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Royce Da 5’9″ – The Bar Exam 3 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 30, 2010

After the countless leaks earlier today, it was evident that the entire tape was gonna leak before June 1st. And that is exactly what happened. The Bar Exam 3 (The Most Interesting Man) is finally here folks.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Intro
02 The Most Interesting Man
03 Go Hard pt.1 f. Kid Vishis
04 On Fire f. Crooked I
05 Skit
06 Real Hip Hop f. Black Milk & Elzhi
07 A capella
08 It’s Over
09 Nobody Fucking With Us f. Bun B, Crooked I & Joe Budden
10 Airplanes
11 Skit 2
12 Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Shady Mega Mix)
13 I Hate Your Pants
14 Forever
15 In the Club
16 Skit 3
17 Go Hard pt.2 f. Kid Vishis
18 Vagina
19 Psycho (Skit)
20 Psycho
21 Drama f. Trick Trick & Junes Flow
22 I’m Not Slaughterhouse (Interview)
23 187 (Saigon Response)
24 Skit 4
25 Taxi Driver
26 Iceman (Skit)
27 Lyrical Hitman f. MarvWon
28 Skit 5
29 Spark Yo Brain

DOWNLOAD: Royce Da 5’9″ – The Bar Exam 3 (The Most Interesting Man) | Mediafire

  • dfd

    WOOH LETS GOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • BAunique

    awww yeah, Royce is dooooope

  • SLIM64

    ewww Whoo Kid smh

  • fuck whoo kid

  • Snagz

    Tape sucks! Whoo Kid is annoying and the music is trash worthy not save worthy.

  • Man, people wake up early to hate… anyway, Royce was two days away from the mixtape not leaking…u think Royce is gonna let it side or put in some last minute overhaul.

  • Snagz

    ^^ Royce is an alcoholic and lazy. He isn’t putting in any extra time, it took him like a year to put out what is already on the tape. lol

  • PACO


  • uzi

    this tape is crack snagz snortin sum serious subtance

  • ck47

    wonder why Royce put Taxi Driver on there?

  • gooddrinksowassup

    mxtape of the year

  • Fargo


  • devone

    shake posting my leaks? aight

  • late

    most anticipated anything of the year for me.

  • just waiting on that MOE GREEN mixtape>>>

  • iCon

    Pure (2)Dopeness

  • Gordon B.

    Woah, the hatin’ has begun, and you ain’t even gave it a listen before you started.

  • rUSh


  • einstein

    Horrible tape was expecting way better from royce

    smh at how much he talks about his dick on this tape

  • Edward Nygma

    thank God for this…slow fuckin day today,i needed something to do =) fuck a Whoo Kid tho.

  • prk

    why is joell not on the bun b joint? he was saying it was going to be long with everyone on it.


  • BB

    damn shit is so far banging

  • [email protected] annoying fag who kid

  • yea kid

    lovin the tape even tho he did a lot of messing around

    saving all his toughest rhymes for that new slaughter album

  • Ng234

    yes boss!!!! but still need no tags version

  • feining liquor often

    nickel nine not giving a fuck. spazzes out on anything. he dont give a sdhit, fuck you.

  • Lpr


  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    Royce raps circles around all of you

  • uzi

    goin over ric flair with lyrical hitman niceeeee

  • Brocho Cinco

    Whoo Kid ruined this mixtape. I’m starting to hate mixtapes since they are becoming DJ’s talking at the same time as the rapper’s rapping

  • WorldCrysis

    the tape is trash. I anticipated so much more. fuck you royce, em is not doing tracks with you

  • D’troit

    “I Hate Your Pants”….

  • Tape was overhyped doodoo butter. Tell me when Royce starts rapping about something again.

  • DJ M.o.E

    double fuck whoooooooooo… kiiiiddddddddd!!!! foe real

  • Adi Pre

    LETS DO DISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward Nygma

    pretty sure Whoooooo Kid just yelled Shady Records on Go Hard Pt.1

    just FYI

  • Kingmerv326

    if u dnt listen 2 good music den dnt listen 2 diz!

  • Edward Nygma

    also on Go Hard Pt.1……Royces verse is fucking insanely absurd.

  • Veezyy

    How come many people go nuts over Royce when the truth is he has been average the past year? I mean The Slaughterhouse album was complete trash, so was this tape, Street Hop was only aight. And all of his verses the past month have been below Royce average.

    Get of this dudes nuts please. To much talk, but the results are seriously lacking.

  • Andrew

    please post non tagged versions if you get them

  • Riptide

    Imma take this in soon…Bless.
    Could we get a tracklist though?

  • x

    dj is annoying and royce isnt that good on this tape unless you like hearing about his dick smfh

  • Riptide

    see what happens when u take too long to post a comment lol.
    Thanks :)

  • oz

    LMAO this dude went in on chocolate rain.

  • ludvicasha

    I’m big Royce fan but I don’t like this one, beats are just not what I like, Royce’s flow dope as always.

  • Damn Whoo Kid and his annoying fucking soundboard.

  • brian

    Hey shake when are we getting the full version of “Nobody Fuckin Wit Us” with the full Slaughterhouse and Bun-B without people missing unless Joell’s not really on it and Royce was lying when he said that on the original?

  • really

    recovery, good ass job, and cole album is the only thing to anticipate. thought royce would come harder
    track one>2through29

  • james

    I enjoy Royce but he’s coming off as mad homophobic and insecure on this tape. haha. He’s soooo worried about clothing and what people wear.

  • …anyway… when’s Jay Electronica’s Act II dropping?

  • uzi

    i c most of the dudes here wear skinny jeans

  • Andrew

    im a huge royce fan but BE2>>>>>>>>>this… too bad

  • yougotrondo’d

    @ WorldCrysis

    Eminem is doing tracks with Pink and Rihanna instead, so what the fuck is your point?

  • Thatguy

    “Hosted” = “Runied”

    When/is a no DJ version out?

  • james

    The highlights of the tape:

    A) flow
    B) humour

    The low points:
    A) his concern over clothing
    B) his insecurities

  • Fooooool

    Kid vishis is dope

  • Gudda C

    The haters is out for this one, I guess. I don’t think Joell is ever going to be on Nobody Fuckin With Us. I think that’s the reason for “I can’t even get my own nigga to rap on my shit, You form a clique, it should be sacred, I shouldn’t say shit. Because the truth hurts like the bitch Dre dicked.” In the Airplanes freestyle.

  • Timbo

    I would say you guys don’t need to get your panties in a bunch but it’s obvious your tight ass pants have already rendered my advice useless.

  • james

    Who’s actually hating on the tape?

    The only real hate is against DJ Whoo Kid and he isn’t even that bad.

  • x

    lmao @ spark you brain

    nigga went in on the chocolate rain beat

  • Orangedouche

    FUEGO!!!! We need the No Dj version ASAP!!!!!!

  • A NO DJ version would be super duper.

    Also, I was looking for his freestyles over Drop The World (Pick Ma Balls Up) and Popular Demand (No Coming Back From That) to be on here. I’ll just put them on my own ipod version.

  • @james

    You obviously haven’t listened yet. Whoo Kid is terrible. To the point where you cant even hear Royce’s lines. Between Vincent Price’s laugh, random sirens and the overused gunshot, Whoo Kid ruined a few verses here. No DJ version would be infinitely better.

    Overall, the tape is very disappointing. Obviously it shows when he tries, but when he doesn’t it just doesnt feel like keeping.



  • WorldCrysis

    my point is that the tape sucked and royce verses are average.

  • james

    Brandon, I’m not saying a no dj wouldn’t be bad but I disagree that you can’t hear Royce’s line. The majority 87% of the tape is fine. This leads me to conclude you must not listen to many mixtapes.

  • Gordon B.

    “…anyway… when’s Jay Electronica’s Act II dropping?”
    Same say with Detox, around 2000NEVER.

  • basedgodd

    fuck royce, fuck dre, fuck jay E. LIL b the basedgod > all dem niggas

  • einstein

    “…anyway… when’s Jay Electronica’s Act II dropping?”

    my friend went to b.o.m.b fest and talked to jay elect and he told him look for it in a month

    i personally dont belive it

  • No DJ Version, please. Oh, and SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

  • Thworldisyours

    Tape’s good but nowhere NEAR as good as BE2…

    BE2 might be the best thing Royce ever did…

    On this one, he’s on some “I dont give a fuck” type ish… Only the diehards are gonna feel this one…

  • basedgodd

    royce should really care considering slaughterhouse sold less than dj khaled…

  • WTF

    Pretty breath taking.. on nearly every verse. This is Hip-Hop. Not something Die Hards will feel. Raw beats, raw rhymes.

    Thanks Royce – Without you we’d have all these young soft-cake niggas runnin around with their bullshit on these blogs.

  • 9


    Oh ya, I hate your pants

  • Jus_Allah


    go listen to Bar Exam… way better than Bar Exam 2.

  • WTF

    Royce improved as a MC from Bar Exam 1->2->3. That I can appreciate.

    The Title Track alone shows how incredible his delivery/flow has become. Spitting allover that mic! Nice .

  • Oh MNAN.

    Holy shit – The tight jeans song is fucking.hilarious.

    “Those Skinny jeans, how do you get your balls in them things?
    And the day that my son should want a pair, that would be the same day I put a gun to my head, and why would you want your booty to stick out…?

    Anyway, typically onslaught from Royce from start to finish. This is the type of Rap we’ve been missing. Im tired of these Lil Wayne premiers, my-no-name-rapper spitting more bullshit, and the latest Drake auto tune crooning.

  • Malci

    Um so…you wack niggas hating on Royce..what would you prefer? Kid Cudi rhymes that are emo and mostly make no sense whatsoever, or lil wayne lyrics that aren’t even a fourth as hard as Royce’s?

    Hip-Hop FTW, wack rappers need to go to Narnia or some shit.

  • ant

    track 22, what interview is that?

  • Freeze

    Half of these haters are from the faggot ass JoeBuddenTV Forum.

    Faggot ass niggas.

  • basedgodd

    hey so for all you royce dick riders… what exactly is he saying throughout this tape that is do damn impressive… homophobia guns booze and his dick. pretty original/exciting rofl.

  • Steiner

    It was dope.

  • George Clooney

    I’m on track 4.

    Hands down the best mixtape of the last 5 years!

  • DC

    “when i fix this game you can thank me later no aubrey”

    aahhhhhh shiiiiit…….SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!

  • Oh MNAN.

    Just accept it, Real Hip Hop – No Holds Bars. If only we had 10 more artists on the same level just putting out Fire.

    Taxi Driver is old but the way he emulates the dead MC’s delivery is fucking nice.

    Several very complex technical verses on here, every single one delivered with impeccable timing. Gotta love it. Im tired of listening to rappers “swag” and fall back all off a great beat.

  • iSH

    Check out iSH’s debut mixtape!!!

    Hate it or love it, its all good, just check it out.


  • Oh MNAN.

    The Black Milk beat alone makes this worth the price of admission – oh wait – its free. Quit bitching and enjoy the lyrical prowess of one of the best to ever do it. I like that he addressed Saigon too. Real nice shit. This is what hip hop fans should die for. Except we are in 2010 and most hip hop fans are faggots and expect R&B shit…

  • Lox

    If you dont like the mixtape then move on..

  • basedgodd

    ^^ why?

  • Merck Him

    I wear the “511s” aka skinny jeans and “I hate my pants” is too funny.

  • George Clooney

    Attention everyone: if you have an opinion that may be different from Lox’s, then please, just move on.

  • Snagz


    your music is pretty dope, im feelin it.

  • Merck Him

    I meant “I Hate your Pants”

  • Snagz

    ^^ Don’t ever admit you wear skinny jeans again. That’s basically like saying you stick things in your ass.

  • Fruurrrr

    all those whoo kid noises are so fucking annoying

  • Fruurrrr

    74 gunshots minimum per track. whoo kid policy.

  • Grey Goose

    for some reason i have feeing this tape is ehhh, never been fan of royce but still i have feeling its ehh. Mixtapes with 30 songs ussualy suck

  • basedgodd

    funny… my skinny jeans helped me pull some grade A twat last night. fucked on the roof for the first time, gotta thank all those backpacking hipsters for making it possible. but hey keep hating homophobes and enjoy your gutter ass pussy that i’m sure many of you can’t even pull. Lupe, Drizzy, J.Cole, Cudi… THE FUTURE

  • Fruurrrr

    fag ^^

  • Von

    fuck i rock skinny or slim jeans always and what i listen to all kind of music, aint ya tired of wearing all baggy shit trying to act all thug when ya soft as testicles.

  • J-Dub

    Damn I can’t even listen to the tape cause of the shitty quality..can we get at least CDQ

  • warpath

    about time but whoo kid has to go


    LOL frurrr, timbos.. we off that. Sorry bro

  • RussDa59

    i wish the audio wouldnt always drown out the beat :/ whoo kid bugs me. fucken fruit.

  • RussDa59

    that fruit really did put kudi and drakes faggy ass in the same line. damn.

  • high_s0ciety

    ….listened all the way through, unfortunately i only kept 5 tracks for the iTunes (not really a fan of “jackin 4 beats” tapes) but royce’s flow is incredible none-the-less

  • C-Geezy

    I am fucking tired of whoo kid’s sound effects. When Green Lantern did BE2 it wasn’t like this. Can we get a tagless version? I just want to enjoy some Royce sans Whoo kid

  • wasn’t as good as BE1&2 but it was dope.
    gave the tape 1 full listen and its already in my trash bin thanks to the useless shouts, sirens, screams and gunshots.
    another tape ruined because of a DJ

  • RussDa59

    WTF is up wit all the gunshots

  • FuckHimAndFuckYouToo

    That scream is just fucking this tape up horribly…but nonetheless nickel is always coming with bars like hersheys.

  • lol @ snagz ignorance assuming skinny jeans = gay..bet theres skinny jean wearin niggas datll woop your ass and shoot u dead


  • markeith504

    only downloaded for the feautures, shits kinda wag


    Jonnie quit fucking spamming yourself. Do you realize just how lame you look? Your music reflects the mainstream so hard and yet you fail to realize how unoriginal and conformist your shit sounds. I listened to one track and after getting drenched in autotune my ears began to bleed all over my white leather couch. STOP SPAMMING!! YOU SAID YOU’D STOP ON A POST A COUPLE DAYS BACK BUT APPARENTLY WENT BACK ON YOUR PROMISE. YOU SUCK. YOUR NAME SUCKS. QUIT SPAMMING MC YOUNG MUCHACHO.

  • ^^^lmao @ u copy and pasting…me too
    @Jonniestop i said the track i just posted is the last shit i’d post..to each his own nigga to each his own..u most likely didnt bother listening to it and r basing your opinion off of something else i posted a while ago cuz theres absolutely no autotune on there,,apparently your into lyricism/anti-mainstream shit so i dont know why youre gettin so offended, i’d just ignore it it if i were u ,,,cant tell me i dont know how to rap (technical aspects) so dissin the name is just stupid, apparently every1 has an idea of what good hip hop is to them whether it be lyricism, shit they can relate to or whatever so i really dont take ya opinion seriously, just listen to it with a unbiased ear…u wont see me in the C-section after tomorrow anyway so chill, lol

  • Hey bitch!! What’s wrong? Want me to suck your dick or something? Im gay and all, but Im a top, not a bottom, so I’ll fill yo butt hole, but I wont take it? You know what Im saying? But really if you wanna hook up, just tell me.

  • btw…90% of my shit doesnt even have a mainstream sound..i usually rap over 90’s hip hop and jazz/chill beats

  • Extremely dope tape.

    But seriously Whoo Kid, we get it, you’re a DJ… YOU CAN STOP SHOUTING NOW.

  • oh wow, just in time here come the groupies

  • I really can’t rap though. Its more like I just talk very staccato, but fast.

  • but I do suck a mean cock.

  • ^^ur boring, post da same homosexual shit over and over everytime, not even clever or fooling anybody..glad to see you’ve been analyzing my music too like a true stan

  • bizzaam

    lol jonnie is bipolar AND his music sucks ass. learn how to ride a beat, douche.

  • risen357

    finally. let’s check it out..

  • ^^ur not making me horny, post da sam straight shit over and over everytime, not even sexy or getting me hard..you don’t even have as big or a forehead or gap in your teeth as me.

    Oh and stating that I don’t rap, but just talk staccato over a beat its a pretty general statement. Thats just the way I “rap”.

  • *sorry for the typos, homies.

  • ad9esr

    if you ain’t fuckin with this, go have sex with Magic Johnson and marry O.J. Simpson bitch!!!

  • ^^^^^^
    Magic is hella sexy!

  • Bizaam click the youtube link if u wanna hear me ride a beat and ur dumb if u think the gay comments is me

  • Bizaam drop your digits in the C-Section of my blog if you want me to ride ur dick and ur dumb if u think the str8 comments are me

  • *ATTENTION* any other comment made using my name after this comment here is 1 of my bitches…peace

  • *ATTENTION* ignore the last comment made using my name, it was one of my bitches… <3 Jonnie

  • Rezo

    ^^ LMFAOOOO!!!!

  • Satan

    Smh this is a episode of “When Haters And Groupies Attack” brought to you by the trolls of 2dopeboyz

  • J Kelly

    mixtapes are a thing of the past..i download singles only..unless its a no dj version ofcourse..


  • Satan

    Smh this Jonnie character is what makes me hate my fellow homos. He’s too flamboyant with his homosexuality, keep it dl like me brotha.

  • UmBerto Fitzgerald

    Aaron Da JEDI Feat. Illa J – R U Listenin’ (Official Music Video)

  • james

    how about the people who like the music let people who express dislike of the music exist and not feel the need to reply to the negative comments. kay? thanks.

  • no Eminem -_ㅠ

  • no Eminem T.T

  • cbanks13

    dang elzhi killed it on that real hip hop song

  • The Bar Exam 3 >>>>> Fuck A Mixtape

  • killadel820

    whats up wit ‘nobody fuckin wit us’ wheres joells verse at and why isnt royce’s even on it????

  • Oh MNAN.

    Finally a mixtape with a high caliber of lyricism posted on this site.. Too much Wayne and Nikki ya know? Real good. Thanks all.

  • Bazooka Tooth

    better the artist worse the dj

  • The Imperial Wizard

    fuck all niggers. every single one of them is a worthless sack of shit. these nigger crack whores just pop out a bunck of fucking niglets in order to get welfare so they can afford there fried chicken and weaves. FUCK NIGGERS, GET MONEY!!!

  • jamaal wallace

    fuck u ths nigga man, tht aint evn kool

  • The Imperial Wizard

    Oh great grammar coon fuck. Did your dad teach you that when you visited him in prison?

  • Fugg That

    Fuck Whoo Kid. Makes it hard to listen to

  • Drake’s eyebrow

    Stop blaming just Whoo Kid, Royce makes it just as hard to listen to. You Royce groupies need to stop frontin like this tape is actually good music. It’s Royce with the same flow that has got him NOWHERE, talking about his dick, talking about his balls, talking about how great he thinks he is, how he can just kill a man, and the rest of the shit that Royce has been talking about for how many years now? The dude has no growth in his music or his brain. This tape isn’t even top 20 best mixtapes of this year so far and there is probably even more tapes that I have not heard yet.

  • I am anti-homo

    Haha that james kid must be mad Royce went in on his style. Faggot. Wear normal jeans so you can have kids later with a a female, unless you gay, the go rot in hell. Phaggot.

  • Onederin

    Shake, whenever the DJ-less version comes out please put it up.

  • Greatness

    Fuck Niggers

  • I am anti-homo

    The best thing about this post are comments going in on JonnieGayward. Hilarious.

  • I am anti-homo

    ——–[CLIFF NOTES]——–

    -DJ Whoo Kidd aka OD Sound Effects killed the tape, delete after one listen or your ear drums will bleed.

    -James is a gay tight jean wearing faggot

    -JonnieGayward promoting his lame ass music. Looks like he has seizures when he’s spittin his whack ass shit.

  • manda


    http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HIP HOP

  • Solid tape. Haters can take a walk. A No DJ/CDQ version would be phenomenal.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    better than bar exam 1, not as good as bar exam 2
    i think that he stretched himself too thin over so many songs and he neglected to include some dope shit he’d already released like popular demand freestyle and pick ma balls up

  • Spark Yo Brain

  • 2020

    So now we got ignorant klansmen checkin this place to spread hate….not surprising,
    “Cletus” The Imperial Wizard should go back to fucking his daddy/bro/uncle in the ass!

  • The Imperial Wizard Is a Faggot

    I guess I’m gonna be the outcast here and say that I think the youtube link JonnieHayward posted was dope and that he is improving. There was nothing wrong with his flow he was on beat the whole time so @Jonnie keep doin ya thing just try not to annoy these guys on here but then again most of them think you’re wack cause u don’t fit their standards of “good” rap music when they probably don’t know anything about rapping just who their favorite rappers are and I guess you don’t fit the profile. Next time spam your music in front of people that know a thing or 2 about rapping then ask about feedback because apparently you aren’t accepted in the “C-section community” lmao

  • wow i cant beleive that many people hated before they even gave it a full listen….damn…..spark yo brain had me laughing out loud for real haha

  • oh ya i hate your pants was funny as hell too

  • also he must be lazy as fuck cuz alot of this shit is so outdated material wise….cot damn

  • but no hate its still pure dope…and i wanted to see if it would really let me make 4 comments straight

  • Ryuk


    You listen to a dude who calls himself a pretty bitch, then you diss Royce? Please kill yourself.

  • basedgod

    kill yourself faggot, i’m a pretty boy bitch. a fucking princess.

  • basedgod

    lol and imperial wizard i love how you discard people who don’t like jonnie’s music as not knowing hip hop. i know enough about it to know jonnie is weak as fuck. thanks.

  • a Whoo Kid free edition would be superb (his sound sample cues are off putting)….i liked the tape BE2>BE3, BE1 is my ranking for the franchise….thank you Royce!

  • Drake’s eyebrow

    @BC 64MB? That is NOT his damn album. lol

    The average mixtape is like 80+ MB, it’s probably your shitty 10 song mixtape or something lol

  • The Imperial Wizard Is a Faggot

    Lol and imperial wizard i love how you discard people who don’t like jonnie’s music as not knowing hip hop. i know enough about it to know jonnie is weak as fuck. thanks.

    basedgod said this on May 31st, 2010 at 2:06 am
    I didn’t say not knowing hip hop I said knowing anything about actualy rapping like picking up a microphone and rappin on beat
    The first couple tracks jonnie posted was wack shit but if you actually listen to the youtube link you see he’s def gotten better
    His lyrics is still simple but the wordplay was on point and so was the delivery just need to step his pen game up and be straight

  • J Kelly

    who kid did such a good job with this tape. he’s really great.

  • mmkayy

    shots fired at Joell ?

  • Veezyy

    “Stop blaming just Whoo Kid, Royce makes it just as hard to listen to. You Royce groupies need to stop frontin like this tape is actually good music. It’s Royce with the same flow that has got him NOWHERE, talking about his dick, talking about his balls, talking about how great he thinks he is, how he can just kill a man, and the rest of the shit that Royce has been talking about for how many years now? The dude has no growth in his music or his brain. This tape isn’t even top 20 best mixtapes of this year so far and there is probably even more tapes that I have not heard yet.”

    Best comment yet.

  • Ryuk

    “kill yourself faggot, i’m a pretty boy bitch. a fucking princess”
    @ basehead


  • ^^lmao

  • yea kid

    you guys talking about royce being on the same subject matter as always are fucking retarded. Every rapper talks about the same shit in every song for the most part. its a repetitive genre. get over it. doesnt make the music any worse…good mixtape

  • Rezo

    Am I on the right site? What is up with all this gay shit? Now we have dudes saying they are a “fucking princess” on here? I am disappointed in Jonnie not for his music but for being gay…smh

  • the deal

    once the full version of nobody fuckin with us is ready please upload it, im fiending for that whole shit royces verse was tight as fuck and im sure joell will kill it

  • basedgod

    Rezo you just mad cause you a smelly ass nigga. You wish you were a pretty princess bitch boy like me. Hos stayyy on my dick… know why? Cause I look like Jesus.

  • Am I on the right site? What is up with all this gay shit? Now we have dudes saying they are a “fucking princess” on here? I am disappointed in Jonnie not for his music but for being gay…smh

    Rezo said this on May 31st, 2010 at 3:03 am
    Rezo i aint gay…that some trolls tryna make me look bad, no need to be disappointed…all those homosexual comments was another nigga tryna think of the gayest shit and typing it up under my name

  • Coroner

    Royce is fucking ill! The fruits can GTFOH!

  • bloodshed

    faggets.. stay on topic plz

  • actually nah that was me. i take d for free SUWOOP!

  • Kerma

    I’ve got a big dick bitch.

  • fuck whoo kid
    lets pray for a no-dj version

  • Oh cuz… the Murda Mitten. Comrade salute to Nickel.

  • Royce the 59 is the truth. Plain and simple.

    Financial advice + Ridicule + Quality HipHop

  • lol

    Royce is dope. just accept it. if you can’t, move the fuck on and don’t waste your precious valuable time listening to any of his shit. It’s like you dumb fucks got your mind made up about him already but you STILL listen to him. what the fuck does that say about you? if you truly disliked Royce then you would skip over his name when something new from him drops. but the fact you check it out means deep inside you got hope you’ll like one of his songs. you’re even more of a pathetic groupie than his fans that are out the closet about it. fucking kill yourselves. hip hop fans are so funny. you all are idiots. for a genre that has been through so much shit and evolved over the years, it sure does have some fuckin dumb fans.

    btw fuck dj who kidd.

  • Tom

    you fucking fruit




  • yizz

    drake got his feelings hurt..

  • deanmurdoch

    preetty good but could use more content in terms of subject matter, and get rid of whoo kid’s dumb ass lol overall worth getting though

  • Wuuuuuuuuu…

  • Rick

    That Elz n Black Milk joint goes

  • killadel820

    a ‘cutz that didnt make the bar exam 3’ would be fuckin sweet

  • Am I on the right site? What is up with all this gay shit? Now we have dudes saying they are a “fucking princess” on here? I am disappointed in Jonnie not for his music but for being gay…smh
    Rezo said this on May 31st, 2010 at 3:03 am

    Hey Rezo, who cares if Im gay? Whats wrong with liking to take it rather than give it? I don’t think you should be such a homophobe. Drop your number over at my site, I’ll invite to spend an evening with me and I can show how great be gay really is. Oh yeah, don’t forget the lube <—3

  • deanmurdoch

    wtf that was gayest shit i’ve ever read :(

  • bob barker

    I digs this tape…The guy that said that Royce has the same flow needs to learn what flow is.

  • Pretty sure theres a NO DJ version coming in the near future.

  • Jason

    wheres Joell? does Royce diss him?

    I can’t even get my own nigga to rap on my shit,
    You form a clique, it should be sacred.
    I shouldn’t say shit, ’cause the truth hurts like the bitch that Dre dicked.

  • HubCity525

    DJ Whoo Kid is TERRIBLE! Please stop putting that moron on mixtapes. He ruined so many 50 joints with his abnoxious shout outs. That to me is NOT DJing. The album on the other hand is aight. Expected more from Royce but hey it’s free so why complain.


    Everybody blame whookid but he always do that on tape like don cannon or green lantern or a lot of dj.

    He do that on a lot of g unit tape, why everybody was surprised like it’s the first whookid mixtape ?

    Hate or love but a lot of comment about this tape.

    ROYCE IS DOPE is above a lot of cats and when you a real hip hop cats you known that, you can hate royce but he still incredible

    It’s just a mixtape people stay cool (it’s just music)


    and it’s free

  • OGEazy

    Is this a fuckin joke? 204 comments and it’s all complaining about the DJ.
    Get your shit together C-Section. Now I no choice but to listen all the way through because nobody is talking about the music.

  • 2bzTroll

    sooo this tape completely sucks dick. I haven’t dl’ed or listened but i just know cause Royce is a FAGGOT. Dude is 32 years old and yet to sell 100,000 copies TOTAL in his entire washed-up career. He wishes he was like Lil B the based god. I’m a pretty boy bitch, a princess bitch. Hos STAY on my DICK… why? CAUSE I LOOK LIKE JESUS



  • bluscholar

    This was a step down for Royce in regards to his previous mixtapes. I consider Bar Exams 1 and 2 to be staples in his career, especially since they outshined most of the rappers that he took beats from. I agree that the Forever, Over, Go Hard, Airplanes, Nobody Fucking With Us tracks are fire, and Royce definitely did his thing over them. However, having these tracks leak a month in advance ruins the overall experience, and the remainder of the tracks are subpar, especially for Royce’s caliber. I give the mixtape a 2.5/5. The only strong points are Royce’s flow. Coming from songs like “We Everywhere,” “Flow Boy,” and “Gettin’ Money,” this mixtape has phenomenally less substance and appeal.

  • ludvicasha

    I must say that skit about Skinny Jeans is the most hilarious shit I’ve heard in a long time.

  • whatsupdoc

    I like Royce but this CD is one of his worst! Dude turning into one cocky fuck

  • yerp

    “that Dre DITCHED” is the quote, people.

  • Jason

    yeah i noticed that after i posted it. wrong word

  • Jayda





  • YoungB

    I like Royce a lot, thought the Slaughterhouse album was nice 2, but this mixtape is not quite what I was hoping for. I don’t think it really lives up 2 the hype out of the 29 tracks on the tape, I actually liked less than half (minus the skits).

    BTW… y would any1 want whoo kid on their tape??? Come on Royce! Even the songs I like are tainted becuz of whoo kid’s lame ass

  • JD

    Too many hipsters on here catching feelings. You lame’s will talk all day about how amazing Drake is and then hate on Royce. Did he hurt your gay ass feelings with the skinny jeans diss? I swear there’s too many homo rap fans nowadays.

  • jay

    disregarding the skits, here’s what it is.

    the most interesting man – 4.5/5 – you can’t say he doesn’t go in here. minus a half-point for that long ass talking pause. that fucks shit up in the car.

    go hard part 1 – 5/5 – dope beat. royce and (to a lesser extent) vishis kill it. “she like ‘get inside me’ but that’s a tight squeeze/ once i’m in her juice box, she gon hit the high-c”

    on fire – 4.5/5 – crooked wrecks the fuck outta this beat. royce goes in too, but crooked stole this one.

    real hip-hop – 5/5 – i don’t know how anybody couldn’t fuck with this.

    acapella – 5/5 – nice break, and royce has some dope ass lines in here.

    over – 4/5 – his voice makes you think he’s spazzing, but he isn’t really.

    nobody fucking with us – 4/5 – i never liked this beat, but everybody does their thing. budden has the best verse here imo.

    airplanes – 5/5 – royce kills it.

    beamer, benz, or bentley – 5/5 – even though i’m hella sick of this beat, everybody wrecks this.

    i hate your pants – 5/5 – royce singing. and killing it. funny and dope.

    forever – 5/5 – the best cover of a beat that this mixtape has to offer. royce eats all competition here.

    in the club – 4.5/5 – another singing track, funny too. coulda done without 2 goddamn singing tracks though.

    go hard part 2 – 4.5/5 – vishis gets destroyed here. royce smacks the game with his opening verse though.

    vagina – 5/5- funny but dope as hell. wish he wouldn’t have sampled that youtube video as much, it sounds like ass with the volume up. still, royce’s lyrics make up for it. “but this is, kinda like my wilder style/ vishis, say when i’m sippin, i turn into shallow hal”

    psycho – 4.5/5 – dope. nothing amazing, but dope.

    drama – 3.5/5 – decent beat, great rhymes from royce, shitty guest verses.

    187 – 5/5 – late ass response from royce, hopefully this will rekindle the drama between saigon and slaughterhouse. despite the late ass-ness of this response, it’s dope.

    taxi driver – 5/5 – dope conceptual track. deep without being abstract and backpacky.

    lyrical hitman – 5/5 – royce & marv go in.

    spark yo brain – 4/5 – decent beat, good verses, royce singing like a fuckin vampire on the hook. weird choice for a closer.

    total – 4.75/5 – dope mixtape, especially considering the price.

    okay, now everybody disagree with this and call me stupid.





  • Slicks

    yea props to jay on his comment very thorough. anyways i listened to this tape twice and you cant say its wack but you cant say its one of royces best. he did miss some tracks to put in on this one, skits were funny. n im laughin at all you skinny jean wearin ass niggas hatin cuz we hate on your jeans lemme quote one of da best aka killa cam n say NO HOMO

  • Wow

    Kid Vishis Is Next!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trigga-A


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