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Drake – 9am In Dallas Freestyle (prod. Boi-1da)

blame it on Meka May 20, 2010

Apparently this was done just a few minutes ago.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – 9am In Dallas Freestyle (prod. Boi-1da) | Mediafire
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  • MJD



    Drake is Drake, same flow same content. It is what it is.

  • uzi

    not bad

  • Marcus B.

    I know people who dislike Drake are about to come in and bash but I fucks with this heavy.

  • just kenny

    My main problem with Drake is that he doesn’t seem to diversify his subject matter as much any more. That said, this is sick if you take it as it is.

  • talent

    I thought this was dope.

  • Vic D

    He been failing lately, but he went in on this

  • jcharades

    bout damn time…better than his usual shit

  • Comeback Season 2

    ^^^ A good idea.

  • It’s good to know he listens to the critics and addresses ’em…

  • Boomerang Slang

    yea this shit is hard. the best boi-1da beat i heard thus far

  • lovsicfrs

    What is this beat…

  • whodat?

    this shit is dope

  • KC_Mafioso

    Dope ass freestyle(pre-written of course)

    Thank Me Later BITCH!!!

  • Jay-Z

    my artist J. Cole>Drake,thanks for the hook tho

  • Ralph

    its cool

  • JM


  • Buckwheat

    Drake keeps dropping that heat about livin the superstar life that teenage kids can relate to!

  • eddyp21

    first … ehh its good

  • Chris Tucker

    YMOE = Young Money Over Everything

  • Mr.Schein

    Sorta Dope…..

  • sincere

    shit is dope

  • Iamthenewblack

    I fuks wit it

  • first!!!!!!!!

  • dope beat.
    dope drake.

  • #Niceeeeeee

  • _unkn0wn_

    This is what im talkin aboutt

  • To answer Drake’s question from the song: yes this is the music I want

  • WNTD3

    I fuckss with this ….

  • YoungB


    Just curious if this is Blackberry Freestyle or Freestyle freestyle? And if it is Blackberry freestyle, we should come up with a different name 4 it, cuz i don’t think it qualifies as FREESTYLE

  • Yuckmouth

    People, there is nothing Freestyle about this. SMH.

  • Insert Name

    you don’t get a present for getting As and Bs in school…or for doing chores at home…

    glad to see he’s back on par.

    @ young b : why don’t we just go by the old school definition for this one?


    if drake actually releases more stuff like this with actual meaning he might be on to someting… but i doubt this is a freestyle

  • This is straight fire!

  • ill cosby

    i love how they labeled this a freestyle when you can tell this shits definitely a throwaway from tml.

  • ill cosby

    regardless, it was good though..

  • Chris Tucker

    I’m sure Jay-z is sitting somewhere wishing he signed DRAKE.

  • dxc-j.jack

    Good shit Drake,
    watch out for Big Sean (my favorite rapper), lol

  • Knando

    Nohomo, but…. This nigga always does shit like this. Everytime you come to the conclusion that he’ll never be the same artist influenced by artists like LB he makes a track like this. He’ll be back with singin’ ass songs next week though so fuck it.

  • Jafer

    seems like he’s off beat for the first minute… the rest of it is hot though.

  • yungbull

    cant wait for lil b to get on this beat an MURDER it

  • olugbam


    this is the drake we miss

  • i think alot of ppl DONT understand what the term “freestyle” means it means free of style which means u just pick up a pen and go no subject just real rhymes and whatever u come up with…do your research kids.

  • Lol co-sign ^

  • ^ @ knando

  • who cares who

    lol at people thinking rappers be going off the top in their freestyles. BDK knows the truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5egwRoiFe4


    man, is anyone else real bored with his rhyming style? he is making words rhyme but he has no charisma, he’s not sayin anything. i don’t expect him to be political or anything, but at least have some punchlines or say something clever.

    also, dudes voice is just annoying. i don’t even hate, i listened because i hoped it would be good

  • Really feeling this one.

  • gghh


  • eBagatron


  • markeith504

    freestyle? hardly. no one does that anymore haha, this sounds like everything else he puts out. elzhi>j. cole>drake. and whats up with those tix to that ucla reggae jazz fest

  • markeith504

    lol at yungbull, that comment made my day

  • woahh

    just when you thought drake went 808 on yall…..i like rappers with different flows….i dont hate on the singing as long as you can back it up with lyrics like these

  • Onederin

    Better than what he’s previously done since SFG. It was Comeback Season-esque when he was doing the best rapping of his young career.

    If he actually stars switching up the flow like he did in Comeback Season AND incorporates his singing, then we might have a classic album on our hands.

  • Drew

    this is the type of shit that drake shines on!!!! yes this is what we want, just spit man..you can flow and rap with the best of em..Trust..I’m from T-Dot and you reppin Hard Drizzy!!! It’s crazy that you actually listen to your fans..Do Right And Kill Everything!!!!!

  • ItS mIkE yO

    This is tough.

  • this aint that old stuff we talking about. but it is close. can tell you back on that same track. the content is the same. but its dope, you can tell he was trying to go in with something on his heart…like back on Comeback Season when he had something on his heart to say.

    if Drake puts Phonte on a song im sure Phonte would help him get back to that old shit.

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    A brother already said this, but YEAH…it’s nice to see he listens to the critics and addresses them….NOW CONTINUES TO PROGRESS DRIZZZZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK ME LATER n BEYOND…I’am lookin forward to this kids musical career


    meanwhile niggaz still tryna figure out how to transition from underground to household name smh. btw no contest. drake>>>

  • yaowa

    on 2nd listen. not bad at all.

  • Strange Famous

    He still a young artist so he has time to develop different flows and become a better rapper technically speaking. But he is becoming a bit tedious though.

  • Wildnernessjones

    Is this what ya’ll haters wanted?!?!?!? HUH!!! (Vado voice)

    Drake bodied this shit….nigga is a young Kanye, he got this R&B shit down, but still has Bars.

  • Chuck

    that miss me track was boring as hell, not bad but boring. this is much better even though content is same ol same ol.

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Pretty sure this is a song that didn’t make it onto TML.

  • hsxh

    Love how he called this a freestyle…ahah such bullshit

  • hsxh

    if u sat drake down in front of a camera and told him to freestyle, I guarentee he would choke

  • tom

    look at yall faggots speculating on shit yall have no basis for

    shits dope

  • NYdutchmaster

    who really gives a fuck if its a freestyle or not ya fuckin losers, re-title it in your folder if its killin ya that much.

  • u can tell drake listens to the haters and i know alot of haters are liking this joint right here

  • yuppp

    “my artist J. Cole>Drake,thanks for the hook tho”

    Yes thanks for the hook is right. cuz we all know j. cole needs help with his hooks. “Who Dat Who Dat?”

  • Denzel Sausagtion

    damn he dissing Page the Toronto rapper

  • Nextstopheaven

    Co-sign all y’all who feel this joint heavy.

    Yes Drake this is what we want.

    I’m not sure what prompted or inspired this right here but this is the best I’ve heard him since Comeback Season.

    If he goes back to spitting like this then he will be around longer than the 3 years most people are predicting right now.

    This shows he could make a Comeback Season 2 as long as their is hunger and he feels like he has something to prove (again).

    Let’s see what Thank Me Later brings

  • bous

    you people questioning the “freestyle” label are hilarious. 99% of everything labelled freestyle is NOT actually off the dome. It’s all pre-written for sure. That’s just what they call it when you go in over a beat now like that. like eminem’s despicable freestyle… obviously he had that ready to go, no chance you can rap like that off the dome. it’s impossible. you can always tell when it’s off the dome.

  • Kanye East

    now this is more like it.

  • Come On J.Cole

    Come On J.Cole You Cant Let Drake Do You Like This….Get In The Studio And Make A Better Hook Man This Is Not Like 1992 Days No More And Please Come Up With A Better Hook Man…..I Feel Like Drake In The Lead Man You Need To Speed Up….Tell Jay Z To Do Some Cosigns On You Or Something… Better Yet If Jay Ain’t Helping You Out Just Go To G Unit Because Jay Z Doing You Just Like Bean…..Man Fuck You Jay

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this was dope

  • RappishWayz

    This just furthers the point that Drake knows exactly what he’s doing with these cookie-cutter singles and dumbed down lyrics.He admitted to it,I not only salute him for it but applaud it.However…fuck the money!!You’ve already got it so why not go for the gusto and give the people what they want then man?Why would you just cater to the radio if you know this is what the majority of your fans want back from you?Sing here and there I guess but damnit get back to rappin!Don’t you dare call yourself the next Jay-Z and don’t spit your ass off every time you touch the mic.Glad to see he listens to and hears his critics cuz if this is what came from it…continue.The people want “Comeback Season 2”,show these new bandwagoners why we believed in you in the first place mu’fucka.Haha.Only get one chance to do it right

  • paperplane

    smart kids who smoke weed, honour ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • RappishWayz

    And folks wonder why J. Cole got hot..cause he raps his off damn near every time,shows versatility,humbleness and different flows..aka everything that Drake has failed to show in a while.So this track was good to hear but if you know this is what we want or don’t wanna lose out to Mr. Cole(cuz I know Drake pays attention)..then you need to RAP..and rap well.Take ya time and stop listenin to the yes-men

  • RappishWayz

    ..raps his *ass off..

  • Meezy

    love this beat. crazy. Drake went in on it.

    Drake def has a flow he does best and some common themes through out his music but remember this kid ain’t even put out a full album out yet. Look at Em, or Nas, or even Hov that flow and subject develops as you mature and learn the game. The biggest test for Drake is gonna be the sophomore.


    yall goin’ ape shit for this? somebody needs to freddie foxx these wack niggaz.

  • ne…~

    This is dope dumbasses Drake > coLe. Had to say it for the cole stans.

  • ne…~

    IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? guy knows whats up… hes not out of the loop.

  • vik

    this is straight..better than the past couple releases..drake haters need to chiiiill

  • Jarvo

    Betta than the otha bullshit he been puttin out. Best rap dude eva did imo is say whats real after that he jus been ehh to me, This str8 tho.

  • joe

    whats this have to do wit dallas?

  • ne…~

    ^wow. One more thing, people need to go check the definition of a “Freestyle” Old vs New.

  • yaboy5134

    wow if the other half of the album is this good (which I doubt), which i might buy this

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    COMEBACK SEASON 2…..he maybe can still do it….he needs to link up wit Phonte again now that he’s found his “Voyce”…lol (Room for Improvement pun)…Naw but yea…FANS SINCE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT DESERVE SHIT LIKE THIS cause the EXTRA pop jawnts APPARENTLY ain’t cuttin it like that like that….so I’m excited for his CAREER, cause if the fans push for a more lyrical Drizzy…I think he will listen…HOPEFULLY….also Drake n Phonte is better then Drake and Wayne…

  • Grange

    LMAO @ buckwheat!!!!!!!

  • Nextstopheaven



    1. Fireworks (Feat. Alicia Keys)
    2. Karaoke
    3. The Resistance
    4. Over
    5. Show Me A Good Time
    6. Up All Night (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    7. Fancy (Feat. TI and Swizz Beatz)
    8. Shut It Down (Feat. The Dream)
    9. Unforgettable (Feat. Young Jeezy)
    10. Light Up (Feat. Jay-Z)
    11. Miss Me (Feat. Lil Wayne)
    12. Cece’s Interlude
    13. Find Your Love
    14. Thank Me Now

    Prod. credits will be up in an hour.

  • timothycarter

    Drake this is not what i wanna hear

  • M&M
  • Rafae Sheikh

    This freestyle is bananas! All you haters finally shut the fuck up.. thank god lol

  • Rafae Sheikh

    The tracklist looks really nice btw..

    Here’s the full thing w/prod. credits


  • Brocho Cinco

    This is the best music drake has released in quit some time. Gives me more hope for Thank Me Later

  • Funny ass big sean video. Click the name.

  • this shit is actually better than the stuff he eeleased for his album so far

  • I want the instrumental. Oh, and he went in too.

  • bigmoneyheavyweight

    maaaan he wont ever get better than “say whats real” that song MADE me a drake fan. I want that humble rap back. Where he feels out of place being famous and in the spotlight. Awkward drake > Cocky drake. Thank me Later better not disappoint. This “freestyle” was close to being on the right track for me. Do ya thing Aubrey

  • pepto

    even if its from his phone, i think this track isnt too bad.
    but i want this beat, asap.

  • THEdopeboy

    best thing from drake in a while

  • T-Dot

    BOMB !

  • beat is dope, drake is NOT

  • moe blunts

    i need the instrumental for this like yesterday, somebody make it happen asap

  • JackdaRap

    Just about everything these days are prewritten when it comes to freestyles. There are probably on a handful of rappers today who spit from da dome!

  • dope


    whatever i got, it’s clearly appealing
    these other rappers gettin that inferior feeling

    ….LOL nigga shut the fuck up

  • rick
  • Nice to see more “Rap” Drake than “R&B” Drake

  • lol

    …this nigga looks old

  • KRoc

    Can Boi-1da stop using the same motherfucking drum kit and similar patterns. Seriously this guy is just starting to seem like a One Hit (Boi) Wonda

  • realistc

    all niggas are wack ass haters!!! U say drake’s contents is all the same but if im not mistaken this niggas is not a gansta or sold drugs, no prison time, no ghetto. He spits what he knows which is money, bitches, smoke, fame, repeat. I respect that. He isnt fake! dude has bars period!

  • Busy

    this dude took off…


  • wow

    oh good drake shows up

  • sik

    this is the drake i like to hear. damnit i wanna hear the resistance so bad.

  • robertTHEallen

    Comeback Season 2

    ^^^ A good idea.

    MF_Timmy said this on May 20th, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    room for inprovement 2
    ^^^ A much better idea

  • kbonline

    This right here is better than all the singles he has dropped for Thank Me Later. Guess he was showing he still has it but for now he is going after the $$$

  • Sdot

    This is better than almost all the singles he’s dropped…Drake went hard on this.

  • I swear… Comeback Season 2 is gonna be a trending topic at this rate lol.

  • jar

    Drake shut the haters and doubters up with this one. “Is this what ya’ll want?”

  • Danny

    No internet gangster or soldier here/ just a dude tired of the slick talking internet soldiers and gangsters here/
    tell me who you like in rap if not drake/ j cole? – that boy who has to say nigga in every bar/ tell him i said i’ll battle him in a 16 no nigga or cussin’/wait i’ll leave the bar for bar killin for drake on j cole ass

    But for reall why can’t you all just appreciate talent and flow for what it is and forget for a second if the rapper has hood affiliations or not. I once lived in the hood and you can print this F***k the hood. If all your so called rappers wanted to remain hoodlums and hood for the rest of their lives ask yourself why they signed a record deal and not just relegated themselves to singing and rapping dope lines on the corner with his “dope-selling” posse.

    Get it ? They all wanna get out of the hood, so they shoot hoops, slang rap or hit the books hard with wall street dreams. Like I said earlier, fuck the hood and don’t forget what happened to gorgeous gangster, rockstar stack of far rock.

    Drake is the nicest rapper out there now. Live with it and if you are a hater like he said kill yourself. ( Forgive me Jesus for that- but i can vent too)

  • This guy Drake looks like the bizarro version of himself

  • neezyb

    He really had that Comeback Season hunger on this track that made me respect him as a lyricist. Everything from SFG up to now is garbage compared to this song right here.

  • Teddy

    Thing is radio heads really dont care what the songs lyrics are. So Drake doesnt need to produce radio hits. He just needs a catchy a hook, a catchy beat, and when it comes to the lyrics do what J.Cole do. Spit some real ass shit, but present it with some wittiness and in a way that it isnt boring. I think thats where a lot of great lyricists fall. They make a great song, but when it comes to commercial viability they dont produce tracks that are entertaining.

    This is kind of the old Drake. I just want the Drake that can switch his flow. He didnt always stick to one flow he had other flows, so far he has produced songs where you can take the lyrics out and replace every song he has ever been on since he got famous and sitch the lyrics with different beats and there would be little change. Thats what we really want.

    Also its the content. Its true that Drake has always talked about money and being famous and I cant really blame him because that has been his life. He has grown up fortunate and with his success with Degrassi he has basically lived well. So you cant blame him for talking about materialistic things. But I think Drake should at least try to expand his lyrical content.

    I’ve been a Drake fan long before lil wayne so I know he the potential to do it. I think all he needs is the push. I think the more Next Gen artists that come out, the more pressure he will have to expand himself and add more content.

  • jay

    u know i c0me t0 these post just hopeing that he has changed his style back to his 0ld days but as i was jamming his old stuff i realized drake has always talked about the same thing ALWAYS back in room for improvement it was about bec0ming famous then in the comback session it was about getting close to famous then in so far g0ne he was pretty much famous s0 most of that was about girls and stuntin now that hes famous he has nothing else to talk about but that s0 what d0 u expect we made hime like this we put him in the spotlight 2 fast and when he fails and trust he will i d0nt wish that 0n n0b0dy but look drake is just like a bigger version of a internet star he always talks about hes the most wanted and people want him 2 sell a million but afther all this tml stuffis said and d0ne wtf is he g0nna talk about tell me that……hes just an actor who got a lil famous as a rapper and it juss went 2 his head im tellin u…….wtf happened 2 ATF

  • e.madewood


  • jayzat

    this is hot, but its not like ohhhhhh shit fire its jus fire

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