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Bring it Back: Damian Marley – Road to Zion f. Nas [2005]

blame it on Shake May 31, 2010

This past Saturday I hit up The Joint to check out Nas & Damian Marley do their thing during the Vegas stop of their Distant Relatives Tour. While I feel the show would have been 10x better in a smaller venue (House of Blues, etc) I still left satisfied. Since then my playlist has been heavily influenced by their respective catalogs. So in light of Distant Relatives, lets bring it back to their first collaboration off Damian’s third album, Welcome to Jamrock. And as a bonus I included one of my favorite joints to see Nas perform live. Although seeing the pain and passion put into the last verse of Strong Will Continue, I might have to reevaluate that.

DOWNLOAD: Damian Marley – Road to Zion f. Nas | Mediafire

BONUS: Nas – Hate Me Now f. Puff Daddy | Mediafire

  • Hotnikelz Tha Don

    Fuck Shake: The Movement!

  • battle3


  • whoooo?

    THE MOVEMENT!!! Fuck Shake!!! Lupe Fiasco, DJ Vlad… YA BOYS!

  • Brocho Cinco

    Good post, I haven’t listened to Hate Me Now in years. That track was one of the songs that introduced me to rap. I think it was on a video game soundtrack, maybe a NBA Live or Madden game. Idk, thanks for bringing that song back for me

  • philadelphia born and raised

    on the sidebar under TheFamily if you click on “dont lose your day job” its a viagra ad. what the fucks up with that shake?

  • “on the sidebar under TheFamily if you click on “dont lose your day job” its a viagra ad. what the fucks up with that shake?”

    i just checked… it goes to donwill’s site. might wanna check your computer dude.

  • OnTheRun

    Road to Zion is sick. that and the title track from that album are both real nice, those were the first songs i ever heard from Damian that got me into his music.

  • testify

    LMAO @ the 2 comments above me, && how the fuck can your lowlifes be trying to start a “fuck shake” movement on HIS website. Shake & Meka been brining us all the latest hip-hop & just so you know, the rest of us appreciate it greatly. best rap blog on the net

  • chris_martian

    shake whytf u got a lot of “fans”¿ lol

  • Welcome to Jamrock album > music these days

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  • Rezo

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  • 1 Dope Dude

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  • Riley

    lmao @ shake comment on jonnie got me rolling
    but when does the cool kids mixtape drops
    wasn’t it suppose to drop at 8?

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  • E.T.Beats

    they should put more old joints this song is sic and i think u should bring back the classic

  • whoooo?

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  • Hotnikelz Tha Don

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  • Hotnikelz Tha Don


  • While I feel the show would have been 10x better in a smaller venue

    Nas owes Kelis 10 million dollars, fuck a smaller venue

  • Ryuk

    ^^ Thats weird

    Anywhoo. WElcome to Jamrock, as I said, and will continue to say is one of the best albums released in thel ast decade.

  • Damian is butt ugly but i’d still beat, no lube.

  • ewtwetwe

    Where the fuck did yall see a pic of shake

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    But anyway,
    thanks for bringing this back. Forgot all about it

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  • 410Bmore

    Hell yeah, good post. One of my favorite songs because it combines my two favorite genres in one song with my fav rap artist, Nas, and one of my fav reggae artists, Damian.

  • maybe
  • P.S.A

    ok…..why are Lupe stans tryna tak shit to Shake?


  • prk

    welcome to jamrock was a album i bought and never regretted. nelly dirty versions on the other hand was something for my girl at the time and still sits in my collection. =/

  • This > Anything on Distant Relatives
    Not hating, it’s just the truth.

  • RyLee

    Road To Zion…mos def my fav joint off that album. There For You was good too.

  • whooo?

    ricochet… sad but true. although i do enjoy distant relatives

  • ClackClack619

    went sunday. great show!

  • Hotnikelz Tha Don

    calling people who dislike shake’s bullshit ‘lupe stans’ is a very unoriginal way to toss a veil over the real truth at hand. which is shake’s utter bitchassness..FUCK SHAKE

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  • Gordon B.

    Road To Zion – Sick song.
    And if you have a problem with Shake then why are you on his dick and frequent his site, looks like someone’s getting fucked and it aint Shake.