• DK

    Could've been better.

  • http://suckingfunglasses.wordpress.com bushytop


  • http://theozissou.blogspot.com/ The Zissou

    On Breaking bad, hella good show, this past week they had a cover version of shimmy by Prince Fatty(lol)

  • marv

    yeah i want u guys put up the Prince Fatty one found it on sound cloud but couldn't download it but this one sound good with Von Pea

  • dasani

    @The Zissou Hell yea..that show is great

  • fuckroycehaters

    WOW that was so fucking garbage these guys need to hang themselves for puttin out this trash.

  • D1

    THIS SUCKS. Everything about it. You cant fuck with that song.

  • juno40

    See... Dis da shit Wu-Tang need to start punchin pussies n da face 4. How u gon fuck up a CLASSIC? Shit is sad. R.I.P. O.D.B.!


    It's cool.

  • http://hiphopisbled.blogspot.com Sean Juan

    Haven't listened to it yet. But, I heard the horrible version on Breking Bad this past week. It was the only bad thing about the episode.

  • BBoldt

    lol Grand Theft Auto font, how do they expect to be taken seriously with that?

  • Bruno Honest

    Dear Lord...more like the Brooklyn Petting Zoo lol


    Why would they jack music and sell it? Pretty lame, would never buy this either, let alone download.