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Styles P – Fire On Em

blame it on Illy May 15, 2010

Any of you guys interested in reading Styles P’s fictional novel, Invincible? It’s being released on June 1st through Random House Publishing just in case.

DOWNLOAD: Styles P – Fire On Em f. Snyp Life (prod. Black Saun) | Mediafire

  • 23kid

    Wow best track ever made handz down -_-

  • Homie just straight up murdered this shit…

  • Jet

    yeaa im interested in the book…listen to this


    he got great stories in his ryhmes…so i can just imagine a whole book

  • Im gettin that book, sounds dope

  • Gram

    track is pretty dope. diggin the beat.

  • 5FingerDiscount

    i thought dude couldn’t read? how’s he gonna “write” a book? much respect as an mc, but stay in ur lane dude. we still ain’t got the green ghost shit, fuck a book

  • Jawad

    @ Jet
    damn that song’s dope never heard it before…does he have any other songs of that sort?

    i’ll be lookin’ out for invincible

  • Track & beat are both dope as hell! Snyp Life killed it to & I’m probably going to check out the book!

  • The Ghost has probabaly read more books than recorded tracks, so what’s this talk about him not being able to read?

  • medhy

    are you guys hearin a different track than i do? the beat is the definition of thin and wack! these stupid synt-horns sound like shit and even the pattern is stupid as fuck. styles is dope dope there´s no doubt about it, but the beat is like i said=superwack

  • That beat sucks ballz, horrible, S.P. holla at me I got you on beats

  • Xero

    #medhy: I agree 100%.. if anyone likes this shitty ass beat, go listen to more commercialized rap, it all sounds just like this wack song

  • AirRaid

    I thought dudes up top were being sarcastic. LMAO.

  • Styles should use more Poobs beats. Most of his best tracks are with Poobs. The Ghost, The Key, Born in These Streets and so on.