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Rock the Bells 2010 Lineup…

blame it on Meka May 24, 2010

* Yelawolf
* Big Sean
* Supernatural
* Street Sweeper Social Club
* Brother Ali
* Jedi Mind Tricks
* DJ Muggs w/ Ill Bill
* Immortal Technique
* Clipse
* Wiz Khalifa
* Murs & 9th Wonder
* Slick Rick (performing The Great Adventures of Slick Rick)
* KRS-One (performing Criminal Minded)
* Rakim (performing Paid In Full)
* Wu-Tang Clan (performing Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers)

Aug. 21 – NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA
Aug. 22 – Shoreline Amphitheater in San Francisco, CA
Aug. 28 – Governer’s Island in New York
Aug. 29 – Merriweather Pavilion in Columbia, MD

Rakim will perform Paid in Full in its entirety, the Wu will be doing Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Boogie Down Productions with Criminal Minded, and Slick Rick will perform his debut album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. And all this Lauryn Hill/ATCQ stuff URB was talmbout? Apparently not gonna happen. But then again, I’m getting my information from a friend who’s live and direct from the press conference in Hollywood, so it could change. SHAKE UPDATE: Added the rest of the lineup and you can check the official flyer here. And as you can see there are only 4 cities/dates for this year’s festival. So people outside of CA, NY and the DMV area are gonna have to make a trip. I’ll be in San Bernardino for sure.

  • Name

    Where at

  • H2H

    did they announce the dates and locations yet?

  • How Olds 15 Really?

    This needs to come to Utah!!! Sounds fresh

  • Manxter

    DAMN i gotta see this! Locations?

  • Name

    I guess not u retard. Jk lol. Seriously tho, which one would u pick? summer jam or rock the balls? Lol

  • dap

    lauryn hill and tribe would be epic!

  • hiphophead41

    rock the bells hands down.. 2 years a go i saw rage against the machine wu tang and public enemy. just for starters.. these shows are legendary.

  • isaac

    L.A. is august 21st and Frisco is August 22nd thats all i saw before the website went down.

  • ALL of 36 Chambers!? No way I can miss this. (Unless they don’t come to Florida) -_-

  • Name

    I’ll deff would went if 2 PAC or biggie were going I mean perferming. I would also go if 50 cent goes and performs grodt songs.

  • Ryuk

    Looks like im going. Chicago stop.

  • If there is no Lauryn Hill then its not worth it.

  • Dynamics

    Locations: LA, SF, DC and NYC

  • Nolan

    basically same as soundset

  • hiphophead41

    yeah right , sound set killed it. way more artists , right??

  • Rezo

    Wiz doesn’t belong, he is talentless. All the dude does is talk about weed and bitches. You can find a handful of rappers just like him in every hood. Everybody else that is part of the show actually has substance to their music.


  • 1woRd


  • @Rezo…that comment made you sound white…if you can’t relate to weed and bitches then you are non-Afro American….Wiz spits for the crackers that must be why you don’t like his shit

  • H2H

    only 4 locations? I’m in South Florida and they used to come down here every year, from 06-08. they were scheduled to last year but later fucking canceled.

    this particular lineup looks legendary, would pay good $$ to go.

  • ^^*sarcasm*

  • I def need to show up at the LA stop

  • hiphophead41

    wiz actually puts on a dope show , lots of stage charisma. plus i was high as shit.

  • Eddy b

    keep us posted!!! im feelin iffy on some of the artists but still gna go nevertheless

  • Brainwashr


  • leprechaunmafia3

    Slightly disappointing about Lauryn and ATCQ. But dope nonetheless

  • hiphophead41

    lauryn hill is perfoming in my area at a super random spot , so her not at rtb.. dah well.

  • BAM123

    I don’t think I’m happy with this lineup…:(

  • CA

    Is there only one stage this year? RTB usually has way more acts

  • Godddleeaf

    where the fuck blu & exile

  • southside

    That’s not the complete line-up, is it?

  • Godddleeaf

    realseee second stage

  • isaac

    maybe if we all bitch enough they will ad tech 9 and other artists and take off half the artist they have on now including krs one

  • Andrew

    last year 2 buddies and i drove 10 hours to Calgary to see this it was amazing… Nas, Damian Marley, Slaughterhouse, Talib Kweli, Slum Village… some sick shit

  • Andrew

    oh yeah^^ tech N9ne too how could i forget, dopest performer

  • Grundz

    They always release more and more artists as the first show gets closer. This is probably only half the artists maybe.


  • Achillez

    The press release is on the Rock the Bells facebook page. They’re only doing four cities apparently. Jedi Mind Tricks and Street Sweeper Social Club are also on the line-up.

  • Bcold5

    Did this dude say take off KRS and put on tech n9ne??? smh you should be shot

  • KF

    For those who say Wiz doesnt belong have you ever seen his shows them shits are off the wall hes next generation (Blog generation) but he does his thing great performer.

  • Billy Ocean

    Wiz Khalifa and not Curren$y is a major fail.

  • hiphophead41

    jay electronica anyone??

  • yougotrondo’d

    Why isn’t anything official up yet? They already had the release party…why can’t anything in hip hop be run efficiently?

  • isaac

    yeah i did say take KRS off and put tech9, tech is a waaay better performer and if you have gone to rock the bells before KRS is always there preaching the same shit so smh to you for not wanting to see a new artist get his shine

  • no big deal really, maybe i’ll start putting my foot in my mouth when they release the full line up
    and honestly, why do they feel the need to advertise slick, krs, and wu and them preforming their debuts? are we still bitching about the golden age?

  • “Why isn’t anything official up yet? They already had the release party…why can’t anything in hip hop be run efficiently?”

    everything in the post is official now.

  • lets see…

    great lineup cant wait to go

  • Dizzy

    Definitely will have to make a trip to SF

  • robertTHEallen

    All ages? LETS FUCKIN GO

  • smiley619

    WHERE THE FUCK IS SICK JACKEN?????????????????

  • southside

    Wow, only four cities…Reallyyyy!? Oh, and last years lineup was better. Too bad they didn’t come to Miami. FUCK.

  • Not happy with the line-up but will still try and hit the Shorline show which is not in SF (news flash)

  • JohnDank

    definitely hittin up the san bernadino show,only like 30 min away

  • i’m keeping some hope that the Lauryn rumor is true, and they’ll surprise us.

  • Jimbo

    Atm this is kinda underwhelming…

  • DaMan

    Lineup seems really wack, I definitely wont be wasting money on this garbage. The only good rapper there is Wiz Khalifa, everyone else is either a nobody or a has-been. Where are the good/talented acts like Young Money, especially Drake and Nicki? or Jay-Z? or B.o.B.? or T.I.? or Ludacris? or T-Pain? or Rick Ross? or even 50?

  • JohnDank

    ^^ lol u seruius. fuck young money,nicki,t pain(even tho i bump his shit),ross << i wouldnt spend my money on there garbage asses.

  • BAM123

    @DaMan Feel free to get hit by an airplane

  • @DaMan those artists you listed have nothing to do with what Rock the Bells is about.

  • DaMan

    You guys do realize that off the internet only about 5 people care about these people, right?

    In ten years nobody is going to remember 80% or these people. Lil Wayne, Drake, and Rick Ross are immortal. Ya’ll can just sit here and act like you hate them, when you probably all secretly bump their shit all the time. Just because he’s old doesn’t mean you have to pretend to like KRS-one

  • hiphophead41

    @ da man , by your logic nickleback is amazing and the beatles are nobodys

  • hiphophead41

    a rick ross vs brother ali cypher would leave ross with a very confused look on his face.

    i’m surprised fashawn isnt on the roster.

  • DaMan


    Not really considering most people today will say they like the Beatles (or at least enjoy some of their music), even though they weren’t around when they were performing/alive (R.I.P. John and George). A lot of people don’t give a shit/enjoy the music of Brother Ali/KRS-One/Slick Rick/Rakim.

  • Ryuk

    What the fuck! No Chicago?! After all these years of RTB in Chicago!?!?!?! What the fuck!

  • Steve

    DaMan…off yourself with a rusty pipe

    Anyways…I would’ve liked to have seen Mos or Kweli…or Jay Elec or Nas…

    Kind of disaappointed…At least im seeing reflection eternal on the 9th of june.

  • hiphopjudge

    This Line UP SUCKS!!

  • JamesFinnaGet

    im willing to buck up dollas for this again…gotta keep the streak goin..this will be 3 years in a row for me.yessssir!

  • lineup’s not that strong as the past few years (last year’s was weak though), but it’s still solid. at least they put some nice new wave rappers in such as wiz and big sean.


  • Bill Clinton

    i think some of the comments are pure trollery and well done, but anyway…so what if some of the acts are “old”..no 1 complains when there is a u2 concert on, or a madonna concert, or pinkfloyd, hell even al green. So why not be able to celebrate the history of a genere u claim to like. shows the real fans from the fake.

  • twinkie

    bring “ALL CITY CHESS CLUB” and ill be deff be a groupie

  • Manxter

    i’ll be at the shoreline. wiz, murs, clipse, brother ali, wu-tang? shiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Bussy

    Not really a good lineup compared to previous years. Decent.

  • STR8

    Looks pretty meh outside of Brother Ali, JMT, Ill Bill, Immortal, Murs & Wu-Tang.

    So far everything has paled in comparison to the ridiculousness that was the 2007 lineup.

  • GhoSt

    mehh, this lineup is whack

  • ill be at the san bernadino show if any1 wanna get served up by the bowss

  • nate

    man @shake you had us trippin with that ATCQ / Lauryn Hill noise… i went to the RTB a few years back when tribe performed, greatest show ive ever been to (not to mention souls, de la, and others also tearing up the mic). seeing tribe once is a blessing, so i thought twice was going to be a fucking miracle!! and im sure lauryn wouldve laid it down too, miseducation will always rank among the best albums ever in hip hop

  • cityofdevils

    I just came back from the launch party and im pretty sure everyone there left disappointed..

  • StatisticZ

    Where can you get tickets? lol

  • glad lauryn aint there… bitch was off beat and off key a couple of years ago

  • since they had cube last year… they should get snoop to do doggystyle…

  • gill

    the is line up is a lil short but i dont give a fuuuck, i get here 36 chambers live, wiz n clipse r def underrated shits gunna be insane! im making the drive from van city to cali no doubt

  • hypeman

    what the fuck is this bullshit…..

  • rane

    i was at the show and it was wack only good thing was 2 of supernats freestyles yelawolf was gay and gza was boring then the dj spun for about 40 min and the show was over and every one was booing and then everyone left mad


    4 cities, really?

  • AM

    Slick Rick! but no MIA

  • stussy_kid

    damm this shit is gonna be crazy


    4 cities wow what a joke and this lineup is weak too

  • Mnimic

    Governer’s Island in New York
    im in there unless im going to be broke and wont be able to afford the tickets. lol :0
    how much are te tickets ussualy cost.

  • Mnimic


  • cityofdevils

    oh and Lauryn Hill is gonna be there as the special guest

  • Haight


  • p

    thank god SB is only 5 mins away from my house yes go southern CA

  • OGEazy

    Mnimic the tickets are pretty pricey. Last year’s event at the Jones Beach Theater was somewhere around $100.
    This lineup is eh to me just because I usually go with my friends who are huge on old school/golden age/underground and other than Wu, Rakim, and MURS there’s no one my boys will be trying to spend $100 to see.
    I personally like the line-up (and there’s always surprise guests, last year was Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes).

  • David

    WHACK LINE UP, very disappointed with this

  • D

    No Lauryn, No D.

    When she is for sure gonna be there, holla at me.

  • Gritz

    When will tickets b out?!!!!!

  • l3lackstar

    @Rezo: Wiz is dope man. The whole point of hiphop was to have fun. What makes him any different than the likes of Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg? You tell me you’d talk down to them who have the same lyrics as Wiz, but because he’s new he don’t belong? He’s dope live and brings the fun of hiphop with him rather then all these bitches who’re serious as fuck. Chill out.

  • AK Spitta

    man wtf no t.o. this year

  • cj

    lauryn did a surprise spot a couple years ago for the show in socal, her set made me throw up in my mouth

  • Cowboys1

    @blackstar: i understand what you’re saying about wiz but that doesn’t negate the fact that he doesn’t belong at this show. not saying that he is a bad rapper, just that his style doesn’t belong. personally im not a fan, and what the fuck happened to common doing resurrection.

  • dazz

    wasup with sick jacken!!! and the sick side army!!! r they performing this year to??? last year was dope!! they need to come back and put it down in 2010!!!!!!

  • PChamp


  • G$

    Chi-town????? wtf u at….????!!!

  • jew

    way to screw chicago over!! gone every year, and almost drove to new york the first year. oh well EPIC FAIL

  • G child

    damn thats a cool line up, wish they had Atmosphere their tho


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  • izak

    the dopest show ever.dealz san bernardino ca 909

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