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KiD CuDi Performs New Song (Video)

blame it on Shake May 31, 2010


Closing out his set during a show in Oregon, CuDi performed a new song called Revolution; which is said to be featured on his Sophomore release, Man On the Moon: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

  • Mtrx

    Sickkk 1:10>>>

  • hes always releasing new stuff in the pac northwest

  • CannonsMcFly

    LMAO @ Dropping The Mic Like We In The 80s

  • HeadNTheCloudz

    that was kind of wack in my opinion….

  • London

    hmm i dnt want this album to be an exACT copy of man on the moon

  • 5

    @Truth cause oregon is bomb dude

  • Fish

    Yeah, I was at this show… He said right before that this will be the first single off of MOTM2

  • pangow

    I thought kid cudi was okay, I enjoyed MOTM but this performance made me feel he’s whaaaaack. omg -.-

    mic dropping, hahahaha, his moves, his live voice… baaah.

  • ayume

    good thing hes concentrating on his strengths. straight up rapping is not his strength. I like that hes concentraing on hooks/singing and simple raps.

  • word

    when is the album dropping?

  • I’d call the album “Rager” Instead of “The Legend of Mr Rager” sounds like Mr roger lol. But CuDi is a win in my book

  • truff

    CuDi’s my nigga but What kinda gay ass title is that?
    “The Legend of Mr. Rager” Yeah, raging homo.

  • Taylor

    Sounds like an intro of sorts, CD quality might be more enthusing.

  • Rofl how he dropped the mic like he was coming to America sexual chocolate

  • E.T.Beats

    YEAAAAH I love this song man its so dope and chill :D i want it to come out already !!!!! CUDDER love who feels me

  • Regal

    Kid Coochie is still around?

  • Why is it a bad thing to be a homo? Im gay, but Im still a normal person, who’s probably cooler than you. Only thing is I like suckin dick, thats all.

  • nasFan69

    wohowhaowhowhaowhaowhow is annoying

  • people mad at an artist having fun. eh.

  • f

    word up jonnie

  • dj schmutz

    cudi fan but that shits garbage. he just wants to hear himself sing. where is that kid named cudi???

  • The Hype Man

    He sure knows how to put on a shitty show…The song is to much like Man On The Moon, get new.

  • deanmurdoch

    johnnie you need to calm it down with the details of your sexual acts

  • CZ

    havent even heard the cdq and yall hatin

  • whatupsucka

    Pop fans are ruining hiphop…good lord @ this nonsense

  • ^no lie
    yall dont know nothin but this lil 2 minute clip and all you got is hate.

  • Musikfiend

    Damn that sh*t sounds like it’s gonna be ill. Cudi nasty though letting people drink outta his cup he gonna end up w/ a cold sore watch, lol.

  • hesis

    fuck yeah, i was there. pretty dope show

  • C.News

    that show was waaaack. can’t wait for motm2 to drop, that shit is dope

  • stringer

    yeee pause at 0:05 and you can see me holding my phone sideways up in front of him

  • Aj

    I cannot judge this until the CDQ drops. Cudi ripped Motm and it was one of my favourite albums of 2009. I hope there will be another Day & Nite tune just so he gets a lot of plays.

  • Larry King

    Ya’ll haters….

  • what’s up with people that only seem to appreciate “straight up hip-hop”?

    That shit is wack. I grew up on hot97. I also grew up listening to the classic shit my parents listened to. REAL MUSIC. I love hip-hop. I love the beatles too though! Obviously Kid Cudi is not Rakim, why do people seem to judge him like he should be? God damn. I think people who say shit like I’m talking about and are “hardcore hip-hop purists” are really elitist backpack types who never got so stressed the fuck out they just wanted to listen to Erykah Badu or something.


    I like the song, Cudder makes G.O.O.D. Music
    Simple as that for ya simple ass…

  • poncho

    damn straight cudder haters on 2dopeboyz today. get with it. he’s making music how he wants to. and this track sounds chill. cdq will probably be better.

  • Lo2

    Amen thomas! big up 2 all the haters tho, where would we be without them hah

  • james

    is it just me, or did he hardly sing any of that song live. the rest was just recorded and replayed. bullshit.

  • Jada

    I think Kid Cudi’s one of the best rappers out there, I’d rather hear about actual issues instead of big rims and big booties. I thought the song was good ? Just my opinion though.

  • Lencas

    It`s just amazing !!!!! Can anyone tell how this song is called ?

  • Ashley

    yeeee i was there he’s an awesome entertainer, to James, yeah he was fucked up just like everyone in the crowd so chill dude.

  • Mach me

    Was he miming in the beginning?

  • DonkStar

    Cudi is str8 cause his lyrics are about real life shit and not the staples of cars, money, girls and fame… Saw him at Purdue with B.o.B. and that was a SICK show… they both tore it up

  • Elle

    All this hatin’ on CuDi is some bullshit. Kid cudi is amazing and chill and real so if you got something to say then how about you come up with some sounds and lyrics BETTER than his.. damn. people don’t know how to appreciate i guess. develop some good fucking taste.


  • dj_dash_1

    its different. why cant anybody jus feel it for how original it is? if yall dont like it turn on the radio and listen to all that non talent mainstream bullshit. plus if you listen to cudi u blaze and if you blaze u know cudis tracks r hella legit to zone to…

  • HeadNTheCloudz

    lmao niggas are wack these days…you can’t even express an opinion without someone sayin your hatin…If you think the shits wack you think it’s wack…which I do…Not hatin’ thats just how i feel.

  • t
  • all i gotta say is that cudi won’t get near as much credit for basically doing what drake did on half of Thank Me Later. Yes, Drake may be able to rip a verse better, but this chill shit is exactly what MOTM was and IMO seems to be an influence towards Drake’s newest work (40 sound like KanYe to anybody else???)

  • DVS

    just saying to all the haters or ppl that don’t feel this new tune. Cudi is freaking awesomely amazing for soo many reasons! hes got a huge range of vocabulary, he can freestyle for days, hes got more steeze and oringal style then most rappers in our day and age, and he can actually write ligit lyrics! half the musicians who are just getting into the bussiness and are famous cause they have a catchy tune can’t write worth a damn, but Cudi can! stoked for MONTM2, and MONTM is probably one of my favortie hip hop albums i’ve ever heard.

  • mygurlshotterthanyours

    Ok to be honest who ever the hell is saying cudi is wack doesn’t know what good music is. You don’t listen very well This shit is crazy good the way his lyrics play in your mind the power he has to influence the way people like myself live their lives. Revofev is one of what I’m sure will be many dope ass songs on motm2. If you knew anything you’d know that cudis lyrics are real not fake and he tells a story in his albums there for the legend of mr rager makes sense in the situation and is a very powerful title. I seen 4 of his shows and each one has been so beyond insane. The mans a genius. I appreciate what your doin scotty keep it up

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