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Rich Boy – S.O.C. (Standing On the Couch) (prod. Polow Da Don)

blame it on Meka May 28, 2010

Risssh Bwoi likely had LowKey in mind when he crafted this song.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Boy – S.O.C. (Standing On The Couch) (prod. Polow Da Don | MF
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  • Me

    Fuck Yo Couch!!!

  • Rezo

    When dudes like this record songs do they really think it sounds dope or they just make music for attention? This shit is awful. Wtf is this shit called cause it’s not hip hop.

  • Rio$

    wtf sad shit, terrible, SMH, why, polow wasted a beat, * waits for a joell ortix freestyle*

  • Micah

    Man this has a nice sound, a switch up from rich boy;s usual music but its hot, everything aint gon be hardcore lyricism, its just good music

  • It’s Not That Bad Like You Guys Make It Out To Be…It’s Just Plain Jane Material…

  • NiteTimeDelight

    and i had such high hopes after Fuck yo couch. Smh. Remember when the let loos “Drop” ‘that hardest shit in 09’,that was in 2008!! Its half way thru 2010, and now this? Too much production. You don’t need that son.

    //pops back in rich boy mixtape…

  • Micah

    @nitetime, yeah richboy’s mixtape have a way diff sound then this, he need some supa villain production for the album, this is mainstream polo da don type shit, reminds me of Drunk and hot girls from graduation album

  • yeaisaidit.10

    HAHAHA LMAO XCATLY @ the dude who commented first “fuk yo couch nicca”! But naw seriously WHO DA FUK comes out with a song called standing on the couch. 2DOPE how could you post this ish hahaha. @ shady i would not smoke to this, this ish would blow my hi lol ya feel me

  • Wasn’t dude suppose to drop a mixtape? Did I miss something here?

  • Chuck

    wack, disappointed. throw some d’s its not. 4 years since his album too smh.

  • guest

    why do u post this shit

  • JackDiesel

    In the context of being in the club, standin on the couch, and drankin… This shit goes!!

  • Haven

    This shits hard…I don’t know what yall are talkin about, its not his best shit but it’s definitely a club smash

  • Word, muhfuckaz can write/record drunk, too, don’t cha know?

  • jyeah

    waitin for the remix, “jumping on the couch” feat. tom cruise