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Diddy x XXL (Cover)

blame it on Meka May 17, 2010

Diddy stalled hopping on his Last Train to Paris to spend a little time with XXL. The hip-hop mogul appears in XXL magazine’s upcoming June issue and it’s his very first time being featured on the publications cover.

In the comprehensive interview written by Thomas Golianopoulos, Puff gives insight into his ubersuccessful business mind, his new album, Last Train to Paris and he reflects on his grind to the top to become hip-hop’s number one mogul.

He also looks back at his overall impact on the industry and culture. “I am the champion of hip-hop” Diddy says in the story. “Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop. We are going to have to deal with those facts. There is nobody that can fuck with me with what I do, which is getting busy. We are going across the board, as an entrepreneur, innovator, motivator. Who was there first? Who traveled to Europe first? The first. The first. The first. The first. I was the first.”

In addition to the P. Diddy story, the June issue features an in-depth reported piece on the untimely death of rap legend Guru of Gang Starr. Speaking with family members, friends, his former group mate DJ Premier and close friend/business partner Solar, XXL tries to make sense of the beloved lyricist’s final days, while also exploring the mystery behind his last days.

The magazine also pays homage to the 20th anniversary to the making of Ice Cube’s classic solo debut, AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted and gives a detailed guide to hip-hop’s plethora of reality shows. – XXL

Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • yaowa

    fuck Diddy.

  • Yes fuck diddy

  • WIzzzz

    yea fuck diddy

  • philadelphia born and raised

    i hste diddy. but hes right. nobody can fuck with him in the business game.

  • yaboymal

    and why isnt guru on the cover or atleast a seperate one?exactly why i hardly buy these fuckers anymore

  • Rezo

    A grill? Really Diddy? 40 years old with a grill? Somebody should have told him that grillz were played out like 3 years ago and he is too OLD for that shit.

    Oh yea FUCK A DIDDY!

  • WorldCrysis

    yes fuck diddy. hes career s a typical example of what happens with an art (rap) when money gets involved

  • NiteTimeDelight

    who was the first. the first. THE FIRST? THE FIRST! To pour OJ in his cereal? (xxl ed note: all Diddy quotes were written by Red Cafe)

  • ddee

    *gives blannk stare of absolute disbelief* Diddy is featured on the cover with an iced out jesus head on his chain,”grills”,popping his collar, and giving off the fakest mean mug ive ever seen. In addition the enitre story is about Puff and his bloated ego. Guru should be on the cover. A deceased legend in Hip Hop with and there is still mysteries around his death. Ridicilous

  • DiggySimons

    diddy cool..he is on top tho. fuk a camel.

  • Steve

    I absolutely hate people like this. I don’t even have to know him.

  • shay

    shit, I dont like it lol, but he is rich as fuck, who fucking gives a damn

  • Decapitatah

    Yeah fuck diddy, and your wrond diddy, jay z has got you beat

  • Thatguy

    Fuck Diddy

  • He’s a clown get him the fuck outta here

  • SFchillin

    I’m gonna have to go with Jay-Z on that one.

  • Hoes

    People still wear grills in NY?

  • Hypothesis Spits

    Remember When Young $’s Jae Millz Battled Diddy’s Ness on Making The Band 2?


    Me Neither.


  • Dallastx_groveside

    ^ Lol iam from Texas I threw my grill out 2 years ago after wearing 1 since I was 11 when I got my college aceptance letter I tossed that hoe and diddy is 40 ??? Rockin a grill I know ny cats used to get fronts to but cmon diddy

    But he’s rich as fuck so hey

  • Harvey S

    I like the way Guru dies and gets a little mention in the corner….yet that dickhead gets the whole front cover.

    Hiphop Lost.


    diddy throwing the evil number….

  • WorldCrysis

    I have already posted “fuck diddy” here, but I thought about it and changed my opinion. Fuck Diddy sideways


    gotta respect diddy, might not like his fuckery but dude knows how to move in this industry.

  • BSnyd3

    He wasnt the first person to start wearing grillz…yet he decides to wear a grill even though he looks played out as fuck.

    Fuck Diddy. All he is good for is ruining songs with his adlib shit.

  • Another example of how much XXL sucks. Diddy gets the cover instead of Guru. Is this trash mag paying the dopeboyz to cover their bullshit now? I see a lot of XXL mentions lately.

    And is Diddy really claiming that he was the first in hip hop to go to Europe?!? Also, I think Jay-Z has him beat in pretty much every category hands down since he is also respected as a hip hop artist, whereas Diddy is just a joke.

  • Bill Clinton

    Hypothesis Spits< neva bothered watching that..but when u brought it up i youtubed it..what was better was when millz vs Sire castro..when he looked up to the sky n was like"ey yo big am i trouble or what". he killed it.

  • Bill Clinton

    ^^ no diddy is definetly not the first to come to europe at all lol

  • senseiscommon

    while he in fact is not the king of “hip hop”, he is absolutely the king of whatever it is he puts his hands on.. The man just generates gold in all facets. he blows at rapping, is a sub-par producer and is a little to much of a dickhead for my liking… but with all that being said and whether you like it or not, Mr. Combs gets busy and will continue to.

  • Dre

    To XXL: You have f*cked the hip-hop game for too long. I dont know why Diddy made the cover, but after a major Death in Hip-Hop, Why not give Gang Starr a tribute cover? B.O.B released a debut Album at #1, where is his cover at? Why couldnt Diddy get a Fucking side story, Why?

  • DiggySimons

    ^^Diddy & Ciroc probably paid them to think twice.

  • Mavrik

    “Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop. ”

    still be some1s assistant if it wasnt for biggie

  • Dre

    even with that said, If it wasn’t for Diddy, would Biggie be a household name?? And how do you know what Diddy would be? Im not with the whole Fuck Diddy campaign, because i have nothing against him, i just cant rationalize why he got the cover!!!

  • Whoolio Gee

    Diddy: “Take that take that take that!!”

    Biggie: “UGGGHH!!! UGGGHHH!!”

    till this day, that shit gives me nightmares… xD

  • Beaux

    Jay Z makes this punk ass sheep in wolf’s clothing look bad.

  • robertTHEallen

    the bullshit know as the cover aside, this ninja is right. due to hip hop culture he can now buy and see every one of you reading this comment. not saying he deserves it all (im not down with the whole jickey buttfucking the racehorse thing) but his ethichs made him financially successful. shit, he can probably buy a new conscience

  • robertTHEallen


  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX
  • every artist diddy came across is either dead,in jail or just disappeared. he had an all star roster and killed all of them. this dude is a straight soulkeeper.

  • That Ferris Bueller reference was classic

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^That Ferris Bueller reference has been played to death on this site for 2 years now.

  • Jarvo

    Take That, Take That, Take That! This is the remix Can’t stop wont stop an an-an-an-an.

  • .

    You’d think he’d wanna go spend some time with his kids *yawn*

  • Pssssst

    screaming take that, take that while raping artists left & right. pure american devil. wheres max b?

  • Emilio

    Hip-hop’s #1 mogul?! I’d say he plays second fiddle to Jigga man.

  • 313’s A-Train

    …Diddy is cancer. Everything he touches, dies. Biggie was Diddy’s savior. Yes, he’s good on the business aspect, but what if Biggie never signed? Where’s 112? Where’s Faith? Where’s Da Band? I think I know of a dude from Marcy that was on some “first” shit, way before Diddy. Diddys self-proclaimed, he doesn’t earn titles. Ask urself, when was the last time he came out with something hot? I think XXL’s the first cover he’s been on in ages. For real, forty years old with a grill? Some shit you just shouldn’t do when you get a certain age.

  • Kushiontion

    Diddy iz trash. He iz tha king of fucking over artists. Starting w/ the Lox(Free the Lox campaign), then Total(he was fuckin one of the artists), Shyne(8 years in prison for ridin for a guy who never rode for him), Black Rob( Rob got pinched and Combs left him out to dry), G. Dep (drug problems, but Puff could’ve cared less) , Mark Curry( great writer, no push,)Dannity Kane( sold a couple mil cuz of MTV then jumped ship). Day 26 (poor guys should’ve learned from DK) I mean he just let Ma$e go becuz he ambushed his ass @ tha radio station. And as bad as he wants to be South he doesn’t understand the music. Ask Joc n 8Ball n MJG. I really like Red Cafe, but he is just walkin into a trap by siging to Bad Boy. And for Ross itz cool to be friends, but don’t sign anything w/ that guy.

    R.I.P. Biggie, Im no even gonna go there, but just listen to 50’s diss called “The Bomb” and you will now what I’m talking about.

    My bad let’s forget about Loon (Puff’s answer to Fabolous). Now he is a reformed Muslim and iz everything but a Bad Boy. (Take that, take that, take that)

  • Xero

    Diddy is a fuckin leech

  • yes man

    a faing memory. thanks wallace you ingrateful fuck!

  • 5FingerDiscount

    lame. does this bitch have a grill? what a poser. keep ruining biggie’s memory.

  • ivemar80

    how diddy and not guru is on the cover is beyond me

  • mmkayy

    wow a grill ?

  • GhoSt

    i will admit, i used to like diddy when he was puff, but only because my mom met him and got me some autographed shit. diddy is beyond trash…

  • mazoomy

    i dunno about deserving the cover, but he is the most successful bad rapper and for that he gets some respect. he has no skills as a rapper or producer but makes millions, that’s what you call talent.

  • guest

    jealousy is a females trait


    I respect what he has done as a business man and for Hip Hop. Thought ever since big died this guy has been the artist killer. Put one album out. One single. Then you never hear from them again. He’s got these dudes in Iron-clad contracts but does not put them out. The only one that stays on top is him.

  • itsjusme51

    first off, fuck puffy. secondly, why the fuck was guru not on every hip hop publication cover this past month……smh

  • MJssoulfan

    Stop hatin. I cant wait to see Diddy in “Get Him to the Greek”. That movie is gonna be so funny!

  • Riki

    I agree with Mjssoulfan, I aint hatin on Diddy. I just saw that movie (Get Him To The Greek) and dude is hilarious.

  • Drew

    Yep, Riki, he has a role in “Get Him to the Greek,” and it’s his first foray into comedy. I gotta say cut him some slack and watch the film. It’s really fun!

  • Walker

    When is this movie showing?

  • Drew

    Get Him to the Greek will show on June 4.

  • NYjoe23

    Hell yea Get Him To The Greek is gonna be hilarious. and diddy’s gonna be ill in it. people are hating on a hip hop legend. he’s a cultural icon so just chill.