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Rick Ross – The Albert Anastasia (FreEP)

blame it on Meka May 27, 2010

Let’s continue on with the worst cover of the year nominees withe the latest by Eliot Ness. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – The Albert Anastasia EP

  • wha?

  • RSX


  • Steve


  • Tone Ikasu

    I don’t know if I am the only one seeing this but why does it say this is Rick Ross and it is clearly Jaylin Roze. So confused right now.

  • uzi

    meka don fked up

  • huh? Whats with the Jalin Roze mixtape cover and rick ross link??? The Roze mixtape is nice tho. That song Time Flies is my ish

  • chris_martian

    xD + LOL + lMAO

  • Rezo

    Meka = FAIL

  • chris_martian

    ONSMASH PREMIERE & 2dopebuzz clowning premiere

    i love this blog,for ever haha

  • Tyrone

    Faaaaaaaaaail! Lmao

  • i think we need some alternate artwork

  • chris_martian

    wtf is the cover¿ is he MR. Fat Crow or Sir Fishtick Raven ¿¿¿?

    i hope,in the next movie,50cent will gain 200 pounds for a movie,makin the role of Rick Ross,baaa a aws

  • the link isnt working

  • ZAY

    this aint f**k a mixtape? FML

  • Tiago

    French Montana Mac & Cheese is the worst cover & mixtape of the year by far.

  • Rio$

    http://usershare.net/s0ruohx2tk0d only working link i guess

  • yaboysibz

    links dead

  • yayo
  • Rezo

    @ZAY T.I. tape drops tonight @ 8

  • CLICK THE LINK (in my name) for Tyga & Chris Brown – Fan of A Fan mixtape instrumentals

  • boston

    this fuckin dude always incorporates a real gansters name in all his shit……”albert anastasia”…..are u serious!!!!!! he has a real gangsta…..rick ross is nowhere close to this dude……he need to die immediately……..

  • Error


  • 1

    new black milk leak on his twitter someone post the track link!!!!!!

  • ese

    lol why is it jalin roze covers?

  • ck47


  • OGEazy

    This cover is unreal. I’m speechless on how ugly it is.

  • Rick Ross aka Officer Ricky aka Albert Anastasia

  • I feel kinda stupid for asking this, but who the fuck is Albert Anastasia? It sounds like a transexual stripper, but it could be some random ass drug dealer that this nigga either idolizes or put in solitary confinement…

  • KUSH

    this sammy the bull ass nigga!!!

  • And Won

    Gonna listen to it out of fairness, not a fan of the gay name and not a fan of Officer Ricky. I’ll try to be impartial.

  • KoJ_the_YDC

    @YupWeBlogging…Anastasia was a mob boss…yea i don’t get taking a real drug king pin’s name (Freeway Ricky Ross) and referencing real mobsters in album titles (Anastasia and Teflon Don John Gotti)…dude way too infatuated with those life styles

  • And Won

    Knife Fight is kinda dope

  • And Won


    He was the leader of the Gambino crime family for a time, and then Murder Inc., the real Murder Inc.

    He was beaten down by a masked vigilante and thrown in prison to rot, just like all the people who are too weak to get legit work.

  • London

    i wish ross had anything but a close up of his face tagged on the songs, its distrubing to be able to see the pores in his face.

  • London

    arent eps meant to be full of ur dopest offereings?,,,ross may sell good for him, but he wont be played in another 10 years he will be forgotten. and hell never come up in the my favourite rapper conversations, ever.

  • dookie

    “Albert Anastasia, ‘Lord High Executioner’ of Murder, Inc., was rudely dispatched from his throne yesterday when two gunmen walked into the Park Sheraton Hotel, pumped four bullets into him as he sat in a barber chair and left him for dead. Thus did the gangster who beat the chair five times wind up his career of crime.”
    — Daily News, Saturday, October 26, 1957

  • HKI_slim

    most of the links i checked were f’d up but this one works http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M6NM09TN

  • tizz_da_xtraordanairy

    This EP is hot, I think this rides a little harder then T.I. “F*ck A Mixtape” that mixtape sound like a bunch of throw away tracks that could only go on a mixtape but this Albert Anastasia bangs

  • alex

    Albert shits on fuck a mixtape, respect goes to ross
    Knife fight is hard kool g rap is alive!!!

  • This isn’t that good…