Entourage – Season 7 (Trailer)

blame it on Miss_Peas May 18, 2010


HBO releases the first trailer of “Entourage” season 7 which is premiering June 27 with the episode called “Stunned”. The trailer offers no footage from inside the season but highlights the five alpha males hanging out at sunset with suits on.

In the season premiere, the director of Vince’s latest action film talks his star into doing his own driving stunt, agitating both Eric and Ari. Turtle’s attraction to an underperforming employee named Alex threatens to damage his fledgling carservice business. Ari looks to add to his resume as “the biggest agent in the world” by eying an alliance with the NFL. Worried that his holding deal is about to expire, Drama pressures Lloyd, now his agent, to land him a project.

Jessica Simpson and porn star Sasha Grey are among the celebrity guests this season. The former is playing herself while the latter is taking the role as Vince’s girlfriend. – AceShowBiz.

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  • paul

    The trailer was very similar to Season 6. Nothing happened.

  • 2dope4u

    Song in the background?

  • my fav sow in the world!

  • I

    Can’t wait for the new season to start

  • OGEazy

    I fell off with this show when things were starting to look shitty for them. I hope this season is just tons of fun with no bullshit making the storyline all depressing.

  • @2dope4u

    Foals- Spanish Sahara

  • ki

    this is gay of 2dope to post. there’s no dialogue. what kinda dudes wanna watch cinematic shots of other dudes? let’s be honest

  • ENTOURAGE SPOILER: Vince gets a part, loses the part, blames Ari and E, fires both of them, their friendship is at risk, another movie director comes and offers Vince a role through the heroics of Ari and E, minor developments in Drama and Turtle’s lives. The End.

  • I Nick All Week

    Man, this show kind of sucks now but I still watch every episode.


  • THE41ummm2

    wow, lotsa pessimists around here


    Yeah, fuck this bullshit. Dexter & Breaking Bad > this garbage.

  • OGEazy

    XMPLXCTD Dexter & Breaking Bad > All television MAYBE (pause) of all time.

  • 2dope4u

    Good stuff, thanks

  • bucknasty

    haha dexter’s my shit. but entourage is about to make a comeback. first 5 seasons were great tv. let’s rebound, like them Magic baby!

  • Seth P

    Alpha males? Ari Gold is the silverback gorilla of fake agents, everybody else is soft.

  • Unxpekted

    Ari Gold > the history of men of 2dopeboyz and possibly the entire world

  • Onederin

    Not a very telling trailer, but I’m excited for the new season to come out.

  • underscore_underscore

    This was one of the gayest things I have ever seen
    Show’s fun though
    Not real deep or anything, just vicarious…fun

  • mmkayy

    crooklyn_P ? who dat who dat

  • lol

    “Worried that his holding deal is about to expire, Drama pressures Lloyd, now his agent, to land him a project.”

    LOL whats new? same old shit

  • Guest

    ghey, show’s ghey

  • eff

    must be nice to be on HBOs payroll.

  • Ari GOLDEN

    The last couple seasons have been depressing as shit. I used to watch the show for inspiration, now that shit just makes me want to slit my wrists.

  • KSEE

    1. P.T.I
    2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    3. The Boondocks
    4. entourage
    5. Weeds
    6. True Blood
    7. How I met your Mother
    8. OverHaulin’
    9. South Park
    10. Sports Nation (i got a thing for that Michelle Beadle)

    i dunno about this Sasha Grey hoe as a gf..i mean really?…i seen her doing some pretty nasty shit. i dont give a fuck if she did that movie a lil while back…she a hoe not an actress.

  • DexterSucks

    1 episode of entourage 1st season > all seasons of Dexter

  • chad

    Ari is the reason i watch this show, he makes me crack up

  • sprocket is good welcome