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T.I. On Collaborating w/ Lady Gaga & Eminem (Video)

blame it on Shake May 25, 2010

Clifford chops it up with MTV about his upcoming album, King Uncaged (August 17th). With roughly 80 songs in the stash, T.I. speaks on his thoughts of Lady Gaga and their song called Lick It.

“Phenomenal talent. Extremely proud [to work with her]. She’s definitely that good. She knows what she’s doing. She knows exactly what she wants people to think and say. She does everything that she needs to be done to ensure it happens. I think she’s an entertainer, in all aspects of the word,” Tip said of working with the Gaga. “She’s a classic, all-around entertainer. A global star.”

When asked about the record’s name, the King couldn’t contain his laughter. “See, this is the this. We gonna go back in and record some more songs,” he began explaining. “But the one we have right now is entitled ‘Lick It.’ I think we both have a tendency to shock the world in a lot of different ways.

He also reveals that him and Eminem are working on a record that is aimed for the club. We’ll see how that goes.

Tip says he and Eminem have grown to become good friends and they have agreed on one particular song — which shall remain nameless for now — for a duet. “It’s in the making,” Tip said of the song. “It just hasn’t been recorded yet. The song has been picked out and it’s been agreed for us to do it. We’re thinking a song that can definitely make its way to the club.”

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  • I seen but fuck all this wheres the mixtape? lol

  • Underground904

    I, too, would like to see a link for said mixtape.

  • What The

    T.I Tore Eminem A New Asshole On That Song They Did

    T.I >>>>>>> Eminem

  • HollywoodSwick

    Thats sick Tip and Em are friends.

  • DaleWillet

    they haven’t even recorded the song yet you dumb fuck.

  • HC

    Fuck Lady Gaga. T.I. don’t be dumb like Wale! You’re too southern to be with that big nose psycho.

  • Iceyjesse

    @DaleWillet he was more than likely referin to the song Touchdown that they did…..You dumb fuck

  • T.I’s “Fuck A Mixtape” is dropping in 2 days http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/11646/ti_fuck_a_mixtape.html

  • monroe

    @HC its a lil different when gaga features on someone elses work rather than her own. she did her job on that chillin hook. Nice move for Tip. Gaga will rip apart that chorus. she can be dope on hip hop songs as opposed to pop. Tip knows what he is talkin about homie

  • Yeah ya know

    50/50 chance the Gaga feature won’t make the cut. It’s just like Paper Trail all over again. Months ahead of time you start letting loose titles and some of them don’t even make the cut. Just like; I Ball, Out In The Cold, Let My Beat Pound, I Do, It’s All G, etc…And disappointed with the mixtape pushback. Getting really sick of dates being announced and then the project(s) doesn’t even drop.

  • monroe

    and Em holds his own on “touchdown” dillusional music fan (what the said)

  • ddave

    A club song. Really. Smh. That’s disappointing. They need to go bar for bar.

  • shadowsamurai

    Touchdown was a disappointment to me & this sounds like it will be too, wtf!…that was intially 1 of my “dream collabos” & they F’ed it up & i was hopin that if they collabed again, they’d right they wrong…instead they just continuing it :(

  • Quinn 013

    eminem, ti, lady gaga.
    sounds like more Illuminati propaganda on the way.
    im surprised HOV wasnt mentioned.

  • yooo the king is back… im feeling tip new shit.. he been getting kinda melodic on them hooks lately.. since ppl that love mainstream want some singing in the hooks now… check me out… im noy tryna spam 2dopeboyz… i just see alota other cats posting links 2 http://usershare.net/rtt3sx4aghlp

  • Jay-Beezy

    TIP ripped em a new asshole cause Em was so far into drugs he couldn’t write shit. Even he admits that verse was wack as shit.

  • BeyonceLovesMe

    @ispicey, your Lady GaGa mp3 ringtone you asked