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What’s the Consensus? The Internets React to Kanye West’s Power

blame it on Meka May 31, 2010

Similar to the review on Eminem’s “Not Afraid,” Complex rounded up a few of us Internets folk to provide our thought on Kanye’s latest leak.

READ: What’s the Consensus? The Internets React to Kanye West’s Power

  • London

    Complex is not a tastemake..please dont insult us like that.

  • J_EaRLy

    I just think its typical to treat his new act like the second coming…

    “America eats its babies”_Pac

  • London

    Complex is not a tastemaker**

  • late

    I can’t believe everyone is riding his dick like that….that song does NOT bang at all. Kanye sounds like swamp ass on that shit

  • late

    Fuck SNL and the whole cast
    Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass
    More specifically, they can kiss my asshole
    I’m an asshole? You niggas got jugs

    genius, kanye, genius!!!

  • think

    well the song is dope as shit and i’m glad an underground producer made it, that makes it even better

  • London

    my verdict: kanyes power sounds unfinished. but it sounds totally dope.

    cant take these consensus niggas serioust tho..the smoking section said they were sleepin on him till graduation (which is fair if u have only heard what gets released on tv) but i thought they wuda had his mixtapes before dropout and the original versions of the tracks that made drop out. u wud then realise ye been spitting heat..can u say 2 words? never let u down? my way? sheesh.

  • yuppp

    At the end of the day, god dammit i’m killin this shit
    I know damn well yall feelin this shit
    I don’t need your pussy, bitch, I’m on my own dick

  • It’s all opinion and 90% of the tastemdkers could actually give a
    damn about anything besides influencing other people’s opinions

  • WorldCrysis

    musically, decent. 4/5.

    socially, anthem for pussies who dont want to be held accountable for their actions

  • chris_martian

    LOOOOOOOOOOL @ : Dallas Penn, DallasPenn.com banner logo lol

    PANELIST: Andrew Noz, CocaineBlunts.com WTF¿¿¿ COCAINE BLUNT¿ LOL

    PANELIST: Noah Callahan-Bever, Complex.com
    REACTION: “I fell in love with rap a long time ago because it managed this really incredible balance of being on the one hand dangerous, confrontational, and urgent, (like punk rock) and on the other, melodic, rhythmic and even catchy (like pop music).

    NOAH,married me,you’re so psicodelic and mystical girl lol

  • b.

    tastemakers my ass

  • b.

    these are all hip-hop blogs for the most part. real tastemakers dabble with more than just predominantly hip-hop. it should be looked at by heads that are about ‘music’ in general and not just a genre.

  • WEloveKANYE

    “You short minded niggas thoughts is napoleon”

  • b

    Power has been on repeat. I’ve been vibin it since a friend of mine texted me telling me it leaked. It gets the energy up, the beat, the lyrics, the hook, even the solo at the end, it’s perfect for getting energy up. It definitely lives up to it’s name. I’m excited for the album even more-so now. To say that it was ass is ridiculous. It makes me wonder what some people think good music is, it’s a great song, and if it is unfinished, that’s even more exciting.

    Great song, open up your ears. This gets a 5/5 from me also.

  • I like Kanye but I’m not loving this track – compared to Stronger (I know, not “real” hip hop but still a track I can vibe to in the car), this sounds like trash to me.

    I’m just happy it is 808s and Heartbreak – bring on Good Ass Job.

  • *not 808s and Heartbreak, that is.

  • Lotlan

    To give this song anything under a 4/5 is ridiculous. Ye really did it with this track.

  • M&M

    I hope the Final/Mastered version leaks today

  • chris_martian

    i hope,after this,no producer will be better than j dilla ,nobody can’t have a sound and label like dilla

  • Kid_Prince


  • is it “you n***** got jugs” or “you n***** got jokes”? and if it’s jugs whats it referring to?

  • Mtrx

    Power>>>Not Afraid

  • “LEAKED: 5/28/2010 at 2:29 AM by HipHopPremieres / FDL_”

    Yeah… he didn’t leak it…

  • shay

    can you guys post some new music today? thanks

  • M&M

    Is that the single artwork in that pic????????

  • whitemamba

    the beat and production is awesome.. the lyrics are pretty horrible IMO though.. the whole SNL part is shit, and then he rhymes the word “shit” with “shit” 2-3 times later on in the song.

    it’s ok though, it looks like good ass job will be a good comeback for the old kanye

  • If i wasnt this Cool

    … wow this is ode. Its just a song ppl.

  • chris_martian

    C’MON it’s monday,put some mother fucker music or content

  • bous

    yeah where’s all the other shit? I dont feel like working and i come here to waste my time and get paid for it!

  • chef

    the track is racist, not to mention AWFUL.

  • London

    foster<yea he meant jugs = boobies i.e ur a bunch of girls, childish diss highlighting kanye getting a spoilt brat etc

  • London

    the track is racist, not to mention AWFUL.<< where is the racism ?

  • racismatitsfinest

    lol i LOVE how they roast eminem’s single cause he’s a white boy. but slurp up kanyes shit when he really isn’t saying anything except how cool he is and how you can kiss his black ass. Cocaineblunts???? REALLY?

  • London

    ahhh “in this white mans world we the ones thats chosen” ? << yea..

  • the song is unfinished.

  • racismatitsfinest

    people like Kanye are the reason racism persists… he goes out of his way to make it a black vs white thing, which is sad considering his influence on the youth. We need people with power and influence to make it not about who you are and not what you look like.

  • ck47

    Kanye going to have a really good album

  • late

    it sounds like ass, thats the bottom line. why give it 5 fucking stars when that shit sounds terrible. kanye sounds wack on it.

    to me it seems like he went half way on this shit, like halfway trying to be political, halfway trying to diss people, etc. Even the beat seems halfway hard.

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    every artist in the industry works hard to deliver their music to the fans whether they like it or not, fans need to respect what the artist does with HIS/HER music. they are not doing this for you or anybody else. .they are doing it for themselves. so if u like what you hear buy it, if not then just leave it alone and quit saying how the artist has sold out when they are still making creative music.

  • London

    mmm my comments were deleted well lets keep it non-controversial on the internets

    JUGS=BOOBIES. i.e kanye haters are just little girls. For whoever was asking.

  • LOL

    Internets Top Tastemakers, LOLOLOLOL…. I had to laugh at that… couldnt even take this serious

  • weak

    fuck kanye

  • bbs

    im a kanye fan…lol and that shit is meh
    niggas dick riding

  • whoooo?

    Wait so why are these people the authority on music??? Last time I checked music was an art form. These clowns opinions mean as little to me as the opinions in the c-section.

  • Co-sign whooooo

  • LV


  • PG

    It’s a bit early to start making assumptions about Kanye coming bacl strong in hip hop. But this song is definatley the best shit he’s done in awhile…

    If your like me and you weren’t a fan of the full Autotune pop star Kanye it is anyways. That “on my own dick” line was actually pretty dope to me, sounds exactly like Kanye. Obviously its getting well-praised too so hopefully he’ll try to stick to the same formula.

  • This is the Kanye West I have been waiting for, Great song.

  • hugedick

    Nickelus F’s album dropped on http://www.cmonwealth.com/ post that shit.

  • californiabbboy

    wheres thank me later?

  • dunk

    this site should really have some age restrictions. thas all ima say….

  • ShootTHEJAY

    its aight for it to be unfinished and all

  • FredRico

    It’s funny how people thing they have the legitimacy to say other people are dick riding because they didn’t like the song in question? What’s the valid reason to make that accusation?! I guess the same I could use to call you a “hater”?! Just shut up and let the people who like the song enjoy it.

  • FredRico

    *people think*

  • thetruth

    got to remember nothing after the college dropout this guy has done has been good. he topped himself with a classic album and everything after has been sub par. he should stick to producing other peoples ish. the beat on this song makes it hard to even listen to (i understand they are trying to make it sound different than everything else on the radio now which it accomplished) and ye’s lyrics are weak


    Power >>>>>>>>>>>>> Not Afraid

    Talk To Me

  • Bdub

    how the fuck is kanye being a racist? the world is owned by caucasians lol he’s just being real
    oh yeah what’s better Power or Not Afraid?

  • http://saywhatsreal.com/2010/05/the-consensus-on-power-is/

    The song is cool but not up to par with other lead singles West has come out with before.

  • Clint Chudyk

    gotta say it’s amazing, I honestly don’t understand that SNL line though, what did they do to him?

  • bbs

    @FredRico i think it funny how you catching feelings over peoples comments … ol emotional ass nigga

  • Aj

    Eminems song had meaning, all the song was about was showing everybody that he is back, taking a different path. It was just a preview to what the album is going to be. Eminem walks over Kanye anyday of the week. I am not saying “Power” was not good but not afraid was alot better. Power was an ok song but comparing it to other lead singles it really was not that strong. I will be buying the kanye album as long as theres no autotune.

  • Brocho Cinco

    I’m a bigger Eminem fan than a Kanye fan, but I like Power better than Not Afraid. The production on Power is so much better than the production in Not Afraid.

  • Brocho Cinco

    I’m more of a fan of Eminem than Kanye, but Power > Not Afraid. The instrumental used in Power is one of the sickest productions I have heard in awhile.

  • Dragon


  • ^ lemme guess u didn’t even hear the song.

  • Mtrx

    Song of the year so far

  • He’s going hard, straight flows, tons of emotion, no Auto-tune, no guest R&B vocal and great sample of King Crimson’s prog-rock classic “21st Century Schizoid Man.” Fuckin’ Taylor Swift.

  • derlet

    Song and dude blow.

  • derlet

    “Song of the year so far”


  • Lee

    This song go hard. For those calling this a recorded temper tantrum, eat a dick… This is his style, in your face. He said he only wanted real fans anyways, so if you don’t like it, in his words, “this would be a beautiful death, jumpin’ out the window” You gotta be simple minded to not understand this track

  • Tsk

    He said you niggas got jokes,snl,jokes you guys are stupid

  • Kanye West can’t rap.

  • Power’s Production/beat > Not Afraid’s Production/beat….[[TO ME]] Not Afaid is a better song with alot more meaning to it tho…Power just SOUNDS better Because of the Production and the Beat..

  • Jayda





  • sherb

    its great. just great…i love it. he’s going in lyrically, the beat is so powerful. THIS IS REALTALK PEOPLE. FOLLOW HIM.

    its not a necessarily a “banger”, but this is what he’s been going through the past year, and its really refreshing to hear his perspective. He said it best at the end of the song, “at the end of the day, goddammit im killing this shit; i know damn well ya’ll feeling this shit” (HOT line).

    For all the douchebaggy/assholy things Ye’ does, i can never get mad at the kid, because he produces the exacts results he talks about.


    i think alot of casual rap fans only pay attn. to beat & hook..if some ppl could only hear the acapella versions of both songs i think it MAY change some opinions …then again it may not!!