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Shawn Jay (of Field Mob) – No Money, No Problems

blame it on Shake May 28, 2010

I’ve got to admit… hearing Shawn Jay and Smoke on the All I Do Win (rmx) together gives me hopes of another Field Mob album. Let’s make that happen people! Anyways, here goes a new solo joint from the Fleetwood Mack. Over an instrumental you might have heard before.

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Jay – No Money, No Problems | Mediafire
2DBZ THROWBACK: Field Mob – Project Dreamz | Mediafire


    Shake you like this shit? Dude what happened to you, are you heavy drugs? Your musical taste has gone down the drain real quickly.

  • Dope. Always liked Field Mob.

  • Oooh…just heard the “f**k DTP” line…yo Shake, whats the details on all of that?

  • CCW

    man fuck that (^)…props on the throwback joint! can’t believe project dreamz came out 10 yrs ago…brings back memories!

  • mrkay1981

    its alwayz good to hear them rap very very underrated , lol @ snitches get stitched like lilo

  • CCW

    (^) = the 1st comment…


    I like Field Mob, but this is awful.

  • Rezo

    Shake why why do you keep promoting bullshit? I know it’s your site so you can whatever you want but people like you are the reason hip hop has turned into a circus. If you bloggers would stop promoting garbage like this rappers would go back to actually trying to be lyrical and consistent. Each post you do of no talent dudes like this is just another fuck you to hip hop. Btw I know that beat very well and he ruined a classic hip hop song/beat whatever.

  • RICK RO$$

    SMH at them talkin about some sucka broke shit.

  • WOW! Dope freestyle but the diss to DTP!? I wonder whats the story behind that.

  • guest

    shake u the man this shit FIRE 229 TIME

  • unxpekted

    Well said Rezo.

  • Brian Kidd

    I cannot believe people hate field mob they have to be on of the most funniest and underrated groups of all time their albums are beast.