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Picaso (of Language Artz) – Where My Homiez 2010 f. Thr33zy McFly & A.T.

blame it on Shake May 28, 2010


3/984th of the Language Artz crew remake Ill Al Skratch’s original for the last leak off the Picaso’s upcoming mixtape, The Artz Dealer, dropping on June 1st.

DOWNLOAD: Picaso – Where My Homiez 2010 f. Thr33zy McFly & A.T. | Mediafire
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  • whodat?

    this shit is straight up trash, fuck outta here

  • lyrics2go

    FIRE!!! ^^ you are really hating if you saying this is trash. This is no where near it. They all killed this. I remember when I was a kid and this video came out it was hard as fuck.

  • knoknupyomomma

    they did a dope job re doing this.. ill art 2

  • RavRav.

    Oh snap! Fucking incredible! But damn…

    Shake, do you know what the instrumental is? I need that beat so bad… it’s so smooth, yet it bangs good too… good looks for putting dope music out 2dbz, easy~

  • RavRav.

    I mean, where can I find it*

    my bad :P

  • CCW

    ^ the instrumental is from the original joint by ill al skratch. just downloaded it the other day after seeing the vid on centric and been bumping it all week…pure greatness.

    link: http://kaknado.blogspot.com/2009/01/ill-featuring-al-skratch-where-my.html

  • robertTHEallen

    i fucks with this.
    artworks is awesome too shake, per usual

  • thank ya kindly.

  • robertTHEallen

    no prob.
    talent should be recognized, you get more than enough uncalled for hate.

    im still wondering how much you charge for covers btw

  • Casso Dinero

    Dope song & cover (Dope placement of Guernica)

  • Smokee Robinson

    (2)dope!! and im kinda late to the language artz dudes but.. how come i cant download the Raw Rap Shit mixtape?

  • thstguy

    dope shit nice art work