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Diddy – XXL Interview

blame it on Meka June 1, 2010

The cover was released sometime last week, and if you live in NY you’ve probably already seen the issue all over the place here. But for those that haven’t, check out a shot of the piece (above) and some of the cover story (below).

After all, Sean Combs is the most successful entrepreneur to emerge from hip-hop. He surpassed Russell Simmons back in the 1990s, when the Def Jam co-founder backed away from the music industry. Even his contemporaries, booming businessmen such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent, either lag behind or travel down a road Diddy paved. His label, Bad Boy Records, set the precedent for Roc-A-Fella’s and G-Unit’s partnerships with Def Jam (1997) and Interscope (2003), respectively, when the boutique label signed a deal with Arista/BMG back in 1993.

He was a 360 artist before the term even existed—his business was founded on hip-hop but not limited to it. “Diddy is someone who taught young artists how to turn hip-hop into an industry,” says Jimmy Iovine, chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M, where Diddy is now signed as a solo artist, and Bad Boy is signed as a label. Under the terms of the deal, any new artist signed to Bad Boy will be distributed through Interscope, while currently signed artists (and the Bad Boy catalog) will go through Atlantic Records, where Diddy signed a deal in 2005. Besides being an entertainer, he’s a businessman. His vast empire includes Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group, Sean John Clothing, Inc., Blue Flame marketing, which has counted Pepsi and Hewlett Packard as clients, and Justin Combs Publishing, which houses the songwriting credits of artists like The L.O.X. and 112. The latest, non-musical business deal, however, is with the Diageo liquor company. In 2007, Diddy entered an equal-share venture with Diageo to spearhead Cîroc vodka’s brand management. It’s been a fruitful partnership. In the second half of 2007, Diageo shipped 60,000 cases of Cîroc worldwide. That number jumped to 400,000 cases for 2008–2009.

All told, Puffy’s unconfirmed net worth is reportedly more than $350 million. It’s quite a résumé. And he knows it. “I am the champion of hip-hop,” he says. “Hands down, undisputed, I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop.”

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  • Ryuk

    Its actually out in Chicago as well.

  • JohnDank

    the yellow poke balls with the 4 leaf clover r bomb. if u see those grab them

  • JohnDank

    fuck diddy id rather talk about ecstasy. wats ur favorite kind of pil?

  • J_EaRLy

    No lie diddy is secretly my hero..

  • WorldCrysis

    FUCK DIDDY. he is one of the main reasons hiphop is fucced up

  • yep

    diddy’s line is fucked

  • chicaisloca





  • Vla3d

    @chicaisloca – absolutely amazing track, i thought it was advertisement or some shit but oh god, the track is absolutely mind-blowing and chilling! So yeah, about Diddy, can’t wait for the album, it’s gonna be mad, Press Play was fantastic, the Angels track is genius, I can’t stop listening to Hello Good Morning, Diddy knows how to amaze, love and respect!

  • Tiago

    I’m hatin. Fuck Ciroc. Fuck Bad Boy. Fuck Diddy.

    Dude is a shrewd business man, but so were the Wall Street ‘geniuses’ who helped loophole the world economy. He’s a talentless fraud.

  • hmmmm

    *sigh*…. I still wonder why Biggie (one of the realest) became such close friends with puff daddy, p.diddy, diddy, papa diddy pop(the fakest nigga in the game)… like this nigga is really rocking a grill??

  • What a clown.
    And to people who will say im hating:
    i dont give a fuck how famous he is or how much money he has. dude’s a clown. Fuck outta here.

  • Diddy is a lame. His style is wack as fuck. He reminds me of those old people who try to be hip and shit but they say shit like “for shizzle”. He’s good at business and shit but he is hella lame

  • diddy is the definition of a business man, and you can’t hate on that aspect of him.

  • tom

    word. ppl still gon hate tho.

  • mmkayy

    fck ethics tho….right?

  • Rob

    ahh shit this faggot diddy has that work ethic but his music is ass

  • hmmmm

    work ethic of a snake ass nigga who road the tailcoats of biggie smalls

  • hmmmm


  • Bill Clinton

    are we supposed to b able to see the photographer in diddys glasses??

  • Rezo

    Diddy had Biggie murdered and I don’t care what anybody else says. It was all a big plan to get out of the Biggie’s shadow and make millions off of it. After Diddy signed Biggie, Biggies bacame way bigger than him and he was the face of Bad Boy not Diddy. The whole Pac vs Biggie situation put Diddy in Biggie’s shadow and he hated that. Diddy set that shit up in Cali and his whole plan worked he made millions off of Biggie being dead. What are the chances that you are in 2 identical suv’s driving, then one of them gets a red light, then all of a sudden somebody rolls up next to you and pumps holes in you? Especially if you add the fact that witnesses said the suv in front (the one Diddy was in) slowed down before the intersection almost like they wanted Biggie’s suv to catch a red light. Diddy has done a lot of snake in the grass type of shit throughout his career to his artist and a lot of other people. All he cares about is himself, he never gave a fuck about Biggie all he saw was $$$ when it came to Biggie. Biggie wasn’t murdered, he was assasinated. Diddy better enjoy his life because when his time comes he isn’t making it through the gates.

  • hmmmm

    Rezo you prolly think the government set up 9/11 too right?

  • Rezo

    ^^ Yes and if you believe terrorist did that than you’re just an ignorant simple minded, typical American. Why have videos been released of a plane flying into the White House? Why did Bush refuse to go under oath or have cameras at his 9/11 hearing about the situation? 9/11 was very much a inside job and I suggest you watch Zeitgeist it will give you all the answers you need to know about how shady and fucked up our government is. Stop being ignorant and thinking our country is so great. Watch the video and get facts instead of letting the media brain wash you.

  • hmmmm

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Rezo I knew you were an idiot but now I’ll have to ignore your ignorant ass entirely. Also, you’re suggesting that because I’m not an idiot who thinks it was an inside job that I love our government? Some of the most corrupt people are active in our government… however, to suggest it was inside job is fucking ludicrous, no exceptions. Try coming back to reality at some point you uneducated fuck.

  • Rezo

    Oh and I forgot to mention the dozens of reports from NYC fireman who heard explosions going off inside the Twin Towers right before they collapsed. Every engineer they could find all said no way fire could have caused those buildings to fall. They flew the planes into the buildings, than crushed them with dynamite. Notice how the buildings fell straight down like an implosion? Watch the movie it will change your whole idea of the situation with real facts from people that were there and people that worked for the government.

  • hmmmm

    BTW I graduated a POLITICAL SCIENCE MAJOR from one of the most liberal schools on the west coast, and yet still I’m not dumb enough to think it was an inside job, and I’m for incorporating socialist aspects into our society.

  • hmmmm

    Stop talking bro, you sound helllllla dumb.

  • Rezo

    Zeitgeist <<< Google the fucking movie asshole, watch it, then trust me you will shut the fuck up because you don't know shit.

  • hmmmm

    You’re ignorant shutup. I’ve seen plenty of videos on the topic considering the field I selected to study. SHUTUP

  • I will ignore the politics of Diddy. How he jerked The Lox etc etc. The incident with Shyne etc etc. Truth be told though Diddy has made a mark that very few can argue, The over 10 years of hits he has made from Biggie, Black Rob, Craig Mack, Total, Faith, 112, Carl Thomas, Mario Winans, Loon, Da Band, Danity Kane, Day 26 and recently Dirty Money. Stop hating Diddy and just stay madd, Hard work got him to where he is.

  • Rezo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyyRXfROhrc <<< Watch this, it's part of the movie and maybe you will learn something.

  • HULK!


  • brown.jo

    I agree, Jay-Z is the King of Hip-Hop, however, Diddy is accomplishing new heights with his new movie “Get Him to the Greek” its going to be hilarious.


  • Fugg That

    Somebody came late to the grill party! Fuck Diddy, or whatever his name is this week.

  • hmmmm

    I’m sure you’ve also watched Loose Change and think that’s legitimate too right? Fucking moron.

  • hmmmm

    DEBUNKED THOROUGHLY.. SORRY TO RUIN YOUR THEORY!! I’m sure you believe in all of em though so enjoy living in paranoia of the government! http://conspiracyscience.com/articles/zeitgeist/part-two/

  • Bill Clinton

    Rezo<zietgiest loooool.

  • Rezo

    You’re an idiot you can’t debunk a video showing actual people who actually were there. lol If it was somebody just giving their opinion that is different but those were news people, fireman, police officers, and World Trade Center workers on camera saying what they saw. You can’t debunk something like that. You say you went to a great school? You’re full of shit because you have no common sense or the ability to understand what factual evidence is.

  • m.

    Fck XXL for giving Puffy a cover! Where’s Guru’s cover?! This also shows what’s wrong with hip hop and that XXL 100% cosigns that sh*t.
    It’s also funny how 2dopeboyz disses wackness and sh*t that’s wrong in hip hop and then in next promotes that s*it.

  • hmmmm

    I have no common sense and yet you’re suggesting our incompetent government set up the BIGGEST tragedy in US history??? LOL go get a degree homie.

  • hmmmm

    Our government can’t figure out how to set up sand bags after Katrina or plug a hole spewing oil… but they can set up 3 planes killing thousands of people with 1 other plane stopped by civilians… yeah that sounds pretty legit. You must not realize how fucking dumb you sound trying to argue this.

  • Rezo

    ^^ Katrina was mostly black people. That is all you need to know.

  • Bill Clinton

    ^^true dat.

  • Rezo

    Our government can do anything they want. They could whipe NYC off the map right now if they wanted to. They could make you and your whole family vanish. You think they can’t fake a couple buildings collapsing? You think they couldn’t get food and water to New Orleans sooner than 4 days? You really are stupid and the only diploma you have is a GED. Every comment you leave just makes it more obvious.

  • hmmmm

    That’s your response? Ok I’m out. Enjoy believing complete bullshit.

  • guest

    jealousy is a females trait

  • ^^^^ LOL at ya’ll niggas!!! Double LOL at Rezo!!! You prolly think the government tracking this convo right now huh nigga? hahaha

  • brown.jo

    Damn wow! This subject has really transformed into something else huh? I believe XXL put Diddy on the front cover because Diddy is doing things with Dr. Dre, Rick Ross, Dirty Money, and he has a new movie coming out called “Get Him to the Greek,” which is going to be really funny. Honestly, if you like movies like “the Hangover,” “Superbad,” “Knocked Up,” and “Wedding Crashers” you will love this movie. Check this out:

  • NYjoe23

    Yooo GET HIM TO THE GREEK?? movie looks straight wild and hilarious. Diddy is def gonna be perfect in that role. sick video link too –> http://www.vladtv.com/video/20084/diddy-and-casts-speak-on-his-role-in-get-him-to-the-greek/

  • ATLmel

    Yeah, let’s focus on the more important things here, like what P.Diddy is doing with his acting career. GET HIM TO THE GREEK is gonna be the next big thing. We talkin’ all that and a bag of chips status. GET INTO IT.

  • JKilla

    Diddy is doing the damn thing and XXL recognizes that. He got the earphones coming out, a new album and the Get Him To The Greek movie. Russell and Diddy were hilarious in the trailer!!!

  • http://saywhatsreal.com/2010/06/last-train-to-paris-turbos-artwork/

    The original artwork for LTTP is alright, but we worked on something a lil better in my opinion

  • ericdoja

    anybody notice that you can see the photog in the reflection of his shades? I just think it’s funny that’s all, hope get him to the greek is as funny as advertised.

  • Terrene

    Lol at the photo reflection! Did they do that on purpose?? I heard Get Him to the Greek is HILARIOUSE!! I’m gonna see it this weekend, it comes out on friday.

  • K1200

    This nigga Rezo is the dumbest I have ever seen on this website. I could pick all of the topics he chose to embarrass but I’ll keep it simple: No rapper can thus far has been important enough in history to be considered assassinated. Learn the culture you love, then accept its place in human history. Like any president Republican or Democrat, Bush or Obama, no President of The United States would kill there own citizens. NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OF THEM no President would ever do that. No lets scale it down a million times to Biggie (yeah a million) because Puff was always a step ahead. Why make 10 or some odd million over one year when he could of made Dame Dash money off of Big like Dame did off of Jay? Even if Big and Puff where to end up in beef Puff would of made more money as the years went on. Puffy had a much better deal over Big then Dame had with Jay. THEY WERE PARTNERS. biggie WAS AN ARTIST.