Slang Editorial: Delicious Irony

Or, why we’ll never get along and chop up these bitches.

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  • dookie

    so what, yr bummed out somethin got commercially viable, then began to conform to commercially viable aesthetics? shoot for somethin with no banner ads (ads period) and work a loading dock somewhere. or write for the hand that feeds you. life sucks dude

  • BillClinton


  • robertTHEallen

    everything must come to an end i guess.
    the blogosphere is like the rap world, its got a bunch of goodness in it, its just buried under a slew of muck...

  • Yeah, it's good, very useful, thanks :)


ScHoolboy Q's New Album 'Blank Face' Drops July 8th

UPDATE: No more trolling with the Michael Jordan meme and Trump covers, the OFFICIAL artwork has been revealed.

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