YahZarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More (Video)

blame it on Shake May 19, 2010

Official video for YahZarah’s Nicolay & Phonte produced single; off The Ballad of Purple St. James, which is available now.

DOWNLOAD: YahZarah – Why Dontcha Call Me No More (prod. Nicolay & Phonte)

  • homeless man at a library

    YahZ has good muscle definition…… and an Adams Apple(1:49 and 2:05) Can’t seeing this ever catching on ANy Where…. Good Production Tho

  • Rezo

    Really Shake? Smh….

  • homeless man at a library

    nope just Wiki’d def. not a dude

  • TC

    Phontigallo with the hair spray

  • This is a dope video…Props to YahZarah for her creativity!

  • Yoshi

    This is the type of video you should watch if you’re high off LSD lol my eyes were hurting

  • Teddy

    Yo that was just too much. Her face does not fit that hair style. I dont care how good or bad looking you are. A hair style that does not fit you will fuck your facial definition up. I almost thought she was Estelle at first.

    But for real she needs to fire her stylist. Nothing wrong with the color skemes that were going on, but they were not done right.

    On top of that if your a female and you where something that makes you look kind of manish you should probably not where it. You could have probably gotten away with back in 80’s , hell maybe even the 90’s. But most Definitely in 2010, they now have the technology to literally turn Chris Brown into Rihanna. Oh yes they are beasting with the damn Transgender bending. You mess around spot a fine ass peace of ass with a sausage just as big if not bigger than your own.

    Not a good look Boo Boo. Fire your stylist.

  • I liked the interpolation of the GEM theme song in the beginning…

  • lol

    this video is a RAOF this broad looks like a man ewww

  • Santogold pt. 2… and yes it looks like a man.

  • when did dennis rodman get down with foreign exchange?

  • sammy swords

    The wigs were a play of the GEM cartoon from the 80s. And the star earring she was rocking. I liked the video overall.

  • Dia

    hahaha was that supposed to be Jem?

  • Wise

    Haha, this vid is crazy. I don’t expect nothing less from FE. Their vids are either gonna leave ya feelin’ something serious or leave ya laughing like crazy.