i kno this is off topic but i was thinking about jay and ems careers(cuz of the stadium tour) and when you really think about it with all his achievements in just rap alone em should be richer than jay. he should be the one talking about lebron and bring him to the pistons but jays just got that buisnessman shit goin.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^^ you don’t know what ur talking about. First, Em doesn’t own the Pistons, Jay owns a small share of the Nets. & he’s friends with LeBron. Second, I’m sure the Pistons don’t have the cap space to sign LBJ & def not enough to get him & someone else. So it doesn’t make ANY sense for him to go there in that situation. Plus Em is not that kind of guy. I don’t think he’s a huge sports fan, just a casual. So he don’t give a fuck what LeBron does.

  • Netssss

    Jay-Z, do your recruiting and bring lebron to the Nets.
    2010-2011 Nets
    PG- John Wall
    SG- Courtney Lee
    SF- LeBron JAmes
    PF- David Lee/Chris Bosh/Amare
    C- Brook Lopez


  • bluntcity

    ^ i’m lovin that starting 5 but the worst team never wins the lottery how bout this:

    PG: Steve Nash
    SG: Evan Turner
    SF: LeBron
    PF: David Lee/Amare
    C: Brook Lopez

  • Hoes

    Lebron is going to the Bulls or Knicks, no doubt.

  • McTree

    why is bron bron wearing some kobe’s? the fuck… oh and dude will be in a cavs jersey next year y’all got it twisted.. they gon fire that guy that sits on there bench and prays bron goes off instead of actually coaching and they will bring in bosh.. that my opinion tho we’ll c.

  • monroe

    rajon rondo is the future. and lmao @ bluntcity, Why on earth would nash or amare go to another team after they get a ring this year with the suns?

  • rajon rondo… garbage.

  • MANNNNN I’m out here trying my best to be the man, why cant people give me some credit! It’s not my fault I only can just sprint with the ball and my stats are overrated. It’s not my fault I shoot worse at the foul line than that big gorilla shaq. I try hard and thats the best thing I look way better than I seem but I tryyyyy!!!!

    -da Real RR

  • chris_martian

    lebron still better than kobe tho he just needs a better team

    e_money said this on May 14th, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    LOL x10

  • WIzzzz

    @Big_E Blatche will definitely be starting next season and Arenas will be back too. Yao would not be a smart choice since I don’t think he’s played a single full season in his career. D-Wade is probably the best bet though so we don’t have to have fuckin Mike Miller starting.

    our starting 5 (depending on our draft situation) would be:
    PG: Arenas
    SG: Wade
    SF: Josh Howard (hopefully he’ll come back)
    PF: Blatche
    C: McGee
    6: Miller
    7: Livingston
    8: Thornton

    Hopefully the wizards draft cousins so we could put blatche (or cousins) at center and be a lot deeper

  • Unpopular Demand

    @ Realist * if you’re serious with that comment you’re a goddamn fool

  • NorthwestClassic

    LeBro is not wearing Kobes. Those are the Lebron VIs.

  • Freezin

    kobe shits on lebron 8 days a week

  • boston

    Boston Vs Lakers 2010 = Boston Celtics as champions……Rajon rondo is deff not garbage!!!!!!!!!!