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Drake – Thank Me Later (Tracklist)

blame it on Meka May 20, 2010

1. Fireworks f. Alicia Keys (prod. Crada & 40)
2. Karaoke (prod. Francis & The Lights
3. The Resistance (prod. 40)
4. Over (prod. Boi-1da & Al-Khaaliq)
5. Show Me A Good Time (prod. Kanye West)
6. Up All Night f. Nicki Minaj (prod. Boi-1da)
7. Fancy f. T.I . & Swizz Beatz (prod. Swizz Beatz)
8. Shut It Down f. The-Dream) (prod. Omen & 40)
9. Unforgettable f. Young Jeezy (prod. Boi-1da & 40)
10. Light Up f. Jay-Z (prod. Tone Mason & 40)
11. Miss Me f. Lil Wayne (prod. Boi-1da w/ 40)
12. Cece’s Interlude
13. Find Your Love (prod. Kanye West & Jeff Bhasker)
14. Thank Me Now (prod. Timbaland)

Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

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  • DreamOn


  • billcosby

    gonna bootleg the fuck outta this, then delete track 13 from my itunes

  • JJ

    nicki minaj feature has to go, and id be a lot happier

  • yaboy5134

    hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………………. NO DRAKE……… NO……… maybe im wrong but this doesnt look too good………

  • Jarvo

    Too many features imo. But this cnt be rite anyway

  • RavRav

    Meh… looks pretty good. But for some reason… I thought Eminem was going to be on it. My memory must be failing me… meh~

  • lets see…

    i like drake not his biggest fan but i am very excited/intrigued to hear a lot of these songs. hopefully it doesnt disappoint. only 1 wayne feature is interesting

  • DiggySimmons

    Meka is this actually official? or just speculation.

    Not too impressed….but i am impressed by a jay z appreance wonder wat he has to say. if hes on the album in fact at all.

  • Imagine that you could have Jay-Z, Jeezy, T.I., Dream, Lil’ Wayne, Alicia Keys and production by Kanye West and Timbaland on your debut album.. Oh wait, that’s Drake’s reality… Monstrous…

  • Justanothercrow123


  • Nextstopheaven

    Um ^^^ as much as it’s his reality, that is a lot of fucking features for your debut album. I was hoping that this would be his story that wouldn’t be bogged down by features.. Aww well.

  • Curt

    I’m soooo gassssed. This tracklist looks so sick. Drake is the best!!!!

    Drake will sell more than Michael Jackson. Not only is the best rapper ever, he’s the greatest ever.

  • I was hoping Rich Kidd would have a beat on this. The Search was a banger.

    #ComebackSeason2 <— this is what I want

  • Demetrius Pittman

    tracks 5-7 seem like fillers?? hopefully not

  • BlackMARKET

    Too many ft’s… I’ve been waiting for this one, but i feel like it’s going to be a disappointment…

  • jacob.

    psh. find your love was my fav. drake is super dope w/ rnb-esque ish. looking forward to the alicia keys cut and a couple others. otherwise i’m thinking it’s gonna be meh. that lil wayne joint is lame.

  • MC YoungMuchacho – Summer When I Rhyme

    Jonnie FTW!

  • Marcus B.

    @ Curt, Come on now….I’m a fan of Drake’s too but damn yo I’m realistic, lol.

  • me

    def. will cop this

  • Dreano

    FUCK DRAKE, FUCK THIS CD, just give me the Jay-Z track and I’ll be straight lol

  • EQ

    Who the heck is Cece?

    This doesn’t look legit.

  • gigigigigigo

    i heard in Rolling Stone magazine that he was doing a song on this album with an indie band Francis & The Lights, and wasn’t gonna have a lot of features.. so i dont know if this is the right tracklist. the other one that was leaked was wrong too.

  • Dreano

    @the convo piece imagaine if you could produce all your own songs, and have no features.. Oh wait that’s J. Cole not Drake

  • KC_Mafioso

    1. Fireworks (Feat. Alicia Keys) (Produced by Crada & Noah “40″ Shebib)
    2. Karaoke
    3. The Resistance (Produced by Noah “40″ Shebib)

    I need to listen to those tracks

  • Btw Drake announced like a month ago on Ustream that him and J. Cole plan on working together on a track, was hoping it would be on here…that would probably, FINALLY put a end to this daily C-section Drake Vs J. Cole debate

  • bluntcity

    nix the t.i/swizz beatz, jeezy, nicki minaj features and add a bun b verse onto ‘miss me’ and i wud be much more excited… i dont think this gon be better than so far gone but there will prolly be a few really good tracks

  • Funny big sean video. click the name.

  • Omar

    I heard it was 15 tracks…

  • Ronstradamus

    What happened to that “Love n Gunz” jawn produced by Tha Bizness. That joint went it

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX
  • Solar

    I approve

  • Hassan

    Man I been wit drake since Dagrassi…. He’s really slipping with this album…. It was anticipated too much for this to be it …. We’ll we will see…

  • TE

    BLAH, drakes rhymes have no longevity… maybe its because hes a had a life that is not so rapper cliche. So boring. My life story >>>>>>>>>>>>>> His.

  • OnlySoFarGoneFanOn2dopeboyz

    How come yall banned my OnlyDrakeFanOn2dopeboyz name? But I could post under OnlySoFarGoneFanOn2dopeboyz? I approve of this tracklist too

  • rockett

    Did anybody see this dude talkin bout Drake sellin more than Michael Jackson??
    Pure Dimensia ..
    Anywho, fuck the features except for Jay… He’s proven to be better off alone.
    He’s also Easily Influenced By the Niggas he’s around, which makes him Lil’Wayne Jr.
    Dope when he wants to be, and ONLY then.

  • Boomerang Slang

    looks like a big mainstream hip-hop orgy!

  • Looks cool but way too many ft’s.
    [email protected] still paying nikki for a verse…

  • boston

    sorry….but this album is gunna suckkkkk…..now J cole is what im waiting for…..

  • 4 Th3 Sound

    wtf happened to Africa Bambata shit or what ever with Wayne??

  • jimedwards

    this is ass. its def gonna let down a lot of fans.

  • Bizatch

    ganna suck

  • boston


    I’m soooo gassssed. This tracklist looks so sick. Drake is the best!!!!

    Drake will sell more than Michael Jackson. Not only is the best rapper ever, he’s the greatest ever.

    Curt said this on May 20th, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    you are extremely gayyyy…..you have to be a rookie….research the word “HIPHOP”

  • M&M

    @4 Th3: It’s now “Miss Me”

  • Tommy F

    so much for a track with Sade…

  • ItS mIkE yO

    Oh boy this is looking like a typical mixtape success and album fail artist.

    Kinda like Fab recently…

  • 1woRd

    please get the fuck outta here with that best rapper ever shit…have a little respect for the people in the game now and previously who truly did this genre justice..do research for you make ignorant comments like that. SMH

  • WPG

    Fab can’t quite get the mixtape success part right either


    so much for that dre and em track knew it was to good to be true

  • Mike

    album should be called “drake & Friends”……….

  • Rio$

    there’s gonna be hella ppl bugging me to get this for them( alotta ppl still dont know how to bootleg music) drake’s a fag but he’s gettin me paper atleast

  • MrCrockett

    i want pilot talk

  • Mic Sorc

    Is this the BET Awards seating list? WTF is up with all the features…..

  • nunya

    damn songs aint even come out yet and somthin gotta be wrong wit em…smh yall just wait



  • M&M

    Hey!! Where’s “The Two f. K-Os”??

  • BLAH

    Way too many features, Over is garbage and overplayed, minaj is gunna ruin track 6, and find your love is a failed attempt at sounding like Kanye on 808, but other than that this might turn out to be a decent album.

  • Kid_Prince

    So, “Drake – The Two f. K-Os” will probaly be a bonus track I guess



  • I’m actually disappointed that there are no Slum Village, Little Brother or Dwele features on here being that he loves them and that he use to rhyme like Phonte.

  • Rick J

    @SIXXSTARZ: Lmao!!! WOW!

  • DP

    i don’t like the nicki, swizz, or jeezy features. too many features for a debut if you ask me but we will just see how this one turns out

  • dunk

    toooooooooo many guests.

  • i’m pretty hyped for this album…i’m a huge Jay fan so i can’t wait to hear that track…Drake is “that man” right now, but then again everyones gassing him up for being dope before even having an album, um hello…thats how everyone started off…dont be too quick to hop on someones cock without even getting a piece of their debut ALBUM, let alone the tracklisting and features..smfh

  • yaowa

    basically a compilation album. whatta shocker. its gonna be average. thats a given

  • yes man

    illmatic, reasonable doubt, man on the moon, ready to die … : one featuring.
    U shit is already fucked lil jew.

  • Lol @ Mic sorc……I’m sure this tracklist will shut down the “once” Drake fans like myself that was hoping he would go back to his Comeback Season style, fact that he’s featuring Minaj let’s me know its gonna be a bunch of cliche generic shit on this album, and Jay-Z aint said nothing new in 3 years…oh well, we still got Lazers and J. Cole’s debut to look forward to

  • Chris_Martian

    DRAKE SON ,check :

    RETIRE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR J COLLE WILL DESTROY U + UR UGLY FACE ,drake + drake ugly face = lady gaga + lady gaga ugly in general (lol i’m like a 6 years old fucking yeah)

    man,are u kiddin me¿¿¿¿ this is the best shock against the floor in the history,trust me . drake,run ,son,run ,u can be a star of a 1 super single “BEST I EVER HEARD” and live a happy life fucking 353253 groupis,isnt a bad plan!


  • bnease

    This tracklist bores the hell outta me.

    And 2 The Convo Piece, Ma$e debut album “Harlem World” had a way sicker lineup than “Thank Me Later”

    Puff, Lil Kim, 8Ball & MJG,Jay-Z, Busta, Kelly Price, 112, DMX,& the Lox….then add in the Neptunes & JD ontop of his in-house production. So I’m not that impressed by WC Jimmy’s features.

    IMO “Thank Me Later” looks (Huey from the Boondocks voice) “Ehh”.

  • HollywoodSwick

    This looks really good!




  • This shit gon be nice yo! He got almost everybody on here that niggas only dream about workin wit and this is his debut…DOPE!

  • Looking forward to this no matter what. In the meantime, I have my Reflection Eternal and Distant Relatives. Click my name.

  • KRUE “next in line” coming soon! YOUTUBE THE “KRUE EPK” learn about the rise of the newest west coast hustla featured in march @ http://www.dashadyspot.com

    oh and drake does it for the bitches well, so whatever he a sanger not a rapper,

    fuck your life

  • AHowe303

    what happened to the track/s he was gonna do with Danny! ? the album doesn’t even feature a danny! beat… also i thought there was gonna be a cudi feature but *shrug*

  • CX

    To me Drake lost his identity as an artist. From “I stay away from niccas that can land me in some trouble” to “I’m easily influenced by the niccas I’m around.” Half your debut album is features, and not just regular features, mainstream features. What happen to him workin with artists like Slum Vill and Lil Brother? He veered off the path he originally started on and it could have a serious adverse affect on his longterm career. But it’ll sell off hype alone, kinda like Carter 3


  • AHowe303

    Charles Hamilton & J. Cole’s debut albums>>>>>>>>>this

  • Nas said it best “My first album had no famous guest appearances, The outcome, Im crowned the best lyricist”. To many features but I know Jay’s first album had a lot of features and he turned out ok!

  • Platinum in 2days , maybe 1! Boi-1-da is a incredible producer too!

  • ZAY


  • illWILL

    dude FUCK USHERSHARE, giving me viruses every day fucking shit…

  • enrico

    where’s D10?

  • Boomerang Slang

    @ yes man
    “illmatic, reasonable doubt, man on the moon, ready to die … : one featuring.”

    reasonable doubt had like 5 features! get ur facts straight, tryin to act like u know the classics when u dont know shit

  • Can’t wait.

  • oh, and Reasonable Doubt definitely had at least 6 features. #justsaying.

  • jay

    Bro if he uses the muse sample for (The Resistance) and d0es it justice i just might hope back on drake i mean look a congradulation

  • Cameron

    Where is Danny! ? I swear he was supposed to be featured on this album

  • Brocho Cinco

    I was waiting on this tracklist for a while, and it is kinda disappointing. In the 187848945 interviews leading up to the album release, Drake talked about working with Dre, Eminem, Andre 3000, Kid Cudi, etc. Why talk about working with this guys if they aren’t on your album? I’m still looking forward to the album tho. The tracks that I’m waiting to hear are Light Up feat Jay-Z (hopefully a blazing song), Fancy feat TI, and Unforgettable feat Jeezy. Wait for the album to drop before deciding if you like the album or not just because of a few sub-par singles.

  • ZAY


  • DiggySimmons

    reasonable doubt had 7 features (lol), but 2 were for choruses like mecca and m.j.b , when rappers were used i think it was well spaced out, and u gotta hear what jay was about , u dont remembe the album for the features, i hope drakes album doesnt get drowned in “singles” with features and instead sounds like a real album that is about drake.

  • GrimE

    wackness… lack of originality tries to sound like lil wayne too much

  • ProjectZero

    I like Drake but why are mainstream cats so Dame predictable?! He has the buzz that he could get underground producers and more indie MCs like Little Brother and Slum Village on his album and it would not hurt his sales or his mainstream appeal but yet these dudes go the same old route with the Feat nothing special.

  • 2 by himself? funny, i could’ve sworn that was 7 up there. Production credits don’t coutn as features man.

  • Mohammed

    Kanye also produced Show Me A Good Time and Francis and The Light produced Karaoke.

  • CustersLastStand

    Too Many Goddamn Collabs
    Drakes Album, instant classic?

  • Rezo

    1. The cover is awful
    2. The features are not exciting
    3. There is too many features
    4. The songs that have been leaked are average at best

    What does all that mean? This will be another case of an average album getting classic album exposure, radio play, and sales. Then J. Cole will drop an album that is far superior and sell not even half of what Drake will. It’s ok though let Drake have the mainstream, the people that really matter will respect J. Cole as an artist a lot more.

  • when does this shit leak early so I can check it out?

  • Fredoooo

    Didnt Drake Say That he Recorded a Track With Dre Nd EMINEM?

  • Stop DICKRIDING J Cole

  • Rezo

    ^^ It’s called lying to build up buzz for his album.

  • The Game

    I highly doubt that this is the tracklist

  • Dfrye

    Tracks 1-14 look…….terrible.

  • Rezo

    J. Cole and No ID > Drake and Boi-1da

  • prk

    this looks like a fail waiting to happen. will drake fade away once this album bombs? or will cash money buy 500k records a claim its not a flop, it went gold?

  • Sleepy

    Damn, I was hoping that Em and Dre track would be on there.

  • STFU rezo….THis Tracklist is Fake….

  • Rezo

    LOL @ you crying it’s fake. You only WISH it was fake.


  • Rezo

    Once again….

    J. Cole and No ID > Drake and Boi-1da

  • its Real…. Go Here http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1639694/20100520/drake.jhtml
    Atleast hes collaborating with these artists.WTF are you doin Besides Dickriding That Ga ass nigga
    JCole = Shit

  • Mike

    ^^^^^^^^ i agree…

  • cam

    where the fucks that at???
    anyway ill base my true opinion about drake once i hear this album… so till then drake is another rapper ta me…

  • KC_Mafioso

    1. Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys) (Produced by Noah “40″ Shebib)
    2. Karaoke (Produced by Francis and the Lights)
    3. The Resistance (Produced by 40)
    4. Over (Produced by Boi-1da & Al-Khaaliq)
    5. Show Me A Good Time (Produced by Kanye West)
    6. Up All Night (feat. Nicki Minaj) (Produced by Boi-1da)
    7. Fancy (feat. T.I. & Swizz Beatz) (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
    8. Shut It Down (feat. The Dream) (Produced by 40 & Omen)
    9. Unforgettable (feat. Young Jeezy) (Produced by 40 & Boi-1da)
    10. Light Up (feat. Jay-Z) (Produced by 40 & Tone Mason)
    11. Miss Me (feat. Lil Wayne) (Produced by Boi-1da & 40)
    12. Cece’s Interlude (Produced by 40)
    13. Find Your Love (Produced by Kanye West)
    14. Thank Me Now (Produced by Timbaland)

  • Forever was just a single and it was on eminems Album Relapse-Refill

  • Nextstopheaven

    Smh @ this track listing full of features.

    Anyways, the full production credits here:


  • reelhiphop

    Gonna have to trim through this one..probably only a couple quality tracks

  • shay

    album is ok, thought “The Winner” and “overdose” would probably be on it. The artwork still needs help.

  • the people


    1. Female Anthem #1
    2. A Song For the Ladies
    3. Female Anthem #2
    4. A Song For the Gay Niggas
    5. Dope Beat, Poor Rhyme Scheme
    6. Bitchez Wanna Fuck
    7. The Only Reason Im Famous
    8. Female Anthem #3

    and @Curt….u be on drakes dick more than them bitchez,

    real talk grab the reflection eternal before poppin in that drake shit

  • D. $cience

    Thoughts…This will be the album that will officially kill traditional hip hop and push the new “R&B Hip-Pop” further down our throats.

    Opinions…this album is going to be So Far Gone 2 with more features and original tracks. Hell, I think So Far Gone is overrated and sorry as f***, but hey, just opinion.

    Bueller…I’d rather watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the middle of the freeway naked with chancletas on than listen to anything Drake-related.

  • dat nigga


  • Doja

    I refuse to give a nigga my full attention especially with a track called “Who Dat” I expect shit like that from Gucci Mane and Southern rappers but nigga be creative and the fucking hook was ASS!!.. Fuck a J. Cole, I got that 9am freestyle in Dallas on repeat. THANK ME LATER FUCKERS!!!!!

  • if you dont like drake why are you in here?.if any of dont like drrake why are you in here?

  • waaaay 2 many features for me.. Fashawn made a classic 2 me w/out all the help..

  • killjoy

    reasonable doubt actually had 8 features.. na i’m just kidding.

  • D. $cience

    Fredoooo said: “if you dont like drake why are you in here?.if any of dont like drrake why are you in here?”

    Well damn, I didn’t know the comment section was a secret club where I or anybody else can express their non-dickriding opinions. I have the right to comment on this, I don’t give a f*** what a Drake stan got to stay. I have the right to say Drake sucks on a Drake post just as much as I have the right to walk up in McDonald’s and scream “Burger King is better, f*** McDonald’s” n***a.

  • yur a DIcK rIDING FAGOT Either you like his face or wanna be wit him cuz you dont like drake nd yur in a drake post

  • jmar23

    ok i havent commented in a while, but i have something to say.
    yall need to be set straight.

    first off someone clarify for me, why does everybody complain when drake has a lot of features on his album when jay z’s blueprint 3 has so many features and all of yall hopped on the bandwagon real quick when it dropped?

    and can yall please stop complaining saying all drake talks about is being a star and haters and things of that nature, but as soon as your favorite rapper starts making songs about shooting somebody in the head you think its dope.
    drake talks about life, the rappers you like are talking about life. just because hes not talking about street life doesnt mean that he loses his credibility. he still has a great flow and says things that make you think. everyone on here is making it seem like hes jumping around saying things like the ice in my teeth make the sun glisten or something like that. hes still spitting good metaphors and such, so why the hate? dont come in here and be like “fuck drake, hes garbage and says the same thing”. thats not true. and why dont you wait until you here the album to judge. dont judge an album by a tracklist that may not even be official

  • red-one

    i like drake, but i think his album gonna suck….i hope it won’t…


    jmar23 ..i agree fully

  • I
    AGree Jmar23

  • macattack

    @ Nextstopheaven Debut albums usually have a decent amount of features so people will actually look at the album and it helps them get sales by the way. And its half and half so thats not bad,if you think it is why don’t you see Games features he has on every album.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    “Fredoooo said: “if you dont like drake why are you in here?.if any of dont like drrake why are you in here?”

    Well damn, I didn’t know the comment section was a secret club where I or anybody else can express their non-dickriding opinions. I have the right to comment on this, I don’t give a f*** what a Drake stan got to stay. I have the right to say Drake sucks on a Drake post just as much as I have the right to walk up in McDonald’s and scream “Burger King is better, f*** McDonald’s” n***a.”

    Yup: http://i754.photobucket.com/albums/xx183/bennyb973/Co-sign.gif

  • stan lee

    alot of silly ass niggas on here but im interested in the album even more because of the features and im also happy that boi-1da and 40 are producing the bulk of the album

  • hmmm wat ever happened to “Fall for your type”? i woulda loved to hear the full finished track

  • kidadonis

    Just looks like Attention Deficit on Crack without songs talking about stuff like Shades or 90210 etc.

  • kidadonis

    Excuse me, REAL things

  • monroe

    looks like alot of r&b. looking forward to jays, nickis and tips features. hopefully those are hip hop.

  • monroe

    @kidadonis. u already know man. u should know by now how watered down and content-less artists get after being YM for a lil bit

  • monroe

    @JJ hahaha! nicki would eat jeezy

  • JackdaRap


    Stop complaining about the number of features that will b on the album. If you look at the majority of CDs that have come out from rappers over the last 8-10 years, their debut albums have a large number of features on them….Take a look (Do a little research before jumpin out there wit silly comments)

    50 Cent 1st album = 6 features
    Drake 1st album = 8 features
    Rick Ross 1st album= 13 features
    Young Jeezy 1st album = 11 features
    Kanye West 1st album = 13 features
    T.I. 1st album = 9 features
    Clipse 1st album = 16 features
    The Game 1st album = 11 features

    Jay-Z had 8 features on his debut album and that came out in ’96!
    (just to name a few)

  • Nitto

    @Jmar23 you hit it right on the head…

  • album cover is garbage_ really thats all he could come up with_ with that album support it better be a classic_ doubt it

  • Pssssst

    album cover looks real fucking weak. the album itself looks like some weak sauce. features with some real corny niggas. but i know this faggot ass niggas going to sell off the strength of the homo population that actually spends their dollars on niggas with the corniest auras. wheres max b?

  • Boomerang Slang


    i didnt like blueprint 3 either

    and i dont like rappers who always rap about the same shit no matter what it is i.e. 50 cent

    So your comment doesnt apply to everybody hatin on Drake. I call it like i see it

  • jay

    with all this drake vs j.cole talk yall need 2 stop that cuz trust j.cole can easily turn into drake listen…..the kid has s0me g00d mixtapes is singed by a self proclamied best rapper alive has some of the biggest hype ever then when the album drops it flops well not flop but just d0nt d0 those well percieved numbers…this is a similar faith both could share and truly j.cole is not all that hyped people i talk 2 barley know he is so drake has more star power and back in the comback session days a lyricist if he takes the time 2 c0mbine them 2 he c0uld be fuckin huge but who knows….and be honest “WHO DAT” kinda sucked for a first single it sounded like some ying yang twin marching band bull ish

  • Y3K

    All this comparing shit is pointless, this will be a good album and will do good numbers. It won’t be a classic that’s for sure but it’s something to vibe to if you’re feeling slightly bitchmade.

  • Curtis75Black

    @JackdaRap, don’t forget Jadakiss !! Dealing with Drake, I wasn’t expecting too much but Damn, I wasn’t expecting all of them people.

  • Pssssst

    wheres max b?

  • jmar23

    @Boomerang Slang

    my point isnt only based on nlueprint 3. my point is also on nas illmatic or reasonable doubt or any other album that people call classic. because they basically are talking about the same thing throughout the album but nobody complains.

    and i find it quite funny how people are always going “bring back comeback season drake!” when back then he was definately talking about ONE thing, which was his ex and any other girl he had some kind of encounter with. IMO that is boring (i liked the tape though)but im more satsfied with him saying more complex thoughts other than my ex called me and i didnt answer. on comeback season he was all soft spoken, so now im glad i can hear some hunger in his songs

  • dunk

    jmar23 has valid points. i still think its too many features, especially when u add the dream & nicki minaj-they don’t even count to me, nikki raps like fire marshall bill. maybe if the quality of some of his features were better…i dunno. regardless i think drake is dope and ima support.

  • dhruv

    he def isn’t going for classic status with those features. The dream , niki mianj and young jeezy wow

  • Manxter

    i don’t see what the number of features on drake’s album has to do with anything.. but nevertheless drake should have stuck to acting on shitty tv shows. hes not a musician.

  • AMV

    actually im not mad at the features they fit in the right places if you use that tool between your two shoulders (shouts to Lucious Left Foot..yea yeahhh) …but Im just glad that wayne isnt on every other track…good look for drizzy!

  • Jay-Z

    The album wont be a piece of shit because it has so many features. It will be a piece of shit cuz its Drake

  • Boomerang Slang

    @ jmar23

    i feel u on the comeback season tip, he sounds the same to me

    but why did u bring up illmatic and reasonable doubt? im not followin ur logic. the album is gonna sell no doubt and it might turn out ok at best but it is impossible for it to be a classic

  • jmar23

    @Boomerang Slang

    im not saying it will be a classic or it wont be a classic, but my point was that on those albums as a whole they were basically talking about the same thing.

    and another thing that we should all think about on this “classic” thing. hip hop will never go back to how it was in the 90’s, so lets take the newly formed music now and take it for what its worth and realize how music has evolved. Just because an album doesnt sound like a 90’s album with 90’s production doesnt mean that it cannot turn out to be a classic in the future. for example (dont mean to beat a dead horse but) the blueprint 3 may just be average for people now, but i think that in the future people will look back and be like damn that album was a classic. thats just my opinion so take it for what it is

  • Boomerang Slang

    @ jmar23

    naw i dont think people will look at bp3 as a classic in any time period or alternate universe. but yea i agree a lil that hip-hop has changed and a classic album that is gonna sell well is gonna be very rare nowadays. but i thought Fashawn’s album last year was a classic, Skyzoo-The Salvation, Evidence-Weatherman Lp, Blu-Below the Heavens, Madvilliany, Little Brother-Minstrel Show, Elzhi-The Preface…..

  • mo3 fo


  • jmar23

    @Boomerang Slang

    since you just brought up madvilliany, i find myself finding dooms lyrics are hard to decipher. like sometimes in his song i cant figure out the message on mavilliany or any of his albums such as mm…food or operation doomsday. do you feel that way?

  • Boomerang Slang

    @ jmar23

    thats the point! thats why is so dope! lol

    DOOM is one of my favorite rappers. they supposed to be comin out wit a new madvillain album, i remember hearin some snippets awhile back but havent heard any new updates since

  • jmar23

    lol i dont get it.i try to listen to what hes saying so i can relate then im just like what did this dude just say

  • lucas

    only 14 tracks after all the hype? wtf? i expected like 18 or 19 smh

  • crackadon

    i didn’t even bother reading the comments/bikcering/arguing above me. all i know is this: keeping it 100, i used to watch Degrassi on the N when i was in highschool. i used to be all into that show and when i saw him rapping on there i didn’t take him seriously. when i heard he was trying to make music in real life, i didn’t take him seriously. the day So Far Gone came out, i didn’t get all the hype. i downloaded the tape, got blazed up and listended to it a few times. as much as (for some reason) i didn’t wanna like his music or take him seriously as a recording artist, he won me over. the tones, words, rhythms, instrumentation and overall vibe seemed so genuine to me. so heartfelt and real, something i hadn’t felt from a new rap artist in a long time. since then, he’s proven himself as the number one hyped/buzzed about artist in all of music. he knows how much is riding on this. how much the fans, critics, haters, bloggers, hood niggas, etc. expect from this. and in all honesty, this kid hasn’t failed to deliver yet. he’s no Lebron James. i have faith in him and i’m just happy his core team of 40 and Boi1da will provide the bulk of the album. a continuation of So Far Gone is all i wanted and i sincerely hope Drake created the album HE wanted to make. i’m happy for him and i congratulate him on finally getting it done. this is the first rap album i’m gonna purchase since MF Doom’s Born Like This (that was over a year ago) all features aside, i’m hyped for this shit!

  • New Money

    Drake got some bars. Wish he didnt go the poppy route liked his older shit more but isnt that always the case?Peep some dope gear for the summer found a new site http://www.sacredstitch.com

  • What @crackadon said, but adding my own two cents:

    1.) Why all the features?
    2.) Just 12 tracks?

    I’ll support by coppin’ it, but I’m not too excited as of right now. Hope things change when I hear the music.

  • Minus the not liking his music at first..and *14

  • where’s danny?

  • gghh

    looks DOPE

  • solking91

    Y no Boi-1da beats?

  • lol

    1.to many features for a debut album cuz this nigga cant carry a album on his own smh
    2.12 songs? weak
    3.generic song titles = generic songs/subject matter/rhymes/drake

    this nigga will never be good again
    he has alot riding on this album and he aint delivering at all
    pop ass act drake

    you should shut the fuck up, you drake dickriding faggot homo bitch this nigga ride drake dick harder than maliah michel smh, i know this nigga URWORSTNIGHTMARE got a vagina

  • didnt this nigga say he was going to do
    a track with Eminem?… fucking liar

  • Dav.



  • sPiR1TuaL xxx

    tracklist doesn’t really excite me.find your,over,and shut it down were good but i wasn’t feelin miss me.not a big fan of jay,t.i.,swizz,or timbaland either…..

  • RT

    Nas’s First album had 1 feature

  • Rocky Road Home

    ROFL @ the track listing…

    Just last week he said this wasn’t an album for the mainstream. Saying that this wasn’t about selling records or Billboard.
    Marketing 101 Grade A bullshit @ it’s finest.

    Especially, after all the press (via MTV and every other major web site) saying he would do the album by himself and not forcing the features if it didn’t fit, that was a lie. But hey, to each his own. 90% of Success stems from deception.

    So I can understand why his (core) fans are upset, if don’t believe me check out ATF and OVO for more reactions. I am sure they wanted to hear him tell a story, and not have to listen to a mainstream dick sucking industry party.

    The proof is in the pudding.


  • balla
  • Kanye East

    “Fireworks” fucking SUCKS

  • sik

    all these complainers and he’ll sell 800,000 first week i guarantee it. if it doesnt leak

  • sik

    all these complainers and he’ll sell 800,000 first week i guarantee it. if it doesnt leak

  • ben

    yall, its gonna be half drake signing(w/&w/o) auto-tune, and half drake spitting shit. so its gonna be nice. nicer then like 75% of the game for sure. the rest u gotta judge whether its a 4 or 5..

  • sooooooo expectation

  • sPiR1TuaL xxx

    @ sik 300k at the most.no way he doing 800k

  • music

    blueprint 3 may just be average for people now, but i think that in the future people will look back and be like damn that album was a classic. thats just my opinion so take it for what it is<< Very chilling if thats the future..but interesting thought. bp3 wasnt that bad btw.

  • RED


  • madConsumer

    I hope there are some songs reminiscent of his Slakah the beatchild and Little Brother work. Thats when Drake was (in my opinion) dope. His singing is decent (yes I wrote that, who cares)

  • cold

    damm wat happend to trey songz hes not on the album

  • martin

    Everyone is saying “where is this and where is that”, how about you fucking relax man.. Some of the tracks supposedly did not make the cut then. Shit is gonna be dope except for shut it down, find your love and that Minaj weaksauce shit. So just chill, and that cut “the Resistance” is gonna be more sort of like his Comeback Season style.

    Btw; and Im NOT a J. Col hater or something like that, but how can you say his album is better than Drizzys? You have NOT seen any kind of tracklist, only heard one track (who dat?) which was bangin’ but though not his best track ever.

  • Tomnmy F

    J. Cole remained humble, this guy has his head up his ass. He sold out, betrayed the people who got him to where he is, (us, the fans) and abandoned his roots for a slice of lil wayne fame. Whatever your opinions are on the dudes skills, i feel his content has changed since the start. J. Cole, in my opinion stayed with the formula that got him where he is. And on the “Who Dat?” criticism, although the chorus may sound ignorant and like something a “Gucci Mane” would sing, the lyrics in the verses have the classic J.Cole rhyme scheme and substance. Also, Cole said that would be the only “shit talking” track on the album and the rest would be deeper than that. so in my opinion, J. Cole > Drake, but honestly see no musical similarities between the 2.

  • deanmurdoch

    this looks gay, get some good features instead of shitty obvious commercial ones

  • FCUK

    Drake is fuckn commercial homo shit, so thanks, No.

  • Drake Fucked XXL up

    HOW ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just waiting till the ALBUM drop to see da official tracklist and see if the album is any good or not….also the way I see it…40 is better then boi 1da, and all the jawnts wit 40 on it will be decent…that’s 3/4’s the album the rest is Kanye Timbo n Swizz Beatz..so production looks good…and your fav. artist would kill for fts like this…Jigga, Jeezy, A.Keys….like…im actually tryna figure out wutz wrong?????

  • yeahhh

    anybody got word on a full version of “Love & Gunz” by Drake

  • beez

    wow almost every song has a feature. but i seriously doubt this is the official tracklist or album at that.

  • JaySole

    way too many features.

    DRAKE=LEBRON JAMES because he is overhyped and is being compared to the greats when drake doesnt even have a classic album just like lebron doesnt have a ring.

  • JaySole

    “anybody got word on a full version of “Love & Gunz” by Drake”

    I really want that track. does anybody have the full version? I thought it would be on TML

  • eddyhendergrass

    Thought he would put the “Think Good Thoughts” song on his album with Phonte and Elzhi prod. by 9th Wonder!! That would have sealed my purchase!!

  • einstein

    drake sold out before he even put out an album.

    Comeback Season is Better than anything else drake has put out and will put out.

    drake has no style or originality he’s just another radio rapper

    J. Cole > Everyone

  • tom

    einstein u basically in a post summed up all the BULLSHIT NONSENSE kind of dumbed down hip-hop-elitist mentality that ur ilk represents. faggot.

  • LEEO

    i hope Cece’s Interlude is like a follow up of Bria’s Interlude..one of my favorite tracks off So Far Gone even though its not drake, Omarion killed it.

    But other than that im just hyped for the Jay-Z feature and Thank Me Now.

  • abhishek

    ill judge once ive heard the album. im thinking its not gonna be anything special but i do think it’ll be better then average. basically for this album to be good the songs are gonna have to be better then the singles he’s put out thus far.

  • RIOT

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

  • RIOT

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

  • RIOT

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (he did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocksget that paper… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here??? Not cool!!!

    Fireworks is produced by CRADA from Germany (did songs on cudis man on the moon,d-blocks”get that paper”… ) Talented kid. Damn, 40 tryna snatch full credit here???

  • einstein

    @ tom all im saying is hip hop should have meaning to it, drake had substance with his room for improvment and comeback season mixtapes, but obviously money changes peoples direction towards music.

    This isnt hip hop its pop and r&b with a couple verses mixed in.

  • blackout


    The real tracklist and producers, comfirmed by his label and MTV

    Dr. Dre on board!!!! I’m copping this fo sho!

  • Beezy

    typical wack mainstream rap album. Features across the board….smh

  • I just think from looking at the features and titles that the majority of the songs on here aren’t going to be something new. The album looks like one party with the biggest names in rap now. No thought provoking songs, no really fresh sounding music that will start a new path in Hip-hop. Just songs that are pop enough to maintain buzz. Will the album last the test of time? Don’t think so… another classic that was left off the earlier list : Food & Liquor.

  • Ultrakid

    There’s only 8 features. Wale had way more features on his album

  • AK-47

  • Rick J

    “The Two f. K-Os” will probaly be a bonus track off the album

  • Drake & Friends Album in stores June 15th

  • YoungG

    He is only going to put out quality, and probually has a lot of great stuff for his next mixtape and album to come. He is doing like what Alcia key’s does… Great songs on EVERY album and progressively better but still always making individual one unprecedented! :)

  • Jay Daniels

    Do people realise he had more features on So Far Gone? Hypocrits.

  • Jay Daniels

    Even comeback season.

  • GR

    Yea i really wanna hear the k-os track. But iunno, lets go see whats happenin. This thing is gonna blow for sure, good or bad

  • Peedee

    This Shit Gonna Be A Quality Cd Over Looked By Its Anticipation…You Guys Are On A Site Saying The Cd is Gonna Be Stupid By Reading Words….SMH If Ya Dont Have Shit Good 2 Say Go Fuck Ya Self…HATAZ

  • jayy

    *edit, dream will NOT be on shut it down, and its called (lay you down).

  • Clint Chudyk
  • Drakespeare
  • Jayda


    http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HIP HOP

  • monroe

    im listening to this now, ill let yall know how it is

  • lamonte

    Just listen to the while album..i bet it will sell more then a million in one week..trust


    hmmmmm we’ll see.
    not saying it wont do great, but i aint shooting for C3/Massacre numbers. maybeeeee if the white are diggin his singing but ionno.
    + its a summer release so ionnno. doubtin a quick milli tho


    *white folk

  • nino bby

    woooooooooooo album rocks


    see? ^ i bet she’s white lol




    funni how the main ppl leaving horrible comments are those who HAVENT listened to the official Thank Me Later. Listen & think before u speak.



  • Jalen Jefferson


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