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Slang Editorial: Writer Or Biter

blame it on Meka May 20, 2010

I’ll be honest: I couldn’t stay on course during this one, so I wrote whatever was on my mind.

READ: Slang Editorial: Writer Or Biter


    “…couldn’t stay on course during this one…”

    Isn’t that the case with everything u write??


    You’re constantly bantering on about whatever random ass subject that’s lodged in your head, regardless of how banal or piecemeal the thought is.

    That’s one of the differences between u and say, a real journalist/ writer of hip hop culture, say, like Scott Poulson-Bryant….

    You don’t write.

    You rant.


    Stop trying to drive traffic to your column.
    If we wanted to read “XXL”, we would have it bookmarked…

    i guess your trying to justify your existance over there by diverting readers from here to there.

    Between u and Shake, ya’ll make a complete ass of ureselves..
    being that both of you guys are known for your half ass attempt at legitimacy.

    No need to ask why I’m mad son..

    thats gettin old

  • ^wonders why this person wastes his time reading shit he doesn’t like….


    I didn’t read it.

    But I’ve read a few of Meka’s shit stained opus’ before..

    Why would I subject myself to that more than I have to.

    He’s a hack along with expired ghetto pass holder, Shake

    or as i like to call him “Shook”, the white boy…


    I just tellin him my 2 cents

  • ^aight then my point is, why you read this site then? you are clearly familiar with the people involved in it yet you clearly don’t care of them, so why you spend your time checking out their shit? doesn’t make sense. i tend to not frequent sites that i don’t care for.

  • @The Invisibles….Highly doubt either Shake or Meka care about your two cents so your def wastin your time, unless you’re trying to bait them into an argument…tho I do agree that Shake makes an ass out of himself at times,,Meka on the other hand is just Meka,,,if this were my site I’d post links to my XXL articles too even if it doesn’t work


    NahRight, OnSmash, XclusiveZone and YouHeardThatNew all post the same stuff since they’re all in the same crew. You really have no reason to come to this site.



    There isn’t any REAL reason to populate any ONE site since they ALL cop and grab the same shit.

    My point was not about the actual site.

    It’s about the 2 clowns whose insideous, divisive and ignorant remarks always deter from the good music people come here to cop.

    Ome would assume if you’re going to be SOOO CRITICAL about how an artist gets down, they would at least be good at their own individual game…

    But they are not.

    Two hacks, packed in a scotum sack.

    Give me info…not your hackneyed opinion

  • Pssssst

    @JonnieHayward Music Blog

    get off the nuts. they’re not going to put you down with the cartel you lame. thirsty ass nigga. mekas forever a tool & shakes a certified bitch. he reenacts the scene of buffalo bill. wheres max b?

  • DiggySimmons

    THE INVISIBLES< just a thought…but um…..eh…they probably dont care what you think. (peter griffin voice)

  • DiggySimmons

    Pssssst< lol. that was cold. zing.

  • igotthatcrack

    lol @ pssssst…how u gonna say sum1’s on sumbody’s nuts then ask “where’s max b?” at the end of all your comments lol dumbass

  • robertTHEallen

    lol @ pssssst…how u gonna say sum1’s on sumbody’s nuts then ask “where’s max b?” at the end of all your comments lol dumbass

    what he said

    i do think the articles get a bit stream of concious style sometimes though. but hell, theyre not essay, theres nothing wrong with a bit of semi on topic digression

  • Tha5ftAzzazzin

    @THE INVISIBLES Stay off the site then if you don’t like it. No one ants to see the comment thread filled wit bullshit. You’re prob an old John Mccain; can’t lift your arms up ass nigga. Prob mad cause you cant lift your own site up of the ground.

  • fat listing you admit