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J. Cole – DJ Whoo Kid Interview (Video)

blame it on Shake May 23, 2010

Bonus footage from J. Cole’s recent sit down with DJ Whoo Kid. In which Jermaine speaks on how the XXL Freshmen nod has helped his career, joining the military and more.

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  • OnTheRun

    J. Cole – Jermaine Is Here (Mixtape) http://www.mediafire.com/?jgnzbjymivw

  • ^^everybodys already heard dat tape….*waits for NYC/BROOKLYN to show up*

  • apoclyps

    whoo kid is mad ignorant.

  • wordtobigbird

    damn hov must be putting out the smoke signals cus cole has done like eleventyhundred interviews already.

  • Jesus

    Damn, every day on every blog there is a new J.Cole Interview. Dios Mio!

  • bnyc

    I wanna hear the pregnancy song they are talkin bout in the interview

  • Rezo

    The interviews are good and all but I want some music. I know Cole said he doesn’t want to oversaturate people with music but come on he dropped The Warm Up a long time ago. He needs to drop a tape to keep his buzz like it is until the album, especially since he said it won’t come out until around August.

  • Low key, I like whoo kid’s questions but those video adlibs are annoying. Still amusing interview part two.

  • Burrrrrr

    [ D ] O
    [ R ] I G H T
    [ A ] N D
    [ K ] I L L
    [ E ] V E R Y T H I N G

  • Boomerang Slang

    dat shit shit was kinda funny lol

    and yeah J Cole is holdin on to some gems, cant wait for the album, i love his whole outlook on the game and naw we dont need another mixtape maybe jus a song or 2 that didnt make the album

  • J.Cole on tour with G-unit? hhmmmmmm…that would be cool

  • Rezo

    ^^^ Umm…no it wouldn’t be.

  • Mike

    fuck drake its J COLE


    lol do right and kill everything is the gayest acronym of all time. drake is the openly gay rapper.

  • ne…~

    ^^STINKMEANER. Nough said.

  • Abdul

    fuck is wrong with whoo kid? Ok be a homo all you like, but don’t hate on africa brother.

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Whoo Kid is an ignorant dude… fucking hilarious.

  • Bakke

    Hahah @ Whoo Kid’s ignorance! Funny as fuck!
    And yeah, word to whoever said fuck the video ‘adlibs’.. It’s an interview, not a cheap hidden camera show.

    As for COLE, he stays killing shit. Fuck another mixtape though, J’s setting things up for the long run.. Oversatuation never works in the long run, quality control and strategically timed leaks and releases does :)


    the natives are restless! you know what? I had enough. I. FUCKIN’. HAD. ENOUGH!. I can’t take it any more! this interview shows how business stupid A. Hole really is. this dude is boring and predictable. ok, what fuckin’ style does he have? who’s stealin’ his style? he’s gonna wait another three years to beef with an emcee? I guess he’s thinkin his album is probably gonna take another three years to drop. he’s basing his hype all on his mediocre-below average mixtapes. his downfall will be droppin’ his first album. he wants to come off as a lyrical artist, but he comes off begging for commercial success. he’s Jay-Z’s investment and science project. he doesn’t even know what direction he want his career taking off too. too many contradictions with this phoney absurd watermelon seed spittin’ lip individual. I never witnessed this type of propaganda promotion for an emcee that doesn’t even have an album out yet. what’s next? sittin’ on whoopie goldberg’s lap on the view, discovery channel shark week interview with A. Hole. different strokes anniversary complete dvd box set with special added interview with A. Hole and Gary Coleman. enough with these fuckin’ interviews and release your album.

  • AirRaid

    ^LMAO. Oh god, I can’t even breathe after reading that. My dude said “discovery channel shark week interview with A. Hole.”

    As talented as I think J.Cole is, I must agree with NYC/BROOKLYN. I don’t think he knows what he wants to do right now.

  • Sargewp

    Rezno stop being a hater a tour with g-unit would be a good look for him, did you see how his face lit up when whoo kid mentioned it? lmao

  • Lloyd Banks and J. cole should do a collab for HFM2