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Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan) & Spec Boogie – Shimmy Shimmy Ya

blame it on Meka May 14, 2010

After leaking the initial series of remakes from Enter The 37th Chamber in late 2009, El Michels Affair is back with the final three installments to the remix series. Released last year on Fat Beats, Enter The 37th Chamber is El Michels Affair’s retro-soul recreation of many classic Wu-Tang Clan songs with an infusion of their signature style. In a project presented by URB.com, Fat Beats, and Audible Treats, Enter The 38th Chamber was released featuring a slew of artists remaking their own versions of these Wu-Tang Clan songs using El Michels Affair’s instrumental covers.

You can cop the rest of this project via iTunes. And check out a bonus offering from the Diamond District below as well.

DOWNLOAD: Von Pea & Spec Boogie – Shimmy Shimmy Ya | Mediafire
BONUS: Diamond District – The PJs | Mediafire

  • DK

    Could’ve been better.

  • SB!!

  • On Breaking bad, hella good show, this past week they had a cover version of shimmy by Prince Fatty(lol)

  • marv

    yeah i want u guys put up the Prince Fatty one found it on sound cloud but couldn’t download it but this one sound good with Von Pea

  • dasani

    @The Zissou Hell yea..that show is great

  • fuckroycehaters

    WOW that was so fucking garbage these guys need to hang themselves for puttin out this trash.

  • D1

    THIS SUCKS. Everything about it. You cant fuck with that song.

  • juno40

    See… Dis da shit Wu-Tang need to start punchin pussies n da face 4. How u gon fuck up a CLASSIC? Shit is sad. R.I.P. O.D.B.!


    It’s cool.

  • Haven’t listened to it yet. But, I heard the horrible version on Breking Bad this past week. It was the only bad thing about the episode.

  • BBoldt

    lol Grand Theft Auto font, how do they expect to be taken seriously with that?

  • Bruno Honest

    Dear Lord…more like the Brooklyn Petting Zoo lol


    Why would they jack music and sell it? Pretty lame, would never buy this either, let alone download.