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Peedi Crakk On Jay-Z

blame it on Meka May 19, 2010

The former State Property member sat down with the house of Harris to speak on – of course – his former boss, who he claims swacked Young Chris’ style.

Peedi recently spoke with Cosmic Kev on his hometown radio station Power 99, charging Jay with stealing songs, but when he spoke with XXL he wanted to clear up those statements. “I want to clarify that [Jay] doesn’t steal anyone’s songs,” he said, “He steals swag, ideas, concepts—whatever you want to call it… Jay doesn’t just straight-up jack you for a song. He’s just smooth with it. You ever listen to Young Chris rap and then go back and listen to Jay? You almost start to scratch your head. The old Jay-Z never rapped like that. That’s Young Gunners flow to the tee. There are actually people that don’t know that that [the whisper rap] was [Chris’] flow. I don’t understand why Jay don’t just say that he got the swag from the young bull.

My cousin used to always say this after The Blueprint 2 dropped, but then again my cousin refers to half-Black/half-Jewish people as “jiggers” sometimes, so I took it with a grain of salt. Now I’m wondering if he wasn’t so crazy with that proclamation.

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  • I always hear people sayin Chris sounds just like Jay but this would mean it’s the other way around. Maybe this could be true, maybe not. Who knows. They’re both still dope to me.

  • cjdaill1

    Why would he just admit he took some someones swag?

  • lm_wfc



  • boston

    bottom line…..where young chris now???? ….and look where jay’s at….

  • Ryan.T.

    Whatever the truth is, most will still say Young Chris is biting Jay’s style… I’m glad Peedi brought it into the light though. And I’m still anxiously awaiting for Young Chris to drop an actual album.

  • Bowser

    bottom line…..where young chris now???? ….and look where jay’s at….


    That means shit, boston bean head. I used to get in heated debates over this, Hov has been picking and choosing ideas, flows and concepts from folks for years. He jacked the whole philly swag from them bols.


  • That’s funny cause my cousin refers to them as “Blewish”

  • Curtis75Black

    bottom line…..where young chris now???? ….and look where jay’s at….
    boston said this on May 19th, 2010 at 1:06 pm
    @Boston, say that for a emcee you don’t like and I’ll respect that statement.

  • sean cameron

    Been sayin’ this for years – Shawn Carter is a crook.

    He’s got a few classics, but that’s where it stops.

  • Jay-Z bites everyone..Nas, Biggie, Slick Rick, Young Chris da list goes on

  • midnightkat

    Dumbass Nas and Biggie came out before jay and your cousin should be slapped silly.

  • wordtobigbird

    i heard jordan jocked his dribble from this dood he use to play with at unc.


  • think

    yea jay-z definitely bites everyone, so this isn’t too far-fetched

  • Epinz

    It’s funny cuz I’ve seen mad interviews from nggz who was wit the roc that all say the same shit.

  • Skooby

    So what, personally i have never REALLY compared them, maybe I will now. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember any similarities. Anyway, big deal. People that hang out together, pick up things from each other…why do all the people that live in NY have the same accent? People in Texas? People in Canada. We all say “eh”. So does that mean we stole it from one person? Seriously, I like Peedi, but why do all the dudes that aren’t making money have to cry and say, he stole this, he did that. “Males shouldn’t be jealous, thats a female trait”

  • Tto

    nothing landmark or breaking about this news….that he copped Chris’ style is common knowledge. the proof is in the discography itself.

  • think


    first, when it comes to hip hop – originality was always one of the key principles & biting was frowned upon… it’s not being jealous because dude had the style first, being jealous would be if jay-z created a style & they were running around saying he stole it when he didn’t.. the proof is there, so quit with that jealously crap.

    secondly, did it ever occur to you that he was asked this question? instead of blaming him, blame the journalists

    that is all

  • Unxpekted

    I thought people already knew this. Old news.

    There hasnt been anybody Jay hasnt bit. He just is really good at biting people. And unfortunately as of late, he just kind of fell off, great business man though! Oh and good pop tracks for the radio!

  • What else is new?!… First off it didn’t start there… Jay-Z straight up jacked CAMP LO’s whole style for Reasonable Doubt. On his new album, he took Rich Boy’s flow for the third verse of “On To The Next” He took Soulja Boy’s Swag from kiss me through the phone for “Run This Town”… List goes on… But he always makes it sound better.

  • Skooby

    @ Think

    Good point. I’m pretty sure he didn’t say, Wow, Young Chris’ flow is amazing, I’m gonna steal it! He incorporated it into his own style. I have friends that say Ne-Yo sounds exactly like Michael Jackson. Sure his music and style has similarities, but did he mirror himself to be exactly like MJ? Nah, he grew up listening to him and it became part of the way he wants to do his music. Thats how music evolves.

  • Goose

    I thought this was common knowledge.

  • boston

    @ bowser

    u are an extremely big homo!!! “i used to get in heated debates” shut the fuck up u fucken doucher……like i said i could care less about either of them…..but jay is a millionaire and young chris is trash……now thats a fact!!!!

  • Will

    I wasn’t aware you could be “half-black/half-jewish”

  • KKUB

    “Jiggers” lol

  • Andrew

    I thought he started jackin Kanye’s style for a while with the im not a business man, I’m a business, man. I wouldn’t even call it stealing, he’s just adaptable and versatile. *shrug*

  • gloriousbastard

    Jay just toke what Chris does and made it better, We all know by hhistory Jay is the better rapper. Alot of rappers use the same flows. If we talked about rappers using other rappers styles, flows, or swags then we would be pointing fingers all day. Niggas just mad cuz Jay is making 100s of millions.

  • DreamOn

    back folks have too many cousins

  • stan lee

    @ ALLEN WALKER – PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP. HOV DEFINITELY DID NOT JACK ANYTHING FROM SOULJA BOY. sorry about the caps but it was that fucking serious dude -___- and that just goes to show how hov can take a niggas shit and make it better. he just took the niggas flow not his shitty lyrical content and think about it. alot of rappers bit flows such as lupe. the nigga used to rap EXACTLY like biggie except his content was deeper. he just used his flow. its more about paying homage sometimes. charles using eminems flow, eminem took will smiths flow (YES HE DID, THEY HAD BEEF SO GO RESEARCH IT AND WILL SMITH CAN ACTUALLY SPIT. LISTEN TO HIS ALBUM CUTS. HE ALSO DISSED EMINEM AT ONE POINT ON ONE OF HIS LATER ALBUMS)

  • damn that’s crazy!

  • D. $cience

    There’s many valid sides to this argument. I’m not a Jay-Z stan, so I won’t deny I had the thought of Jay jacking Young Chris’ flow. Look at Jay’s track record though…Jay never got the “most creative” or “most original” title; his catalogue shows he did what was hot at the time, from recording with Juvenile and DMX (when Cash Money and Ruff Ryders was hot) to him recording with Kid Cudi, Drake, and J. Cole.

    Truthfully, it’s not that Jay took sh** and did it better, but more like Jay just took sh** that was hot and hyped it with strong marketing. Jay is a good rapper no doubt with undeniable skill, but like I said, look at his track record…Blueprint 1 was Jay’s dopest album to me on a commercial standpoint, but see all the media attention surrounding that album (beef with other rappers, etc.)? Timing. On the Black Album, his “supposed” last album, look at the media attention surrounding that album (Jay’s retiring, his final curtain call, etc.)…Timing and perfect marketing. I can go on, but Jay took sh** and made it bigger with business aesthetics. Peedi should move on and just make music because he can’t assassinate Jay’s character with sh** we knew already but can’t stop.

  • AirRaid

    First, according to Nas, everybody bit his style and he’s the best. Even Rakim bit his style. Every rapper on the planet bit his Nas’ style…according to him. On a serious note, he might’ve taken the whisper flow, but I mean, people do that everyday. They incorporate things they like or heard with their own style. And the guy above who said Jay stole Camp Lo’s style for Reasonable Doubt, well that’s just ridiculous. Kanye picked up things from Really Doe, and Nas picked up things from Rakim. You jacked the slang you use now, no idea’s original.

  • DiggySimmons

    I thought this was common knowledge.

    Goose said this on May 19th, 2010 at 2:34 pm

  • philadelphia born and raised

    215 stand up!

  • Nahmyself

    You can mos def hear the gunna’s flow on “La La La”.

    No big surprise here, he does this to everybody. Why do you think he still remains relevant? He changes with the times. I don’t think it’s that bad that he jacks somebody’s flow that was in his own crew. I betchu even Young Chris thinks it’s flattering.

  • wordtobigbird

    that song they had on blueprint 2 together go hard..

    my nigga pleaseeee!


    i think if Meka wouldnt have said what he said at the end then have of these comments would b different lol

  • Teddy

    I dont even think it matters at this point in time. People honestly dont care. You can tell anyone that and yea you would get guys like most of us on this site who would think about it and say “thats a valid observation and I will take it into considerarion.” But everybody else just dont give a damn and they would think you were crazy. So it will freak people out and you would end up looking like a dumb ass.

    But Im really dis appointed in Peedi Crack man. I used fuck Peedi Crack. He goes hard and it was fucked up what the Roc did to him and other emcees on the label. I was hopin Peedi would pull a Curren$y and end up doing better on his own than with the Roc. I guess not. If you are still trippin on some shit that happened in the past then you are going to be successful. I think he would be a decent underground rapper if he just let that shit go and he would have at least 2 or 3 well selling albums by now. The Roots gave him lift on that one track. I guess he didnt take advantage of it.

  • chunk rock

    old news here

  • Virginia_Rhymer

    @Will – ever heard of Lenny Kravitz? probably the most famous jigger/blew

    look this is all old news with jay “stealing” people’s swag. everyone here has mentioned some notable ones like b.i.g., rick the ruler, nas, etc. but what can you do? he took advantage of it and now is on top, sometimes the ends do justify the means, sadly this is the case for sean carter.

  • i thought this was obvious too..funny cuz some of my niggas that aint really fuck with hip-hop like that when i play young chris they like “yo is that hov”

  • ruthless

    at long fuckin last are people finally waking up to the fact that jay ain’t what you think he is he steals ideas and he may even take your soul if you’re not careful lol


  • @stan lee

    I never said he took anyone’s lyrical content. Nor is anyone saying he took Young Chris’ content… Just a particular flow and style that we’ve heard somewhere else first. He does do it better… (No offense taken with the all caps… But it ain’t safe to yell at strangers)