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(2)Deep: Ron G – Stop the Breaks f. Raekwon, Killa Sin, KRS-One, Biggie & O.C.

blame it on JES7 June 2, 2010

With the blessing of the two Commanders that helm this ship, I will be starting up a new section called T.R.O.Y. (2)Deep (changed out of respect to the other blog bearing the same aforementioned title). This section will focus solely on rare cuts, demos and classics from the real Golden Era of Hip-Hop, the early 90s. I understand the photo above doesn’t directly reflect the post, but I’m running with it until I find a suitable picture.

We all know it’s no secret that there was tense negative energy permeating between Christopher Wallace and Shallah Raekwon & Ghostface in the early 90s, but that’s where it really stopped. Method Man was the only artist to be featured on Biggie’s debut, so we have some type of evidence that it wasn’t the entire Wu that was beefing with Biggie. This particular demo was a Ron G. cut from ’94 that unfortunately was never made to the immediate public, and in retrospect, that’s a damn shame, considering the artists featured on here. Biggie’s verse from this cut eventually landed on the song If I Should Die Before I Wake on the *meh* posthumous album Duets: The Final Chapter, although it was apparently missing a few bars due to the nature of the lyrics: “I’m Hard, Jehovah said I’m barred from the pearly gates // Fuck Him, I didn’t wanna go to Heaven anyways // But my momma got me on my knees with my hands gripped // Talkin’ bout some praise the Lord shit // Hail Mary, fuck her, I never knew her // I’d probably screw her and dump her body in the sewer.” This portion of the verse landed on the remix to Big L’s Deadly Combination which featured pre-recorded verses from both Pac & Biggie.

DOWNLOAD: Ron G – Stop The Breaks f. Raekwon, Killa Sin, KRS-ONE, Biggie & O.C. | Mediafire

  • midnightkat

    Nice two of the best……oh yea that drake leaked today if yall didnt know.

  • CCW

    I’ve been wondering if anyone would do something like this for a while…we need that real golden-age hip-hop covered on the blogs like it was the 90’s all over again. Nice!

  • midnightkat

    dont think it will ever be as good as the 90’s again.

  • Dan

    There’s already a blog called T.R.O.Y. thats covers hip-hop from the 90’s. Think of something new.


  • CCW

    ^ditto…sad, but true.

  • imo the REAL golden era was the late 90’s

  • lol at midnightkat… you prolly think the NBA will never be as good as the Jordan era again too right?

  • Nice two of the best…… Biggie & O.C.

  • midnightkat

    You damn right did you see jordan play? He forgot more about basketball then then the best player in NBA right now ever knew.

  • 734

    I think you could use that pic for every post from here on out and most of us would be happy. Classic.

  • midnightkat

    Please dont bring bron into this conversation

  • GTFOH with that “you shouldn’t be here reading this” BS, like we cant get some new fans of classic Hip Hop? It’s eliteist attitudes like that that keep the ‘real music’ from reaching the masses in the first. I respect what you’re trying to do but you’ve just got off on the wrong foot.

  • Dope man! ….Chek my blog ,is all GOLDEN ERA OF RAP ( But ,from My Country …CHILE!) and maybe you can take some ideas …GoodLuck On This One!

  • Grump

    LMAO @ youngens getting pissed.

    @ midnightkat – Cosign.
    @ yaaaaboy – yep, Jordan era >>>.

  • Bill Clinton

    [email protected] will be starting up a new section called T.R.O.Y. (if you have the slightest idea what that stands for, then you shouldn’t be here reading this) << Did u mean if you *dont* have the slightest idea…?

  • dlo

    @ midnightkat, where u get drakes album

  • Steve

    I support this shit.

  • donnie

    I reminisce, I reminisce! good track, well worth a listen!

  • redface

    Great Idea I Know The Other Site Well But 2Dopeboyz Are Dope Anyway. Drakes Album Is Everywhere It’s Not Worth DL

  • Bridge

    KNOWxONE should run 2dopeboyz.com

  • ripthejacker

    good idea on these new posts… its important for kids in the game nowadays to recognize where TRUE HIP HOP was in its finest moment… i for one am a youngin, but about 5000 out of my 6000 songs in my library are from the 90s, i cant stand candyrappers today, so i just stick to discovering more and more old school/underground classics that im missing out on… much appreciated!

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    I don’t think any of you should be allowed to talk about Drake in a post about 1990’s Hiphop. Take that shit elsewhere.

    That picture represents 90’s Hiphop to a muthafuckin T.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    BTW, the 80’s ain’t shit. The 90’s will always be my Golden Era.

  • VSOP

    great idea for a thread-its tough nowndays cuz I grew up in the era of HIP HOP and NBA at its finest- todays artists and players have nothin on when I was a kid


    yall can have your lebron and drake

    ill take the 90’s any damn day

  • Groucho

    >>KNOWxONE should run 2dopeboyz.com


  • lol I love the old-heads who are stuck in the 90’s. enjoy your stay.

  • Bill Clinton

    yea sum of u guys do sound pretty salty about the 90s lets just enjoy it. you shudnt gloat over ppl who were born after u . doesnt make sense y wud any 1 wanna embrace the “90s” if u shittin on ppl who were too young to take it in.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    I’m 19 fuckin years & I feel like 90’s Hiphop was way realer.

  • Shannon

    This is incredible. I love finding tracks that I didn’t know existed.

  • Shannon

    and why was it faded out on O.C.? Disappointing!

  • you should post that rare cut that 2Pac & Biggie did together in 94… i think that’s Pac’s & Biggies only known song together… I think

  • One of my favorite Biggie verses.

  • great idea. May i suggest Mic Geronimo, Ja Rule, Jay-Z and DMX “Time to Build”? classic forgotten track

  • hof

    There’s no doubt that early 90’s hip-hop was the golden era of the genre, and anyone who’s a fan should definitely be exposed to it. But with that said, ‘heads that take an elitest attitude and shit on everyone else are definitely a turn off to this younger generation, that was just coming into the world during that time. Try spreading the knowledge in a nice way, not shitting on everyone that wasn’t old enough to be a fan back then.

  • Pdid

    dig it

  • DredScott

    on the real, phila’s T.R.O.Y. blog has posted more mid 90’s dopeness than anyone on this blog could ever imagine. there’s ill shit that you kids didn’t even know existed that that cats on the real T.R.O.Y. blog have blessed the masses with. y’all 2 (or 3) dope boyz can’t really compete at all.

  • bckpck t

    im down for more a these posts

  • lunchbox

    wrd up to dreadscott.

    although having something like this on 2db is long overdue.

  • @Jimmy there were a few tracks they did together, you can get two or three on the “The Here After” CD released as an import. I’m sure you can find it (and a few others) somewhere online.

  • MMMMMmmmmmm

    dopee. dammnn been lookin for this for a minute. all praises due

  • stevep

    dope!! keep these comin!


  • What, no DL link? :(

  • wow. loads of classic 90s shit at Only Built For zShare Links:


    check it for 80s & 90s radio shows, mixtapes, freestyles and a load of other rare stuff

    shout to the OG TROY blog aswell!

  • “If I Should Die Before I Wake” was on Born Again, not Duets

    “Deadly Combination” w/ BIG was not a remix (no more than the one with ‘Pac anyways), it was the original track that was going on The Big Picture (check the liner notes – Ms. Wallace was thanked for allowing them to have him on the track – it just didn’t happen in time)

    extra: Tupac’s verse was also from a Ron G track called “Representin’ For Ron G” aka “Fuck Whatcha Heard” aka “The Heat” also featuring Stretch and Keith Murray

  • Jimmy,
    Tupac and Biggie recorded a couple songs together:

    – “Runnin’ From The Police” feat. Dramacydal, Stretch & Buju Banton (there are multiple versions of this – more specifically, Tupac spit at least two verses to this track; and of course there’s the remix Eminem did for the Resurrection soundtrack)

    – “Let’s Get It On” feat. Grand Puba & Heavy D

    – “House Of Pain” feat. Stretch (Bad Boy released a promo CD of a remix they made for Born Again – which didn’t make the cut/wasn’t cleared – with Harvey “Joe Hooker” Pierre on the hook; and then of course there was “Living In Pain”, another remix they did with Nas & Mary J Blige which was featured on Duets)

    and i’m sure there’s a couple that are slipping my mind at the moment (i think they did 4 or 5 together in all)

    <<<Tupac Stan

  • SMH @ you not knowing of TROY blog. that’s like not hearing illmatic and trying to blog about nas.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2010/06/03/2deep-nas-deja-vu-rare-acetate-rip/

    Get your shit straight. You’re paying yourself not respecting others.

  • ole ass nugga

    Whoa, jack, that Nas DeJa Vu acetate was on the T.R.O.Y. blog a couple of weeks ago. It was first upped in the comments over at DJ Mike Nice’s blog and then someone brought it to the TROY forum and a couple of dudes fixed up the sound quality and that’s that.

    This is a great and well respected site and I understand you cats are busy grinding out post after post, but you gotta know about the other GREAT blogs out there. T.R.O.Y. (the og) is one of top 3 throwback blogs out there, period.


    fellas OC is not on that joint kindly do your research when you post a track educate with knowledge and teach with clarity
    much respect


  • tanyajc

    “I DIED” THIS SONG IS SICKKKKKKKKKK! http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HEARTFELT HIP HOP.

  • jonny

    1987 – 1990 was Hip Hop going thru puberty. Thats the best way I can put it. Everything was fresh, exciting and new. Rakim, Ultra, BDP, NWA, PE, D.U., and more. To me that’s the Golden Age.

  • Travis

    Philaflava, well Jason Gloss who runs the blog is a homo. He loves the cock and loves to taste it for breakfast. Beware before you sign up on his blog. He likes to proposition men and try to get some dude to push up in his backdoor.

  • this track is ridiculous!! how did they not release this? respects!

  • T.D Dare

    Well, good thing Biggie said that he never wanted to go to Heaven. Hell sucks, but it’s not forever….sucks for him to be there :-(