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Curren$y: A (2)Dope FreEP

blame it on Meka May 20, 2010

I’ll be honest: I originally wasn’t feeling the Hot Spitta back when he used to roll with Lil Wayne as one of the original members of his Young Money clique. Wasn’t feeling him too much when he struck out on his own either with fellow skater Terry Kennedy and Fly Society, despite eskay’s non-stop co-signs. Hell, I even reviewed This Ain’t No Mixtape and gave it an “L” rating in XXL because of, despite the dope beats behind it, the limited subject matter: women, weed and wealth. Thought it got a bit boring after a while.

It was when he linked up with Wiz Khalifa for How Fly when caught my attention. Sure, it was the same old talk about women, weed and wealth, but this time around it wasn’t boring, the songs were mad catchy and the beats got better. Then he started messing around with GFCNY, DD172, Ski Beatz and Creative Control, and I finally became a fan.

Which brings me to this latest (2)Dope FreEP I decided to put together, featuring some of my favorite songs from Curren$y. Nowhere near a comprehensive catalog, these are just the singles I have in my iPod I made a playlist out of. See, it’s alright to sleep on an artist, because eventually you wake up. I’ll admit, I was dozing off, and you shouldn’t too.

Pilot Talk, coming soon. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Lemon Kush
2. Smash On O’Leary
3. Elevator Musik
4. Role Model
5. Breakfast (In & Out)
6. Car Service w/Wiz Khalifa
7. Address f. Stalley

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y: A (2)Dope FreEP | Mediafire

  • PACO


  • JohnDank

    ^ Actually, its always 420 somewhere

  • Pilot Talk coming June 15! 24 Hour Karate School in July.

  • Better EP (imo) is:
    1. The Pledge (In & Out)
    2. Get It Yaself
    3. Elevator Musik
    4. Role Model
    5. Your Direction
    6. Navigation Pimpin
    7. Galaxy
    *Bonus: Star Power or Perfect Time

  • DiggySimmons

    haha I at first i thought the jets stans were gonna kill mek then kept reading and realised it was a positive post.

  • Junior

    ^^^ The Pledge is the truth!

  • DiggySimmons

    Currensy as an MC..overrated
    Currensy with the beats he picks…and wholisitcally..an alrite listen..but really.get ur speakers out..u cant listen to his stuff on a laptop n get the full picture.

  • Damn I though it was new Spitta I already got all of these

  • Jarvo

    1.A Milli (In & Out)
    4.Life Under The Scope
    5.Galaxy Rap
    6.Newer Pollution
    7.The Explanation

    Str8 Classics 4rm the spitta right there. Meka you gotta grab some of his older shit str8 up sir.

  • Jarvo

    & lol @ diggy so you had to add negative stuff here wow.

  • Any best of Curren$y list without ”Famous” is shanty at best. Mekas picks were dead on otherwise.

  • DiggySimmons

    Jarvo< not tryin to be negative..just giving an honest critique (of my opinion) i did also suggest people to listen to his music thru real speakers to fully apreciate it.

  • KentG

    Props for this…

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^How bout smoking dank when you listen to it? Makes iPod headphones sound like Beats by Dre.

  • Jarvo

    ikno jus ah lil sarcasm lol all good.

  • so_me

    modern day hippy

  • @nopo…1st verse on Famous was weak…2nd verse was dopesauce….check out my track to that beat btw you’ll probably like it more than Curren$y’s


  • Knarf_

    I was always a fan

  • mannnnnn…. My EP list wouldve been…

    1. Life Under The Scope
    2. Count My Money
    3. Car Service
    4. The Pledge
    5. Reagan Era
    6. Galaxy Rap
    7. Shooters Zone
    8. Coupes & Leers
    9. Prioritize
    *bonus track: Role Model

  • Meka, at least you can admit you jumped on the band wagon. Props on that. JETS!

  • Knando

    Been rocking with this nigga since I was 13 no homo. Wayne dropped that Young money mixtape back in 06 and I heard his verse on bone mix. I gotta say it’s nice to have actually seen an artists growth and stay true to himself all while slowly building a true fan base that consisits of actual fans and not bandwagoners…

    Freep would be….
    1. The explanation
    2. car saervice
    3. Wave race
    4. Come up
    5. What means the world to me
    6. Bail
    7. Money
    8. Ful of money
    9. Mandatory
    10.shooters zone
    11.king kong

  • Knando

    haha co sign benny blanco

  • Good list @ imonapaperchase forgot all about Prioritize…I put Star Power as a bonus cuz dats da track dat put me onto Curren$y…flow is too ill on dat 1,,and these ignorant fools on here talk bout his flow bein boring and slow

  • Iowa1

    Just started to listen to Wiz and everybody keeps bringing up Curren$y. With all the songs listed above, I can proly put together a quality cd. I will take yall’s opinion though and throw it in the whip for the quality speakers. Any additional songs anyone can think of would be greatly appreciated.

  • My list would have been:

    1. No one asked.
    2. For your list.
    3. So Shut The Fuck.
    4. Up.

  • @Iowa1…Truly Dat, Scared of Monsters, Look Up To the Jets, Wale – Rather Be With You feat. J. Cole & Curren$y, Wale – Wordplay feat. Curren$y, Airplane, and The Dopest

  • Iowa1

    JonnieHayword – good lookn out

  • DiggySimmons

    [email protected] *hugs* (YH)
    Y is everyone leaving out..
    1)audio dope


  • ^yea I was gonna say Mazaltov and forgot all about Audio Dope

  • LMAO @TheBlackStarr…dat was funny as hell no lie.

    @JonnieHayward yea man ppl really be trippin when dey say his flow aint ill, smh. Oh shit matter fact I forgot, Inevitable…dat shit made me really like Curren$y music. When he got off on dat Sooner or Later track frm N.E.R.D. with Inevitable, I was truly impressed. “I’m on top of the money, like a dopeboy mattress”


    MY LIST:

    1. Fly Niggas Do Fly Things
    2. In The Middle
    3. Layover
    4. Audio Dope
    5. Stay Up
    6. Damier Doobies
    7. Mazaltov

    Bonus track: Fly Monsterz

  • DiggySimmons

    Unrelated but where is Vado-Large on the streets video??? peace!

  • Yea Mazaltov was dope as hell…ayo honestly, I thought Nesby got off just a lil bit harder then Spitta. I mean dey both shined on it but I think that when Nesby spit this…

    “Heavy on the stamina, amateurs, easily revealed in the presence of a panthara, feline fantasies get fulfilled tell them canines chill, its the leader of the pact with nine lives to live, whats a king without a queen, a leader without a team, a heater without the beam, crops without the cream, I’m self motivated so props is not the thing, approval of spectators does bring the ring of a champion” I had 2 give it to him on that shit lol & also Non Stop Flight by Curren$y on Modern Day Hippie was fuckin ridiculous…dat nigga Spitta got bars i dnt care what anybody say.

  • his flow is…. eh/ most of his beats are on point, but i can’t dig his flow, used to… but not now…. Nice list you compiled there Mek

  • Iowa1

    Just started to check all his mixtapes (street albums) and its going to take some time to put together all these songs. Anyway some one could throw up a new “complete” list with a link. I know I’m askn a lot and I can go on a hunt myself but thats what fans do – help out those that want to get down with an artist, right? (I know I’m going to catch some shyt for this request)

  • @Iowa1 lol naw u aint finna catch no flack for it but shid I cant hook u up with a link at the moment but I would tell u 2 just listen to Modern Day Hippie mixtape straight thru…dat shit got me into Spitta & made me revist his previous mixtapes he released before dat.

  • I gotchu @ Iowa1,,I’ll put together a tape 4 ya,,gimme like 30 mins ha I’m not in front of my comp right now

  • stussy_kid

    despite me havn aalmost all his shit,there a couple here im missn good list.& i was sleepn for a min but my brothas got me into him u aint alone lol

  • Jarvo

    @ Iowa1 Jus go to Livemixtapes.com and all jis mixtapes are there and for free then go to datpiff and get his life at 30,000ft and the G-series with him and mack manie and young money mixtape pt.1

  • NasLost

    For somebody just getting into this dude, good idea to download this? Only track I’ve heard from him is King Kong smh…

  • Jarvo

    i4got the ashanti remix joint, he went in on that

  • Curren$y quotable: “what website sold you them (Nike) Dunks? Homie they plaayed ya! Bootleggers not dunks at all, they sold you Layups!”

    ha Star Power got me onto this nigga, original lyrics, spittin dat shit he lives, and a lot of the times its in a clever way…I admit, he don’t really go in with the flow as much as he used to tho nowadays he just rides the beat as good as any1 else spittin

  • JetsFOOOOOL.

    How are y’all forgetting “I’m Just Dope”, “Scared of Monstas”, & “Audio Dope”?!

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    I was late too. I never used to check for many southern rappers unless they were real dope but I caught on to Spitta in late ’08 after he released all those tapes each month. & I didn’t know Wiz until Flight School. Unfortunately I don’t have time to go back & listen to all 6 tapes that he released in ’08. Waaaay too much music & not enough free time. Smokee Robinson is my shit tho.

  • DiggySimmons

    # “Sports Center Vol. 1” (2004)
    # “Life At 30,000 Feet” (2006)
    # “Independence Day” (2008)
    # “Higher Than 30,000 Feet” (2008)
    # “Welcome To The Winner’s Circle” (2008)
    # “Fear And Loathing In New Orleans” (2008)
    # “Super Tecmo Bowl” (2008)
    # “Fin…”
    # “How Fly” (with Wiz Khalifa) (2009)
    # “Smokee Robinson” (2

    # “Fast Times At Ridgemont Fly” (2008)

    This is all of his mixtapes.

  • DiggySimmons


  • Iowa1

    IMONAPAPERCHASE, Jarvo, and again JonnieHayward – Much thanks to all three. This is what its about. I have check on datpiff but not livemixtapes yet. Their were so many that I got overwhelmed. HAHA I will be patiently waiting for sure JonnieHayward. What I have heard so far he has some quality lyrics and pics good beats. How did Wiz and Curren$y hook up? Philly and NO correct?

  • Jarvo

    Damn nigga went throwback with sportscenter vol.1 gezzzzz lol. But buy that JETS FILES tho

  • Meka, your an idiot. Spitta has been raw since Day 1. It was because he was too raw that he left yung money. His mixtapes are all classics

  • Jarvo

    @ iowa1 spitta and wiz hooked up afta spitta remixed his “say yeah” song (which was modern day hippie) and the rest was history now we got all this dope muizk 4rm them both and How Fly 2 on its way

  • and yes nigga, i spelled “you’re” wrong, Jets fool

  • Romewonder

    my top 5

    1. Lysol

    2. Full of Money

    3. Fetish

    4. Lean Back

    5. Invincible

  • Romewonder

    oh yeah……… I see sky diver got to tapes were the fuck is Young Roddy tapes @

  • Jarvo

    Man ah nigga need that Pilot Talk man fuckkkkkkkkkkk shit gon be classic

  • @spittanigga, stfu you just a real big stan right na, he wasn’t too raw for young money… matter of fact, you’RE a joke

  • high_s0ciety

    Jet Files>>>>>This AINT NO MIXTAPE….but PILOT Talk will be his best work to date.
    How FLY 2: The Wright Brothers out this fall, FOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

  • andosca
  • Ant

    Man, I totallly agree. YM, TK all that bs was pretty whack to me. When he started messin’ with ski beats, dame and creative control; i instantly became a fan.

    QOTD : its ok to sleep on an artist, bc you eventually wake up

  • Curren$y – Prioritize (Beeper Bill) (ft. Nesby Phips)
    Curren$y – Come Go With Me
    Curren$y – Address (ft. Stalley)
    Curren$y – Breakfast
    Curren$y – Role Model
    Curren$y – Famous
    French Montana – In The Sun (ft. Curren$y)
    Trademark Da Skydiver – We Go On (ft. Curren$y)
    Trademark Da Skydiver – Roasted (ft. Curren$y)
    Willie The Kid – Sky Miles (ft. Curren$y)

  • nice tracklist.
    can we get some ArtbyShake like the last 2Dope FreEP’s?



    Peace to DiggySimmons

    thanks for the links king!

    peace 7

  • Billy Ocean

    Curren$y is 2dope! Mixtapes are aight, specially smokee robinson, but get up on those “albums”, This Ain’t No Mixtape and The Jet Files….wish they had physical release but oh well. Drop your 8.99 and support.

    fire curren$y tracks:

    power button

    the 70s

  • YoDaddyBrother

    if you aint got no rims nigga don’t get no wood grain steering wheel…

    gotta respect the niggas giving nods to Kast

  • Billy Ocean

    OHH SHIT I forgot that Prioritize track is fucking straight ass fire!!!! Anyone have the mp3 of that song? Thought it just came out as a video…

  • MarkB

    Woah, cant forget Marley and Me, Smoke DZA CurrenSy and June summers….he kills it on there

  • Kim

    Thanks for putting this together.

  • @Billy Ocean….
    Curren$y – Prioritize

    …@ iowa I’m almost done homie

  • smartshopper

    i can’t believe you’d even say half the shit you posted. sleepin on curren$y is the wackness. if you can’t hear it, clean out yr ears. shit has been the truth for years. givin out whack ass reviews on shit you prolly didn’t even listen to. ‘aww shucks, he rap about bitches, weed, and money, that’s borrrringggggggggg.’ hatin cause you ain’t got it, see you from the balcony, fool.

  • Word. Smokee Robinson is what put me on to Spitta.

    Why doesn’t the dopehouse put together something like y’all did for B.o.B?

  • meh

    Cosign Meka, it wasnt until DD172 and Creative that I started messing with him and became a fan of his movement/music. Also, that new leak by Drake made me actually want to check for his product now.

    I guess I should be prepared to actually listen to Wiz now too, huh.

  • Rocky

    You might wanna re listen to This Aint No Mixtape

    He barley did that much weed talk on that album. Listen to Get it Ya Self or Got It.

  • spoof

    Curren$y is the man. With that said..
    1. The Briefing (starting at 2:30) is NASTY
    2. Perfect Time
    3. Scared of Monstas
    4. Up Here
    5. Tokyo Drift
    6. Feelin It 2008
    7. Blown Away
    8. Galaxy
    Bonus: The Seventies

  • stan lee

    1. Count My Money (High Talk)
    2. Breakfast (In & Out)
    3. S.D.L (you niggas is wwf wrestlers, court jesters and cross dressers. DAMN)
    4. Airplane
    5. Blown Away
    6. Modern Day Hippie
    7. The Planes (with wiz khalifa)
    8. Diamonds & Girls (with lil wayne)

  • spoof

    “Talk the same shit; I say it different that’s the difference.”
    Jets Fool! Hang ten

  • stan lee

    i forgot
    9. The Dossier (In & Out)

  • @iowa1…I just put the mix together, didn’t have time to show off my DJing skills and clean it up/cut out filler shit but I’ll have the link up in a hour…its all the Curren$y u need all in 1 link without downloadin a bunch of mixtapes lol NO NEED TO THANK ME NIGGA

  • pillsbury dopeboy

    so no one likes Crazy off Life at 30,000ft? that’s one of my favorite beat, but spitta is just as nice

    he starts with “same shit different shoe steppin in it” haha

    and of course the whole How Fly mixtape is dope, especially Surface to Air and Layover

  • bandwagon fan!




  • monroe

    spitta fans already have all these tracks. but meka, spitta already admitted when he was on young money he rapped about alot of fake stuff. thats what YM is all about. im hopin gunz does the same thing, get a lil exposure then get the hell outta there

  • monroe

    @cloud surfing. i feel u man, people been sound asleep to have not heard these tracks

  • Jarvo

    Random Thought but damn iwanna see spitta go in on T.R.O.Y yo!

  • sohljaboi1nda

    1.Im Just Dope
    3.On my way
    4.Modern Day Hippie
    5.Scared of Monsters
    6.Stealth Technology
    7.Blaze Sumthin
    And he kills it on ‘Fat Raps Remix’ with Chip tha Ripper and Big Sean. Jets Foo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iowa1

    DiggySimmons – good lookn on the tapes
    JonnieHayward – I am definitly lookn and thankn u for whats to come
    Jarvo – thanx for the background
    80 some odd posts, and thats why I’m checkn for this cat

  • smojo

    jets over everythingggggg, nIGGUh. thumbs and pinky rings.

  • smojo

    shout outs to trademark and roddy,
    tradmark da skydiva – oxygen

  • Pssssst

    spoken like a true bandwagon ass nigga. guess we’ll be seeing a shitload of 2dopeboyz sponsored currensy posts aahaahahahahaha you fucking tool. wheres max b?

  • $pitvicious

    Meka, your an idiot. Spitta has been raw since Day 1. It was because he was too raw that he left yung money. His mixtapes are all classics.” <–WERD
    JK i love your site…but he was the best thing about Cash Money Young Money after Hot Boyz…Sportscenter Vol. 1 and Lost Tapes Vol. 1 and 2
    and the young money tape two disc edition is amazing…always been real…always been great…only getting realer and more recognized daily…
    Shouts to Benny Blanco from Da BriX , JonnieHayward Music Blog , and all supporters

  • Jarvo

    And Spitta said whats all that need to be said if you sleepin on him if you listened to The Explanation.

    “I’m just pausin for the people who slow and let em learn the shit you already know”

  • jam

    Since we all doing list ill contribute too, i know some of yall not gon know these songs lol been down wit spitta since welcome back mixtape, an indepence day

    1. Reagan era
    2. Modern day hippie
    3. The explanation
    4. Feelin it 2008
    5. Smoke n maintain (in and out)
    6. Blown away
    7. Bubble gum gangstaz
    8. club
    9. Like u freestyle
    *bonus* – role model, audio dope, Jordan 3’s

  • Jarvo

    Crush on you freestyle and ashanti only u freestlye

  • Jarvo


  • @ iowa1..my bad 4 takin so long my comp’s actin extra homosexual 2day, I aint givin up tho,,I’ve put a lot of homies onto Curren$ys shit already, time to spread da wealth…Jets!

  • iowa1

    Spread it like wildfire is what I’m bout to do if its straight quality. Im in no hurry bruh

  • YourMum

    whys everybody going at mek now like currensy dont get posted on this site like allll the time??

  • guest

    why are people writing what there ep’s would have been??

  • igotthatcrack

    ^^cause Meka’s ep was wack lol

  • A Fan of Music

    ^^ cos the site made their version of their best currensy tunes. so ppl are just sayin their favorite tunes also, nothing special.

  • A Fan of Music


  • Jarvo

    JETS F00!

  • pillsbury dopeboy

    @jam Reagan era is the shit…he jus goes off

    “Your bitch chose to roam in a Spitta’s zone. Now your drunk watchin E.T. wishing she phone home”

  • $pitvicious

    did meka delete my comment? freedom of speech 1st amendment breach?
    aka Curren$y been real…Lost Tapes vol. 1 and 2. and sportscenter, no limit, YM/CM, JETS…been real always…stay trill

  • dope

  • jam

    @pillsbury dopeboy

    dogg yess that nigga straight killed it thats one of his hardest freestyles to date, he been wreckin for years, people jus now giving him his props

    “soft spoken but a nigga not soft, not at all, real niggaz stand tall for something, make sure dont fall for nothing,cuz this game is pain for the up an coming, no handouts cuz niggaz dont owe u nothing”

  • YeahhKevinn

    2.The Pledge (In & Out)
    3.Life Under The Scope
    4.Im Just Dope
    5.Audio Dope
    6.Breakfast (In & Out)

  • YeahhKevinn

    7.Invincible Jets

  • Dav.

    IMA Curren$y Fan..

    His subject matters arent out of the ordinary,but its the way he talks about the shit he lives.

    Like he says shit in clever ways & actually sound like a normal dude,just livin a fast life,but not acting like hes bigger than his actual listeners..

    which makes people like his music even more…because he doesnt sound like a super hero rapper talkin down on ppl..Which is why I like most,play spitta’s shit daily!


  • kelvin izza g

    clearly all of u have JUST jumped on the bandwagon…
    i see a lot of good songs but no way in hell are any of these lists anything close a ‘best of’..
    i could make 10 diff lists wit different songs that would smash any of these lists ive seen..
    i’ll make a quick 1 tho..

    1. paternity tests
    2. the explanation
    3. navigation pimpin
    4. mandatory
    5. elevator muzik
    6. she on my mind
    7. top of the money

    im lovin all tha new fans my nigga spitta’s gettin tho..
    jets fool..

  • CloudKicka


  • Romewonder

    Been a Spitta fan since Diamonds and girls dropped after that downloaded all his shit i get any spitta song tht drops i get even blends

  • CloudKicka

    “the first rap i wrote was five pages full of bullshit and lies about me killin niggas and flippin pies but when i got by myself i found myself and realized if i was a child in these times i wouldnt wanna follow in the steps of these guys, clown ass rappers im waiting for the day that they primetime the realness and sideline the wackness”–spitta

  • Aite I promised iowa1 this…this for all da heads that been catchin ZZZs on my nigga Spitta! Including you Meka! 168.1 MB of dope shit “courtesty of bad bitches and good weed”! Its worth the download (if u not already on Spitta) so take da weed brownies out the oven and enjoy, this negro gonna be on repeat on your ipod..trust

  • nahmean?!

    yo cloudkicka what song is that? i forgot and i dont feel like goin thru 12 tapes to find 1 verse lmao

  • @iowa wont lemme post the link for some reason hold up

  • Jonnie’s Best of Curren$y mix
    DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?ainjijkxo1m

    (Shameless promotion) Also, download my own 20-minute EP while youre at it,,its a laid-back/chill tape takin place at a jazz cafe lol
    DOWNLOAD: http://usershare.net/5ign5oqqwvfs


  • A. Shuttlezworth

    How can u sleep on spitta…. I been hooked since the day “Fear & Loathing in New Orleans” dropped… i downloaded that off the strength of the albums title reference.

    Jonnie’s Best of Curren$y
    1. The Pledge (In & Out)
    2. The Briefing
    3. Perfect Time
    4. Prioritize
    5. Truly Dat
    6. Scared of Monsta
    7. Get it Yaself
    8. Elevator Musik
    9. Your Direction
    10. Mazaltov
    11. Navigation Pimpin
    12. Modern Day Hippie
    13. Star Power
    14. A Millie Freestyle
    15. Word Play feat. Wale
    16. 16 Switches Spitter
    17. Role Model
    18. Car Service feat. Wiz Khalifa
    19. The Check Point feat. Wiz Khalifa
    20. Life Under the Scope
    21. Smash on O’Leary
    22. Invincible Jets
    23. Airplane
    24. Audio Dope
    25. Look Up to the Jets
    26. Rather Be With You feat. Wale & J. Cole
    27. Paternity Test
    28. Galaxy Rap
    29. Full of Money
    30. Inevitable
    31. Stay Up
    32. The Dopest
    33. Galaxy
    34. Im Just Dope

  • A Fan of Music

    JonnieHayward Music is it one long track or is it split

  • ^^which 1? Curren$y or my tape?

  • Aaye I finally got my avatar pic back ha..imtrippin

  • mmmmm.tastyy.

    @Meka You really weren’t feeling Wayne and Curren$y kill “Where Da Cash At”?

  • DP

    curren$y is going to take this game over. at least for people like me that like real shit. spitta is an everyday dude like myself and he spits real shit that I can relate to. I’ll take that over all the fuckery of fake thugs and gangstas all day.

  • hoopin
  • Braniak

    Jets Fool!!!

  • robertTHEallen

    elevator musik > insert curren$y song here

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    Dope @JonnieHayward

  • neekz23

    Damn nobody added No Wheaties to their list.

  • smartshopper

    way to delete my reply, at least i know you read it and felt the validity of my words. wack ass bandwagon hopper, HE WHO SLEEPS ON SPITTA WILL NOT SLEEP WELL.

  • giovanni

    fan since he used to work with master p. curren$y been my favorite.

  • iowa1

    @JonnieHayward – downloading now
    I wont have time to check this till Saturday morning but anticipating like a crazy
    I will leave my thoughts after a give it a few good spins

  • Aite man enjoy

  • JackDiesel

    I wasn’t really a fan of Spitta when he was YM, but that Dead Presidents verse on Drought 3 was where shit got real

  • AnT

    Yea right..Meka’s first paragraph made him seem like a bitch. 99% of artist talk about weed,bitches, or wealth you moron. Plus this site pays the most homage to spitta..One of his bars “In the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs” is right under 2dopeboys logo @ the top of the page. cmon son.
    JETS f00l

  • KatWilliams

    One of his bars “In the middle we stay calm, we just drop bombs” is right under 2dopeboys logo @ the top of the page. cmon son.
    JETS f00l <<<<NIGGA..THATS A LINE FROM OUTKAST. CHECK THE SONG ON THEIR SECOND ALBUM (atliens) CALLED "TWO DOPE BOYZ" HENCE THE NAME OF THE SITE "2DOPEBOYZ"..and the chorus goes "in the middle we stay calm we just drop bombs" that is NOT spitta NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIT!.

    JETS FOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!

  • KatWilliams

    Spitta sed the same line..paying homage to outkast. my rant is over. fuk..niggas these days.

  • Lmao @ AnT…that’s a big FAIL saying that was Curren$y’s line

  • Scipe

    Anyone got a link to ‘Fin’ or the track ‘The Explantion’?
    The ‘Fin’ link here on 2DB is acting up.

  • Mr843

    Listen how did all of y’all 4get about “I Did It Myself?”

  • iowa1

    JonnieHayward – Well, I have given this mix several good listens and I actually kept 90% of the songs and Curren$y has a new fan fo sho. Lookn forward to the PILOT TALK tape. So Curren$y has been thrown around the industry for a minute and hopefully getn wit Dash will be his home for awhile. So glad he didn’t stay with Cash Money (Young Money) cuz I can’t stand their track record and that includes Wayne.

  • DiggySimmons

    Anyone got a link to ‘Fin’ or the track ‘The Explantion’?
    The ‘Fin’ link here on 2DB is acting up.

    Scipe said this on May 21st, 2010 at 5:25 pm


    this is basically all of his mixtapes..fin is included.

  • @iowa1 no doubt man dats wus up..glad I could help

  • Smokee Robinson

    Curren$y > DiggySimmons

  • 1

    The best list goes as follows:
    LOST IN TRANSIT (cant believe no one said this track yet)

    Brett farve

    The explanation

    Summer Reading list

    Open house

    I really mean it



    scared of monstas

    Bout it (personal choice, idk if yall like that song)

    Damn, this shits harder than i thought. i left out so many dope tracks, but thats couse spitta stays dope.


  • 1

    forgot about

    Fly monsterz (that monsta beatz track)

    and anything on independance day// this aint no mixtape

  • Rob

    How the Fuck did you not like spitta ARE u out of ur mind spitta was fire on that Lilweezyana mixtape and his killed it with super techmo bowl so how the hell were you not a fan of spitta

  • StarchaserJaY

    Ya’ll crazy…this is the dopest Hot Spitta FreEP right here….i promise you. I mello out to this shit all the time:

    1. Shooters Zone
    2. Modern Day Hippie
    3. In The Sun [Feat. French Montana]
    4. Brett Farve
    5. Elevator Musik
    6. Sail On [Feat. Young Chris]
    7. Visions….. (Bonus Track)

    Thats the dopest Curren$y mix….its proven. Try it.

  • Rob

    Props to DiggySimmons for that freestyle link

  • Rob

    Man this nigga meka is trash I’m not even going to read his fucking post any more he pretty much said he aint fuck with Spitta until
    he went east coast I seen that video

    When Hoff from onsmash and spitta was
    straight bashing Jordan Fusions and
    you were the only person in the room
    who liked em and u got punked

    so yea go ahead delete my comment
    I’m only reading/commenting on shake post
    from now on

  • Agreed, wrote him off from back in the day – didn’t realize ‘Spitta’ was the same ‘Curren$y’ we had before but I was feeling “How Fly” in a major way, and since then it’s all been at least tolerable but mostly great.

  • mmkayy

    holy shit i didnt see thi til now.. cot damnn

  • leosash

    Aiiight, I’ll be the last one rousted out my zzzzzz. Just heard Address, and a fan is born.

  • whodat?

    Curren$y ft. Wiz Khalifa “Scaling The Building” http://usershare.net/kyks8bwtzblz

  • keke

    can somebody please gimme the download link to “Smoke N Maintain (in & out)

  • keke

    can somebody please gimme the download link to “Smoke N Maintain (in & out)

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