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Eminem – Recovery (Tracklist)

blame it on Shake May 27, 2010

The artwork came out a few days ago (alternative version can be seen here). Now here goes the tracklist (via the house that Paul pays for) for Eminem’s upcoming album.

1. Cold Wind Blows
2. Talkin’ 2 Myself f. Kobe
3. On Fire
4. Won’t Back Down f. Pink
5. W.T.P.
6. Going Through Changes
7. Not Afraid
8. Seduction
9. No Love f. Lil Wayne
10. Space Bound
11. Cinderella Man
12. 25 to Life
13. So Bad
14. Almost Famous
15. Love the Way You Lie f. Rihanna
16. You’re Never Over

While it’s definitely not what the fake tracklist showed, what are y’all thoughts?

  • 1

    wtf pink??????/

  • igor

    Rihanna! Pink! Ok, i still wait 4 this album..nyt damn! Relapse was much better, i think. Peace from Russia, 2dbz.

  • George Clooney

    I was going to exclaim the same. I’ll do it anyway: Pink????

  • JebusJuice

    All the songs with features are clearly single material.

  • G

    wut da hell r these features?! cmon em, that’s a big fuckin fail!

  • Yup

    damn 50 really fell off…he can’t even get the pity feature from Eminem…& lol @ ppl mad cuz no d12 feat…c’mon they suck

  • Your Father

    Whoa dude.
    I thought D-12, Ca$his, Dr Dre, Drake and Slaughterhouse were gonna guest on this.
    Damn Shady…

  • Chi2LA23

    Damn this is weird. Hope it’s fake.

  • ck47


  • Yup

    do yall know once a tracklist come out the whole album start leaking one by one

  • RIP

    guess they are really trying to sell with this album. and who gives a fuck if d12 and cashis are missing, they are trash anyway

  • TXM

    sounds dope. no 50 lol

  • TE

    We all no Track number 2 is a Khalil track. Fail at the features.

  • Tiago

    Looking forward to hearing some new Eminem.
    Hope it’s more ‘Careful What You Wish For’ and less ‘Taking My Ball’ type shit.
    *Anticipates overzealous kids to geek out over the tracklist*

  • Els

    Sounds kind of wack, not gonna lie.

  • OnTheRun

    get little wayne and pink off of this right now

  • Mono

    What a huge disappointment! Pink? No wait a min, let me read that again..scrolls up *looks*…PINK??? This is some crap! I can deal with Wayne and Rihanna but PINK? She has a huge beefy camel toe that hangs down like roast beef curtains… eww

  • On34

    No Love, could REALLY drop some jaws.

  • martin

    IMBA features. Why no Dr. Dre or somethin.

  • Chris

    this album is going to be good you can say watever about the features im sure pink will be on the chorus you want to have some interesting features like that and see what you can do with it. he wants to make more of a serious album where he shows he can make nothing but good songs look at B.o.B his album had people like hayley williams (of paramore) and rivers cuomo those are unexpected interesting features and the songs they were on were fucking dope and some of the best songs on the album

  • drtizzzzy

    3 tracks for the mainstream so he sells 2 million+…. rest of the album for the lyrical fiends.

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    Idk about this

  • b


  • Carson

    Seriously, Pink isn’t Brittney Spears or some American Idol or KeSha type shit. Has her own style. Even if it isn’t your type of music she’s not wack. Could be an interesting collab. Give shit a chance. Damn.

  • Eddy K

    pink is cool, rihanna isnt a good look, but where’s Royce da 5’9″????

  • Shooter Mcgavin

    kobe bryant track will be fire

  • drtizzzzy

    who’s kobe?

  • tunji

    i’ve heard the Pink record and it’s dope as fuck. hard as fuck. nothing to worry about.

  • Mitch

    This is wrong also. 50 cent is on this album.

  • feining liquor often

    was really hoping for a slaughterhouse joint.

  • jadaafa

    when the mmlp dropped people frowned at dido

    this could be another genius move

  • Mark Twain Fame (MTF)

    Kobe is a r&b cat, does hooks mostly…he did was on Fabo’s “Imma Do It” prod by DJ Khalil…who’s a beast on the boards so that song has to be somewhat dope.

    I aint trippin over the Pink & Rihanna features either…prob small hooks they singing and that it.

    so besides those 3 feature hooks and Wayne, he’s all by himself after that. Thats dope.

  • Y3K

    It ain’t Bryant… It’s the Kobe that sings the hook on Fab’s ‘Imma Do It’…

  • Rio$

    i think it’s kobe from –> Fabolous feat. Kobe “Imma do it”

    wayne and the rest of the features ruined it from me

  • Rio$

    apparently the 3 of us were thinking about that track at the same time LOL

  • Y3K

    LOL damn

  • drtizzzzy

    ty for the info boys. i know exactly who youre talking about now. he went pretty hard on fabs album.

  • Looking forward to the music…the collabs look wierd next to Em, but it can def. be interesting…Click my name to hear dope music from Street Poets Ent.

  • David

    Oh shit. Can’t wait to hear the production from Just Blaze! In other words, first day purchase for me..

  • Rihanna, Pink and Wayne make this a no go. Off the break I don’t really wanna listen to those 3 and with “Not Afraid” being booty cheeks that only leaves 12 tracks.

    Titles aren’t always a reflection of the songs, but if these are, then Recovery just dropped off my anticipated list.

    p.s. I had a feeling that we’d never see that Em/Slaughter track. Seems like most things that Just Blaze touches stays unreleased for years.

  • nojojosimmons

    LMAO @ niggas thinkin KB24 on Ems album hahaha

  • drtizzzzy

    hey pope way to be as cynical as possible!! i’m sure you’re a happy person.

  • Mark Twain Fame (MTF)

    ^^^ like I just said ha

  • WorldCrysis

    It is not kobe bryant, it is kobe who sings on Fabolous My Time.

    Back to the tracklist

    OMG OMG OMG! you know that this Cinderella Man track will be on some Till I Collapse shit! yesss!

    WTF is up with all the Pink hate? SHe is dope. She is basically (or once were) an Eminem of punk-rock. She is original and she can sing.

    Lil Wayne joint should be the best verse weezy had in a while. Im sure eminem outshines him though

    I was really hoping for a Ludacris feature. whatever

    D12 and Cashis? who the fuck cares, they are wack!

    No dr dre? HURRAY! That nigga done proved to us that he is a) a bitch (for detox delays) b) cant make beats (realapse). He probably pushes his shit back because Detox sounds EXACTLY like Realapse, dont you guys get it??

    Rihanna feature is suspect. I mean she can sing but tracks with her usually end up popish and corny. although run this town was dope, but you still got ti’s live yur life.

    Not Afraid was dope so I hope for the better. Eminem is exact opposite of what DRE is, he never ushes back his shit once he announces precise date and he dont give a shit about sales. radio dont play eminem anyway

  • 2

    ^ WORDDDDD, something from left-field, def. a good look though.

  • Dred

    Looks like a tired 50 cent tracklisting and SMH @ no royce track. The only saving grace on the robin and pink joints is justin producing them.

  • Drico

    I like how there is not many features, I wanna hear all Em. The Pink feature isnt all that odd to me considering he featured Dido on the MMLP. It looks dope ,but it is just a tracklist

  • U.K

    looks good the less features the better, not sure of what to think of the pink feature tho

  • A. Davis

    (Big Daddy Old Man)

    Hell Yes!! I HAve Been Anticipating This Shit Since I Heard The Skit On Relapse.

  • markebee

    dont doubt the pink track it good be amazing. just like b.o.b and hayley williams no one saw it coming.

  • Makaveli


  • HipHopDoc

    The fake tracklist was wayyyyy more exciting LMAO

  • smiley619

    kobe was on the hook for…
    fab- imma do it
    jim jones- love me no more
    mitchy slick- aint my fault
    xzibit- gotta get em
    evidence- all said and done
    clipse- there was A murder, footsteps

    kobes hella dope

  • kroY weN

    Kobe is dude from fabolous song “Imma do it”
    Lol did some of you really though it was kobe bryant?

  • this looks pretty cool… idk about Pink but fuck it lol

  • kroY weN

    by the way is this Em’s last album? or he might still drop album or 2 in couple of years?

  • Nas is awesome

    When is it dropping?

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    kobe bryant track will be fire
    Shooter Mcgavin said this on May 27th, 2010 at 4:18 pm

    but a remember Kobe had this song with Tyra banks lmaoooo


  • Proove


  • OGEazy

    Wow I thought only sorority girls listened to Pink.

  • @drtizzzzy

    i tried to fill my cynicism tank today in just one post. i think i did a good job. usually it takes 3 or 4 and some twitter post.

  • HomieOmey

    All the guest appearances seem pretty poppy, hopefully the album isn’t too pop

  • Gordon B.

    I’m surprised but it looks good, I’m not worried about the features like ya’ll seem to be, and there is D-12 on the album in form of a Mr. Porter beat ;)

  • FABO

    Lil Wayne this will be huge! is this the same Kobe from fabolous’ strreet fam

  • Cli-City

    Haters gonna be mad when they see that Wayne feature…..haha…..He’s your favorite rapper favorite’s rapper…

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    Kobe who? Kobe Bryant?

  • Tomnmy F

    i think the pink song is gonna be dope. its cool because they both were at their peak of their careers around the same time.

  • co-sign above about pink lol…it’ll prolly turn out to be sick though lol….this album is going to be unbelievable IMO…the rihanna feature will be interesting, as well as the wayne feature…i mean i thought “drop the world” would be shit but it definitely wasn’t…also i got my list of the top songs of the year so far on my blog

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    I can’t believe all the people who think people are serious about Kobe Bryant…

  • Mikael

    I bet the song with Pink is gonna suck. I mean, remember when Eminem featured Dido on a track? That was awful, wasn’t it?

  • sactownking916

    wow this has to be fake

  • paeh

    Talkin’ 2 Myself f. Kobe
    No Love f. Lil Wayne
    Love the Way You Lie f. Rihanna
    + Boi wonda and Jim Jonsin on production

  • JohnTiger
  • BronBron


  • caliweed

    wtf only 16?

  • caliweed

    only 16?

  • Danny

    Don’t knock it till you hear it. I actually think a Pink collabo with Eminem makes a lot of sense. Of all the female artists out there, she’s always stuck to her guns like Em and made the music she wants to.

  • donnie

    not sure its official, i cant see the album not having a 50 feature and cashis was supposed to be on it too, maybe they havent added all the guests yet? either way cant wait!

  • prk

    pink. lol fuckin eminem keeps it rollin.

  • John

    Pink is talented^, rihanna, kobe and pink will be on hooks, Lil Wayne will be godly as usual on big features and albums, and the rest is our hero..looks good

  • John

    Its official, and its 16 because theres no skits, paul rosenberg, eminem.com confirmed

  • aaaaaa

    It’s on Eminem.com too

  • Im a huge Em fan, but I have a feeling this is gonna be on some corny Not Afraid type inspirational shit.

  • Fuck outta here with that wayne collab.
    whats the point of his appearance if Em will always outshine him?

  • solace

    what the fuck

  • melosz

    the other one is def more realistic

  • Wtfrandy

    Kobe the king Bryant on here bitches that’s gonna be a crazy track but I’m thinkin em put him on here a buzz cuz he is smart more ppl will check out the cd because of the Kobe track em knows what he’s doing but Kobe will have his verse on the track ghost written by em or dre or something go lakers

  • mc


  • Jez

    Yeah, appearances by Pink and Rihanna are surprising. The fake tracklisting looked far more promising.

  • Chris Brown BITCH

    Rhinna?? ARE YOUR SERIOUS NIGGA WHAT HAPPENED TO A RECOVERY?? dam this gives me feeling this is gonna be encore good

  • gooddrinksowassup

    the fuck?? am i the only one who likes Eminem when he is rapping like a serial killer and not a pussy? why does he have rihanna and pink on here?

  • drtizzzzy

    hahaha pope it’s better/easier to get it out online than in real life eh?

  • buhnado

    eminem, if ya listenin, go stuff yaself

    where the cock is slaughterhouse?

  • Nous

    Jesus CHRIST. Wait for the SONG before you say it will suck because of the FEATURES. Dumb asses.

  • sPiR1TuaL xxx

    @ John

    I’m with you man….
    Not sure I will like Rhianna song but I’m not going to prejudge it.RECOVERY,lets gooo!

  • guest

    awww is everyone going to be okay? will you live because eminem decided to switch it up a bit and that one song features the dreaded lil wayne. get over it, your all going to buy the album anyway.


    Lmao your an real idiot dude
    Not the NBA Kobe wow
    i always cried when i read your comment lmao wow smh LMFAO

  • darryle

    Why aren’t people talking about “W.T.P.” that’s the biggest mystery here, trying to figure out what that stands for

  • Nisha

    This list definitely isn’t a fake. It’s been posted on Em’s site. And why are you people bitching about the P!nk collabo? They’re both going to kill it. Pink is the best in her field, and crazy talented. Open your minds people.

  • hang


  • 421

    i refuse to believe this

  • lechel13

    For those not ready for the Pink and Rihanna joints, if you remember Em did “Stan” with Dido and as I recall, it was pretty F-in tight!

  • yea kid


  • donnie

    i know not everyones a fan of 50, but him and em are supposed to be crazy tight, i seriously cant believe he’s not even on one track! not even a hook or nothing, yet wayne is? i wont knock it too much til i hear anything, but this is definately a ‘sell out’, if em’s such a hip-hop fan, wheres half the artists he signed to his label? where’s the people he’s been a fan of recently like b.o.b and t.i? dont get me wrong, pink’s great, but when i hear em i wanna hear a rap album, some of his best tracks have real rappers doing appearences, bad meets evil, drips, remember me, now this? hope its better than it looks

  • Purpleee

    Yo pink is the baddest white chick in pop rock music industry.
    when Ye crashed the stage on taylor Pink said if KanYe did that to her she would of fuck that nigga up on stage lmao i knew Pink is gangsta.

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    Kobe the king Bryant on here bitches that’s gonna be a crazy track but I’m thinkin em put him on here a buzz cuz he is smart more ppl will check out the cd because of the Kobe track em knows what he’s doing but Kobe will have his verse on the track ghost written by em or dre or something go lakers
    Wtfrandy said this on May 27th, 2010 at 5:04 pm


  • timmay

    If B.o.B and the chick from Paramore can make a good collab, I bet Eminem and Pink will be pretty tight

  • sssssssssss

    lol. when the drake tracklist drops y’all bitch about too many features, and with this you bitch about not enough. get it right, bitches.

  • OhSyx

    LOL @ Kobe Bryant

    Kobe did a bunch of hooks on Khalil Beats: Jim jones – love me no more, clipse – footsteps, that fab song, etc.


    How 50 Lookin Right Now I Wouldn’t Put That Nigga On My Album Niether

  • justsomedude

    we need a hip hop revolution, somebody who we all respect needs to make a bangin hip hop album again so others follow, america is falling apart, and this is the time when alot of people are going through tough times, we need music we can relate to and not bullshit rap about money and hoes, because in all honesty most cant relate to that,

    the people at the top of the game need to realize this soon, or hip hop will really die this time, i fear its to late already, even the underground scene right now is kinda weak, there is not enough diversity goin on and people are getting lazy with there music.

    what does this have to do with eminem? well he could step into this role, get dope beats for one, two stop rhyming like your a little kid with that damn annoying accent, and three put some fucking scratches on your songs, what the hell happened to the dj on songs? its like its taboo or something.

  • Dan

    Wow will you bitches stop crying? Em ALWAYS delivers. Stop being little girls and grow a pair. That Pink track will probably be another dido type of genious-ness. Rhianna and Em is certainly interesting. And I can’t wait to see Wayne get lyrically eaten alive. And Kobe is a dope hook singer. And the rest will be lyrical heaven as always.

    SMH @ people hating on the “name” of the tracks thinking it’ll reflect the song, ignorant idiots.

  • yungin


  • @drtizzzzy

    in life i have a great wife, house and job so yea, it’s much easier online lol

  • Jenson

    The fact that there is only 1 rap-feature gets me more excited than before knowing about the tracklist.
    I´m def. not missing those standard features by D12 and 50.
    I expect a dope album and can`t wait to hear the blaze-produced tracks.


    damn you niggaz spoiled, yall need a couple beatings in yall lives, let some shit leak before you start bitching smh.

  • Still Afraid

    the cover and track list looks like some underground rapper signed to indie label and dropping some hot ish
    im not saying anything untill i hear something new from em.
    i just hope he won’t do his weird voice in this album

  • G

    idk what Em’s tryin to prove with this, i mean, do music for ya fans & fuck da sales man! 50, Royce & Dre should be there, not these pop bitches.. im dissapointed as fuck with this shit, word..

  • 421

    WTF IS EMIMEN THINKING ? HE IS GOT SOME SERIOUS ISSUES… HE IS SCARED TO PUT MCs on his albums. Fucking Eminem, this shit better be good.

  • tom

    wow my man bryant hooking up with em on a track this shits gonna be bonkers!!!!!l!!!!o!!!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!!!

  • youssssafuckboy

    expect royce and slaughter on bonus tracks

  • shaun

    no skits either…hmmm this in an interesting & unconventional tracklist but i’m looking forward to it!

  • CTRl + F4

    @tom Lmao another dumbass think it’s kobe bryant on a track
    SMH how stupid can you people be really?

  • l.a.jay-d

    damn now i

  • Manxter

    really hope ur not serious

  • AG

    This is sooo fake

  • Shawn

    I’ll believe it when I download it, POW! fuck these collabs for real, next he going to have the faggot from Canada on a track. SMH!

  • Quint

    it’s official.. it’s on eminem.com

    rihanna and pink… smfh

  • Will

    “lol. when the drake tracklist drops y’all bitch about too many features, and with this you bitch about not enough. get it right, bitches.”


    and then for the pink and rihanna features, look at the tracks name: “4. Won’t Back Down f. Pink” Won’t back down? I’m expecting something like “Til I Collapse’ which would be DOPE.

    “15. Love the Way You Lie f. Rihanna” – Rihanna’s been on that crazy bitch tip lately in her videos, so maybe Em’s gonna go back to the ripping on Kim and all that shit, and Rihanna maybe belts something about Chris Brown. Has potential. I HIGHLY doubt it’s gonna be some poppy little girl song, it’s fucking Eminem for fucks-sake.

  • Shawn

    I’ll wait for detox even if it take til 2012 -_-

  • beatnut

    doesn’t convince me entirely! pink is dope – shes a good girl that actually can sing! lil wayne? i hope hes not on autotune this time! and according royce, slaughterhouse, etc. big disappointment! but i think there is a recovery 2.0 planned already – maybe including the big names… in the end its all good as long as em dropped his sissy accent…

  • from da Go-Go

    this actually sounds amazing

  • jdubbs

    I hope this is a fake tracklisting…I want the “Slim Shady LP” Eminem, not the “Encore” Eminem. I was hoping we’d get some rugged rhymes to make up for how wack “Relapse” was (if you think it’s good, you obviously haven’t listened to Eminem’s early work)…If you asked Eminem 10 years ago about making a song with Pink, he’d probably “say that’s gay.”…Em needs to pave his own lane and not try to be like Jay-Z and go wack pop songs with Rhianna

  • doclvly!

    HELLOOOOOO anyone whos been follwing the stuff leading to this should know hes doing a song with TI for this too. I don’t think these are all the features. There leaving us suprises. He even said he did alot of in house stuff with this too and a hell of alot of calabo. Plus DJ green lantern has taken part on the production

  • Anonymous

    This is some crap! I can deal with Wayne and Rihanna but PINK? She has a huge beefy camel toe that hangs down like roast beef curtains… eww

    LOL o shit

  • Gunit

    where’s slaughterhouse, d12 and 50 cent? wtf!? pink and rihanna both suck

  • Gunit

    drakes album will top this shit

  • Will


    So do D12 & 50 Cent

  • Recovery

    I have to call fake on this cause I don’t see a T.I. feature listed. I don’t see the D12 feature listed either. And what about Slaughterhouse or at least Royce??? Maybe a real one will surface. And Em also said it was gonna be more tracks to replace the skits and it only shows 16.

  • Gunit

    So does your mum

  • beatnut

    track with t.i. will be on his album not on em’s! drake is totally overrated!

  • Polka

    I also prefer the fake tracklist.

  • Will


    Good one. You sure told me, wow!

  • Brocho Cinco

    Recovery tracklist looks pretty nice to me. Cinderella Man sounds like a great title, hopefully a Just Blaze produced track. The Pink track will be good, she is basically the Eminem of pop music (she extends the boundaries of pop music). The only thing I’m disappointed about is that Insult To Injury won’t be on the album. I was waiting on that song, but Eminem won’t disappoint.

  • canuck

    wow this is unexpected, i’m really looking forward to this
    people complain about cds having way too many features, and now they’re complaining that there’s not enough
    16 songs with eminem doing every verse except one from wayne?

  • RayRay

    who the fuck cares so much bout Pink…she can sing. This is someting diff and unique, rather than what’s expected.

  • Chris

    rihanna? lil’ wayne? :(
    no royce da 5’9″?

  • Recovery

    @ beatnut

    There’s 2 songs. 1 for both albums. My guess is that the one that’s supposed to be on Recovery is a different version of the song that was supposed to be on Relapse.

  • Pimk Kobe and Rihanna…damn im not happy wiht that one

  • the rihanna feature will be tighht. not the pink feature tho


  • And what!

    That Pink track is dope as fuck!!!


  • chris_martian

    em is triyin to be the new eminem ,the new commercial correct eminem ! ¡before¡ he was the WAR COMMERCIAL eminem

  • jobie

    @ will your idea for the rihana song would be great.
    I actually hope that this album isnt too serious, seems to be looking that way. but cant judge til i hear the music. W.T.P. what does that stand for?

  • chris_martian


    That Pink track is dope as fuck!!!


    And what! said this on May 27th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    is u,or some friend¿ i like it

  • Lil Wayne???????????
    and No Slaughterhouse?
    I’m just lil bit disappointed
    dont give a fuck.
    It;s definitely his choice

    This album gonna sound totally different
    i hope Eminem sound Eminem this time

    and SHADY~
    Release god damn left-out materials from Relapse II !
    after releasing Recovery???

    ok then.

  • Boomerang Slang

    i hope the em and slaughterhouse just blaze track shows up on the slaughthouse album since its not here

    “I’ll pee on rihanna see I do what I wanna”

    I wonder if rihanna heard that line before doin a song with him lol

  • who cares

    Wtf is up wit the Pink Rihanna and Wayne????? where’s da real artists?? Common Em you are better than this. I think i like the way the fake tracklist looks better than this shit. You better not disappoint me with this shit Em. I’ve had your back for to many years to be let down

  • Mavrik

    “every cd critics gave it a 3 than 3 years later they go and re rate it…i guess enough time just aint passed yet a couple more years that shitll be illmatic”

    seems like every time he comes out with a cd people always think its gonna be a bust. I’m looking forward to hearin this.

  • HippaToDaHoppa

    This album is going to FUCKING SUCK. I hate the term “sell-out”, but that is exactly what Em is doing with this shit. I don’t get it; he shouldn’t need the money.

  • the features are cool….should be an interesting album….i like the fact that hes spitting fire and killed the wack ass accents and corny songs for example big weenie….i just hope he got primo on a joint and alchemist….couldve had better features but i think its gonna be dope

  • Aj

    No D12 is probably because there will be a new D12 album out soon. The slaughterhouse joint will probably be on there album. Why do you need to have huge rap names on an album to make it a classic. Loads of people hate on Wayne but he goes hard when he features and turns it up a notch when he spits on a track with Em. T.I and Rhianna was a good song, I imagine it being like that. The pink song will be amazing and before everybody says shit like this album will be wack, these songs are going to suck, why pink, eminem gone pop etc just wait a minute and hear the songs before you judge the shit out of them. For all you know you could be dissing one of the best eminem songs ever it could be the best track on the album ! Just wait till you hear it then judge it. The album is instant classic and it is a smart move having these features

  • I guess 50 Cent slimmed right off Eminem’s radar LMFAO!

  • Damn…I’m Over Here Laughing At How People Are Bitching & Whining Over 4 Features On His Album.At Least It Shows He Don’t Need Like 10 Out Of 17 Features To Go Platinum…But Other Than That I’m Pretty Disappointed In The Way You Guys Perceive Pink As Wack,The Chick Can Sing Her Ass Off Hands Down…It Looks Way Better Than Encore And The Track Names Sound Like There’s Gonna Be A Story To Them…So Fuck What You Wack Nigga’s Talkin About…I’m Buying

  • John

    ANOTHER Lil Wayne collab?
    When did Em sign with Young Money?

    Should be a solid album though.

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    Em is done with this music shit if you ask me.

  • robertTHEallen

    am i the only one who actually likes p!nk?
    i was wondering where the hell she’s been

  • Shannon

    i don’t give a flying fuck about features, just as long as the music is good. i was kind of hoping for some new D-twizzy though.

  • nasFan69

    lil wayne and rihanna aiiight, pink? not so much…

  • nate

    no 50. no dre. should be a great album.

  • Ricky

    I thought it was gonna be 20 tracks w/ no skit

  • mazoomy

    16 tracks, 4 features, 3 hooks, 1 verse. the pink chorus is going to make an epic track, of that i have no doubt, and i may be one of the biggest lil wayne haters known to man but i give credit where credit is due and on his last 2 collabs i heard, drop the world and my generation, he did pretty good. the only feat im even remotely worried about is rihanna.

    it does piss me off that there’s no royce, slaughterhouse, d12 or cashis though. and don’t fuckn tell me i can’t be disappointed about that cuz you think d12 and cashis are wack.

  • mmkayy

    ive been wantn an Em x Pink collab but for Recovery ? Nahhh.. neva thought in a million years wud i see Rihanna.. & no Royce??

  • monroe

    hell yea looks dope.

  • monroe

    lol kobe was the guy who did the hook for that T.I. song called “detox”. gotta be a fool to think its kobe bryant

  • @HippaToDaHo Sellout?? Dude sells on his own so why the fuck would he need to sellout…and 3 Ass Featurs is gona ruin the album for you? smh your pathetic bro..

  • and its not even 3 ass Features its only one..wayne.. think about it..16 songs..4 With Features and out of those 4, 3 will most likely be Hooks…so that means just one song with someone else rapping..and practicly 15 SOngs With Em RAPPING!!

  • ynkeesnum1fan

    iam excited bout this…also glad em is tryin new things. cuz i mean cmon it got old n tired to see da same ppl in his albums, 50 dre and d12. this is all eminem. pink and RIHANNA would sound dope on the hooks. everybody always doubting em and he always comes thru. he’s the greatest for a reason.

  • and I still dont like that cover art

  • I Think This Album Is Gonna Be Dope,, So Far I Like What Ive Heard From This Matured Em.


    “Talkin’ 2 Myself feat. Kobe” Im ready for that one hopefully its a DJ Khalil beat because him plus Kobe = win

  • Mike

    I guarantee the track with Pink will be dope. The girl can write some good shit. You guys must not be familiar with her type of music. It isnt POPPY Hooks and shit.

  • Mike

    And also, I heard a Interview with 50 saying he likes this album more than relapse, and that he is on it.

  • Harharhar

    Pink is terrible, anyone saying she makes good music must be a fan of MTV. This album is probably gonna be on that corny, Not Afraid shit for 16 tracks.

  • laker

    this better not be not afraid x16

  • Ku$h

    i’ll prolly get madd hate for this comment but…D-12 and Ca$his are garbage, Slaughterhouse or Royce would have been nice to see but come on whats the real chance of that in dis day an age? just sayin…hope it fake!

  • Krhyme

    186 comments of garbage.

    Wait for the album and then see. I’ll admit I’m less excited knowing the features. But I ain’t gonna write it off until I hear it.

  • FakirWise

    How 50 Lookin Right Now I Wouldn’t Put That Nigga On My Album Niether

    OPINION said this on May 27th, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    That’s pretty damn funny

  • Emaciated

    Some of you rap fans make me wanna just give up and listen to something else. Can’t you be open minded? I think an Eminem and Pink song sounds dope…

  • peteyb

    Kkkoooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bryant lol

  • Blackberry Kush

    @ World Crysis …..Your an idiot , Dr. Dre is a bitch who can’t make beats???? But Pink is dope???? DIE! I don’t care if Detox takes 10 yrs to come out as long as it does. Dude is a perfectionist. Go listen to Pink! homo….1

  • biaatchen

    Fucking idoits.. Kobe is a dope r&b singer who only (as far as i know) sing hooks on hip hop tracks. Listen to this bishop joint feat. kobe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJloeltRsFY .
    Don’t judge an album on it’s tracklist that’s a faggot move! Anyway, this album is looking nice as hell and i can’t wait.

  • yayo

    Kobe Track is produced by DJ Khalil. Let’s get it!

  • Marshall Mathers

    I would have liked to see a 50 cent feature…50 always does great on tracks with em, BISD was really good and i wasnt really a fan of him other than gtrod. also i wanted a JAY-Z track !

  • ynkeesnum1fan

    wiki has the full tracklist wit all the producershttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recovery_(Eminem_album)#Track_listing

  • ynkeesnum1fan
  • LEX

    I’m interested in seeing who’s on production. Tho I can assume that the track feat. Kobe is done by Khalil..

  • FredRico

    WTF are you complaining about?! Pink is a real singer/artist, as opposed to Rihanna. And even Rihanna does well, like on “Live your life”.

    Even so, anyone whining just proves they know nothing about rap or music anyway, cuz one of Em’s best songs, Stan, features Dido. Well, where’s Dido today? Who knew what a “Dido” was before that song?!

    And again, what about B.o.B.’s feature, Hailey Williams? I bet y’all bitched about it and then we all saw how it was a good thing.

    God, I hate hip hop listeners (y’all ain’t fans, just stereotypical dummies!).

  • adgkkd

    cant agree more with u fredrico… god your so right.

  • Pink and Rihanna? lol.. other than that, tracklist looks aite. Wanna see some producer credits tho… no Slaughterhouse is a fail and I hate Lil Wayne so I’ll refrain from hating.

  • deanmurdoch

    wheres the slaughterhouse this better be fake

  • woww


  • Underground904

    Goin for a fuckin million comments? All of u will be “acquiring” the album, so stfu with all the bitchin!

  • aj

    @jdubbs – I have heard eminems early work, underground, mainstream everything. I still found relapse good lyrically and emotionally. The album is incredible – everything eminem has ever done is incredible. By early work I mean biterphobia, cheese and crackers, the shit he did with skam etc. He is trying something different deal with it.

  • i love the backlash. i thought replase was cool..i still listen to it….but this looks like it should be amazing. i cant wait to hear a em x pink song…front if you want…pink is talented. looking forward to this!!!!


    Lil Wayne.. oh shit lol. My 2 fav rappers on the same track, again. i gotta boner now, cuz waynes hopefully off the rock shit

  • sheeed

    considering how weak dre’s shit has been hearing songs that are gonna be produced by boi1da, jim jonsin, and just blaze is not a bad thing. as long as he raps pissed off like he has on all the featured songs hes raped this past year (drop the world, forever, airplanes, psycho), who cares if the beats are a little more mainstream than before. and his verses have been sick lately so idk why everyone is saying hed make better music fucked up. yeah the features suck but as long as the beats are at least an 8/10 and he spits like he has been, itll be a near classic. marshall mathers lp is my favorite album of his too so i know what i like from him. the albums where he raps pissed off great (his first 3) and the ones where he fucks around (encore and relapse) were decent to good. he has never made a bad song, i will say that cuz even the shit he messes around on is a lot more lyrical and entertaining than anything else they play on the radio

  • Paul Rosenberg?

  • bob

    2nd single anyone no when its coming?

  • bob

    must be soon tues is june 1st

  • Cal

    This is the saddest tracklist I have ever read. Pink’s alright but Wayne and Rihanna never mind the fact that she’s the rap “hook” slut. She’s on every rappers album X10 same goes to Wayne. Em why have you forsaken us, what happened to the times when you only let the illest muthafuckas on you’re albums?

  • SutterKane

    Typical close minded Rap audience reactions

    Cant wait for the album, June 22nd

  • SutterKane

    I give Em credit for tryin a new direction, because I was getting tired of hearing the same features every time he came out…..

    I never thought Em would sound Good with Dido either, but that one seemed to work out……

    Expand your minds………

  • Ruthless

    He puts pink but no dre? This is wack I like shady but WTF?

  • riceindabowl

    yo igor gtfo, relapse was crap and thats why em apologized for it and why ya’ll bitching about the features, who knows how the song gnna come out, stop hatin

  • Agthe1

    Talking to myslef feat kobe snippet !!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C12yDM430A

  • bob

    pretty dope but im hearing tht snippet is fake…that album is on lockdown the 2nd single aint even leaked yet

  • Cinderella Man was produced by Script Shepherd, a new producer on the scene. He also sings on it. I’ve heard the song and some of his other stuff. Insane…

  • Jeff H.

    Cinderella Man? Sounds craaaaazy. Who the hell is this Script Shepherd guy? Does he have other stuff?

  • Agth31

    Not afraid video comes out jan 5th this saturday !! =)

  • Agth31

    i mean june lol silly me

  • Jayda


    http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HIP HOP

  • zany blunts

    rhianna and eminem should be awesome…

    pink??? IDK…

    kobe? whatever….

    wayne??? really?!!? another one?!? come on…..

  • And what!

    @ chris_martian that was my track homie, thanx 4 appreciating it.


  • Script Shepherd is from another planet..you will be able to visit him soon….for now…http://www.myspace.com/script4u101


    Look at all these white boys hating on Dr.Dre,
    Dr.Dre created Em you fucks,If Em had sign to anyone else he wouldn’t even have the same gimmick,That is why i don’t like white people,they act as if Em brought up Dre,Dre was popular way b4 em was even heard,when em’s mom was feeding him painkillers,Dre was making Millions,so fuck yall man


    I’m white and i don’t hate on Dre.I know dre made em popular but Em is talented also.and anyone who says D12 sucks obviously is Just an Eminem fan and not a general hip hop fan,if u know anything about hip hop,I grew up around hip hop.. all my homies are black.
    and they know that i understand hip hop.D12 are extremely talented and you cannot deny that unless you are just a regular Eminem freak who just think everything Em does is the best song ever.


    Im white and i dont like white people


    the fake one is ridic…..50 and wayne on the same track????yeah ok because that would deffinitly happen…..question mark at dres track fuck dattt1

  • dw1981

    Just finished downloading the album! IT’S HOT!! It totally trumps Relapse (although, I like Relapse) Stop hating on the guest appearances. They really work. Pink only sings the hook on Won’t Back Down. It kinda has a rock edginess to it and it works (plus, I love Pink anyway). I’m sure the true Em fans will love it as much as I do.

  • Talkin’ 2 Myself (Feat. Kobe) is realy good man!! I love this guy “Kobe”, he’s fine. But Pink sucks!!
    the others songs are good, the album is not so bad fellas!!!

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