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Kid Sister – Big N’ Bad BTS (Video)

blame it on Meka May 25, 2010


Where the hell did this broad  go?

Last week Three/21 and Fool’s Gold shot the music video for Kid Sister’s latest single “Big N Bad” all over Chicago. We went to a few popular landmarks in Chi-Town like Superdawg, Bar Deville and Markham Roller Rink in the South Side. Shout out to everyone who came through and the entire NY/Chicago production crew who pulled together tons of resources. The video is Produced by Sophia Leang with Cinematography by Sergei Franklin. Special shout to A-Trak and Kid Sister for reaching out to us.

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  • DayO

    kid sister baaaad…

  • T0KS

    Kid sister looked like a Tranny in her last video that came out a few months ago. -_-

    @ Dayo

    I do love her music

  • Ryuk

    Downtown Records lost for letting her sit the way they did.

  • monroe

    yea her album was more electronic/techno-ish than i hoped for..

  • she will be mine…oh yes…she will be mine (c) wayne campbell

  • 5

    not into the whole hipster thing, but she’s cool

  • She looks waaaayy better in pictures. Disappointed Dave.

  • dro

    thats funny i was at a rusko show about a month back in the chi right across from wrigley. and this random chick rolls behind rusko busts out two or three lines of one song, then spends the rest of her show on her phone texting or some shit. So me and my guys were like who was that random bitch? we thought she was fuckin rusko or a groupie, but no i see this video and i guess she was Kid Sister. she wasn’t all that dope tho at the show

  • AirRaid

    I swear, she looks different every time I see her.

  • Musikfiend

    She’s cute, but she’s a wack ass artist i’m sorry.

  • VL

    She’s very pretty, she could make it far in the music industry if she have the right people behind her & the right manager. *Glare at diddy*

  • yeah she’s kinda lame. took her 3 years to drop her first shit and then when it did i was like wtf is this techno shit? i love elctronica but what she does is bubble gum pop rap/techno. No bueno.