• http://123fake.com Ldn

    Yo SHAKE! Blu has a new track on his tumblr........I dont know how to rip it from there so if you can and put it up on here then u know we will appreciate it.

    Thanks I guess.


    well this is a automatic cop....The Salvation was slept on!!

  • markeith504

    damn im gettin this and black milks album

  • http://www.twitter.com/MichelBeats Michelbeats

    aaah damnn '10 is a good year!
    dying to hear this

  • OnTheRun

    this just made my day cuz Skyzoo is my favorite (fairly) new artist. Salvation was my favorite album of 09 and Dear Whovever was my favorite song from it, which Illmind produced. Copping this the day it drops.

  • 1

    smh. why illmind. come on go for khrysis, just blaze, nottz ,black milk, Eric G
    any one but illmind(dj khalil wannabe)
    still should be cool tho

  • YoungCosby

    At 1 they have a few beats that sound similar, but Illmind has his own lane.

  • Boomerang Slang

    this is gonna be dope. the salvation is a modern classic, no features, Drake should take lessons lol


    Can't wait for this joint. Salvation was def one of the best of '09 and still gets mad wreck from me now.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    "just dope beats and rhymes that’s better than everything else out. Back in the day, it was always like that."

    Holy shit! An actual HIPHOP album is coming soon! Amazing.

  • 1

    yup salvations was the best of 09 but im not ahuge fan of illmind (bar cardiac- sean price)
    anyway black milks got a new leak on his twitter 2dbz stop sleepin

  • chef

    illmind is crazy i don't know why people are hating on him.

    can't wait to hear this project

  • ProjectZero

    This should be dope sky is ill

  • OnlyDrizzyFanOn2dopeboyz

    Who? Who are they? They don't have shit on Drizzy Drake. Thank Me Later Bitch June 15th!

  • YoungCosby

    OnlyDrizzyFan, you much love gettin it in the ass. If you don't know who Skyzoo and Illmind are, you need to study up on hip hop ya loser.

  • YoungCosby


  • Moneymaker18

    OnlyDrizzyFan is a complete fool for even writing that statement.