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Slang Editorial: Suge Knight… Damn, Homie

blame it on Meka May 21, 2010

In today’s XXL post, I rant on Suge Knight. See what I did there? Feel free to spew your shit down below.

READ: Slang Editorial: Suge Knight… Damn, Homie

  • eff

    Look man – I say this with upmost sincerity

    Is there any fucking reason why you have to use a thesaurus for every fucking line of the article?

    “Suge had to get some sort of comeuppance, and it’s seemed that karmically he’s been catching wreck in spades. Some would even say he’s long overdue for it as well.”

    Who the fuck uses “comeuppance’ and “karmically” in sentances in real lief? WHO?

    You will connect to your readers if you use real world language and writing. Stop with the bullshit. Thank you. Your fans…

  • whodat?

    meka, this shit sucks, stop clogging up 2bz with it you fucking square

  • KSEE

    Good article

  • guest

    hahahahahahahahah @eff, truth

  • Nigga Please

    Smh…niggas..comeuppance is the right word to use, maybe Mek is off point for failing to realize how insipidly ignorant you are.

    Read a fucking book.

  • Nigga Please

    And to top it all off, you misspelled life.


  • Digitek

    in addition, he said ‘upmost’ when its ‘UTMOST’ and also misspelled sentences as ‘sentances’ ..so yeah, its tough to make a point about someone else’s grammar when you can’t spell for shit.

  • lol

    Hows your comeuppance doin?

  • joe

    not bad, but u forgot about him having the two greatest killed

  • HAHAHAH HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAA i swear i just laughed harder than i have all day @eff smh i have nothing to say everybody else already said what was necessary

  • DrewDogg

    Yeah, I didn’t feel the language used in the article was challenging at all. Some folks are just dumb I guess?

  • Jeff Cone

    comeuppance.. wtf? This is the last XXL article i’m reading.

  • robertTHEallen

    people that complain about meka being articulate are the reason why the education system needs to be reformed. not knowing the word is ok but complaining that someone else can use it properly and just sad, cmon tyronne get it together

  • a fan


    Meka, how come your posts at XXL look so much like posts on Reading and Writing is for Dumb People. Same content, same day. this isn’t even the first instance.

    I initially gave you the benefit of the doubt, but there seems to be a pattern.

    i’m not going to call it plagiarism, but you’re taking too much liberty with the inspirations for your articles.

    put down the thesaurus and come up with something original.

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