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J. Cole x VIBE

blame it on Meka May 18, 2010

The rap rookie covers another publication. This time he talks about the album’s title (it’s not what you think), the lead single, Drake (of course) and more.

READ: J. Cole x VIBE

  • OnTheRun

    J. Cole – Jermaine Is Here (Mixtape) http://www.mediafire.com/?jgnzbjymivw

  • OGEazy

    My nigga!

  • Unpopular Demand

    Exactly. Rookies. If this ain’t some high school bitch shit I don’t know what is

  • BSnyd3

    Good Read. J. Cole is a breath of fresh air, and I was excited to hear him say that the album is like the warm up but deeper…

    Wish Drake would have taken the same route after putting out So Far Gone…oh well

  • CX

    Vibe is cheap as hell for that. They know people been trying to create a non existent beef between J Cole and Drake and decide to put that quote on the cover to get folks to think its real. Then you read the interview and the quote is not even in that context. But that’s what the media loves to do with hip hop. Gotta sell issues some how.

  • Mohammed

    Yo, that’s crazy Nas quoted one of his lines when he meet J. Cole. That’s when you’re going to be something special when a legend quotes one of your lines.

  • Chris_Martian


    covers always makin problems

    wtf¿¿¿”DRAKE AND I .. ” WHy this in the cover¿


    this nigga sucks …………..DRAKE>J.COLE ……never would be next nas..

  • DK

    Man these authors no how to attract people I took that quote completely out of context. Nice interview though he seems like a really humble dude.

  • olugbam


    Don’t blame Vibe. Their goal is to sell magazines. And the interview was dope anyway. Blame the idiot who reads that random excerpt from an interview and doesn’t bother to get the whole story. They aren’t trying to hide the context. It’s all there for us to read, and getting you to read it was the entire point of the placement of that quote.

    At no point in the interview was the interviewer trying to start beef. The fact is people won’t read shit that doesn’t seem juicy. So if they entice a fat person into a gym by disguising it as a donut shop, then so be it.

    Good interview.

  • DiggySimmons

    Vibe/XXL/Source etc are not relevant in my eyes anymore..they ceased to be alooong long time ago.

  • Chris_Martian



  • Rezo

    @OnTheRun stop posting that shit, it’s an unofficial old tape.


    “Drake and I are not in the position to be best friends”(gets the tards talking)

  • CX


    I feel what you saying, but to me a truly successful organization doesn’t need that type of marketing to sell their product. They knew what they were doing by putting that quote on there. And now J. Cole is gonna have to address this in future interviews and continue to beat a dead horse about him and Drake.

  • GOONx19

    Good ass interview if you read the whole thing though.

  • james

    dope interview. j. cole is nice.

  • james

    Word to CX. It’s poor taste for them to reflect J. Cole in this fashion. It’s taken out of context and now what J. Cole meant at all. They’ve could’ve lead with something more positive.

  • EQ

    This is a good look!

  • Unxpekted

    Elzhi > J. Cole

  • The Dreamville Tales

  • whodat?

    reflection eternal – revolutions per minute http://usershare.net/z7bvlciasp5p
    nas & damian marley – distant relatives http://usershare.net/0yx1ccd80uyt

  • am

    nas quotes j cole? when did he does this?

  • am

    what line?

  • ghostdog221

    J.Cole isn’t anything special to me, hes pretty much the new Wale, over hyped and completely average.

  • eMac

    Stay trynna stir up some ish? “me and drake are not in the position to be friends”…on the cover? #killyoself. Smh

  • Notty

    These new and light skin comparisons are flimsy. Creating conflict to sell media ftl.

    Styles different. Sounds different.

    Different areas.

    Why the comparison? It’s a false connection

  • Notty

    P.s… U bet Cole didn’t see that shitty pamper coming?

    Fucking misquote of the year right there.

  • Notty

    “So if they entice a fat person into a gym by disguising it as a donut shop, then so be it.”

    lol how crafty.


    interviews here, interviews there, what the fuck is up with all these wack interviews with A. Hole. the hype for this guy reminds me when Obama ran for office. no fuckin’ experience, and the SHEEPS talk about him like he’s some kind of messiah. let me break the news to yall gently, HE WILL FAIL!


    J COLE FUCking SUCKS !!!

  • YURP

    JOHN WALL TO THE WIIIIIZZZZZ! lets go! John Wallin on these niggas! We are set for a championship within the next 5 years now!!

    Gilbert, Wall, Blatche, J. Howard, A. Thorton, Miller, Livinston, and a big time free agent like Stoudemire… WE SET!

  • ko

    cosign. lets go

  • Grimzz

    hail to the wiz…but j. cole is nice to me…i fucked with him then when he destroyed beautiful bliss i became a bigger fan lol

  • Rob

    J.Cole is over rated and he fucked up The World is yous by making a remake and ass fucking it by singing on it

    Pill,Nas,Spitta,Jay Elec,and about 14 more > J.cole

    but that does not mean I wont give him his props I like him way more then drakes bitch ass

    J.Cole average dude struggled to get a deal

    Aubrey Drake Grey
    Born and raised Rich Paid his way into the music iz
    and became an all around sell out
    I’m not a huge fan of diggy simmons but at least he diddn’t spend 5 Years paying off radio stations to play his shit


    J.COLE>DRAKE[Aubrey Grey]

  • amazinn

    J. Cole > Drake

  • Bakke

    J. Cole’s going in for the long run, fuck the quote, the interview was great!

  • I’m>>>Drake
    Cole World Niggaaaaaaaaaa…

  • JacquesMorel

    Quote is completely out of context.

  • :(
    it’s true… J. Cole>>>Me
    i’m a sellout, and i am very sorry to my dear old fans for going mainstream on ya’ll……..
    but you can Thank Me Later when my album comes up! so go buy a copy for you and your loved ones on June 15th…Cause I’ma Killaaaaaaaaaa….nigga. ;)
    – Drake

  • good interview. dude seems to have a real decent head on his shoulders.

  • lol


    you are fucking stupid


    SMH…you are nonthing less than a hater, you are the defintion of a hater every j.cole your hater ass is there hating, you are sad, you are a loser and you need to get a life cuz you are sad, sitting behind your computer waiting for a j.cole post so you can hate SMFH


    @ lol. I think my feelings may have suffered just a tiny bit of your claims of me being called a hater. if your definition of being a hater is when someone gives clear explanations and quality opinions on certain views and topics, then I’ll gladly accept your preposterous meaning of the term “HATER”. I feel sad for you brother, you’re clearly the one who’s life hasn’t fully comprehended the thought process of knowledge of self. you’re a SHEEP and a disgrace to us all on 2dopeboyz.com. if you think everyone is supposed to come to the rescue of a below average rapper, who has nothing but a career filled with boring interviews, I think it’s time for you to stop posting here. this is grown man talk.