• Lil Wayne ” Fuck Today ” Music Video
  • johnjohn

    free weezy!

  • miggzzjr

    bootleg ass mixtape but free wayne though

  • Carmine Fresico

    lol.. Y'all are really mad that somebody took NMC tags off of Light Up. Shits hilarious

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    ^^there was never any NMC tags on the Light Up joint sir. and for the record the version on this tape is a horrible edit. they cut out half of drake's verse and like 4 of jay's bars. listen before you talk shit buddy.

  • SlanginDope

    I swear to God, Shake, I am going to throatfuck you for the delay. I will make you watch my hot, sticky cum drip down your lips through a mirror.
    Anyways, Lil Wayne had been putting out some tough fucking shit the last few months. Headbanger after headbanger. So all of you poor-ass, welfare-check-dependent, Nike-stealing niggers better shut the fuck up before I force you to.

  • b

    It's a fake, dipshit, its missing bars. Fucking dumbass.

  • KidGuRu

    Any free music is still value, diggin it, another sick blog i just found, check it out, marvelo1.com

  • sim salabim

    this mixtape is a total waste. what garbage. I guess for every "hit" yall put up on the site, theres gonna be a few "misses". And this sure as fuck is a big ole "miss"

  • blahpownigg345


  • dirtysixchambers

    what a random ass, shit ass tape.

  • Ken

    Umm, im calling fake. But then again, this is the reason why i stopped using datpiff. Recycled verses/songs.


    how the fluck is LAD on every drama mixtape? guy is a nobody and NO ONE is trying to hear his shit

  • iSH

    Check out iSH's debut mixtape!!!

    Hate it or love it, its all good, just check it out.


  • drake

    what is drake out here reppin originally?

  • C-Geezy

    Fozzie Bear, lol

  • Rio$

    While I don’t notice any new music (atleast from Drake, Wayne or anyone important),