S1 Speaks On Kanye West's Single (Audio)

The man behind the boards on Kanye's new single talks with MTV about how the record came about.

"The way it came together, I work with Rhymefest," S1 told MTV News about the song, referring to another Chicago MC. "I did like four joints on his album. And one day, out the blue, I got a text from Rhymefest that said, 'Kanye is loving your stuff, he said he's about to change your life.' Two days later, I got an e-mail that said my flight to Hawaii [where West recorded much of the album] leaves in three hours! So I was on a flight, and it just happened like that. I went down and stayed for like two weeks, banged out some joints.

"The 'Power' joint that we did, it was actually a track that I already made and gave to Rhymefest, and he just so happened to play it for Kanye in the studio and he loved it. So when I got out to Hawaii, Kanye had already recorded to it."

A month later, S1 returned to Hawaii and heard "Power" again, this time with more "polish" added by 'Ye, who co-produced the song. However, S1 picked the sample that drives the record: a snippet of British progressive rock band King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man."

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  • uuuuuuh it says Sorry this video is no longer available...

  • nevermind just went to the MTV site

  • Boomerang Slang

    damn that was quick, song jus came out a few hours ago

  • J-Dub

    Damn that nigga just got a life-changing break

  • Decapitatah

    his son, vohn beats, is a beasts and he is 11 years old

  • BillClinton

    sounds like some secret hideout yes pad in hawaii, your flight leaves in 3hrs?? lol
    any way cant wait for yes new album!!

  • ……

    i hope he got paid

  • bigswoosh

    time to bump "the healing". dude is a problem...

  • Delay

    kanye a real cool dude

  • Damn. Good thing he checks his email.

  • zee

    S1 been grindin for a long time good for him!!! dude been makin crack for a long time...his son is dope too!

  • crackadon

    gotta love that King Crimson sample. Ye is back up in this bitch!

  • S1, his beats on the strange fruit project tapes are classics each and every single one of them...

  • Bruno Honest

    S1 deserves it. He has been hustling for a minute.

  • 3l

    Crazy ish, is that I live out here and the closest I ever came to seeing Ye was bumping into his girl around my internship. Dude must've been holed up in the Bat Cave—and I still never got my damn concert. [shrug]

  • @Decapitah didn't kno his son was Vohn Beats yea that kid is nice

  • Jabari Manwarring

    life changing experience
    props to him and Ye

  • that shit has to be crazy.... yo flight leaves in three hours... and your life is changed forever... ups to that dude for leaving it all behind. i know it was some bullshit going on that was trying to keep him back too. make it happen s1... ye created a monster to yo shit

  • riddlah51

    S1 BEEN that nigga! So glad he bout to get some shine. Hope this works out well for him. The Healing = a banger.

  • Nice to see S1 getting recognized. Hope some more underground producers will get their time under the limelights soon.

  • xastey

    so when is the next SFP cd going to drop..


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