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Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s a New Day)

blame it on Shake June 2, 2010

premiered it on the radio last week. Now it’s time to unleash the CDQ for y’all to enjoy/hate. Explicit version should be dropping sometime next week via iTunes, etc. We’ll keep you updated.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (prod. 1500 Or Nothin’) | Mediafire

  • dee

    this is dope as shit. you cant respect this shit then you dont like hip hop.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Nah, this dude ain’t for me. He doesn’t suck, he can rap, but he just ain’t for me. Just like Drake. G’head, call me a hater you fuckin geeks.

  • Mike

    wens the album comin out

  • I don’t usually like Asher Roth’s music but I like this, kind of.

  • NePTune

    this shit is dope. need that explicit version tho!

  • d

    better than expected. good shit

  • Songs cool. The perfect game would of been even cooler but he got ROBBED.

  • Big Sean


  • Jeremy Perry

    Download this if you support the Gays

  • Jobie

    @Benny Blanco
    nah the hater is the dude that says he’s whack and never listened to his music. you are just being real haha

  • yaowa

    I lol’d @ Jeremy Perry’s comment

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    @yaaaboy >>> He got a perfect game. Fuck the umpire. Everyone knows he got a 28 out perfect game.

    & farewell to Griffey Jr. He was my other fav player when I was a kid. I’m a Yankee fan so of course Jeter was my favorite from my team but I always had mad respect for Junior. Shoulda been the HR king if it wasn’t for injuries. To bad he didn’t take PED’s to stay healthy like Bonds told him to.

  • hof


    sounds like he borrowed the song from Cudi

  • ^ Well a least JP shoutin’ out his boys (idiot)
    Besides the ignorance, Asher is a lot deeper than he first let on with his first single. But that RAISES his value. This song in particularly isn’t my usual speed. But I’ll give it a few spins based on message alone. Ash keep at it, and good look on the up Shake.

  • monroe

    super dope. been waitin for this, that sucks if its the clean version but whateva, all the other posts are whack today besides ab-soul. @hof no it doesnt

  • Asher IMO is one of the most underrated LYRICISTS in the game and besides Drake the most hated on, for some reason. Ash Roth always has my money

  • hof

    @Benny Blanco

    Cool story about Griffey Jr., before his parents moved away they lived right across the street from me and whenever he would come over he would play baseball with the kids in the neighborhood. Definitely one of my favorite players just based off of how down to earth he was.

  • who cares

    joke ass muthafucka. Needs to stop this shit. Asher is pointless

  • Well shit, I like it

  • dee

    the nigga that said he borrowed this shit from cudi must have never heard a cudi song. like seriously nigga this sounds nothing like a cudi song.

  • I don’t usually listen to Asher, but this is dope.

    Explicit please!

  • Snagz

    It’s ok, just not for me.

  • FuckHimAndFuckYouToo


  • FredRico

    Only a dumb person would hate on Asher’s flow on this!
    But you’d have to be completely retarded to hate on 1500’s production (that bassline alone is rotation worthy).

    Again, Asher’s flow shows an amazing improvement here. Or was he always this good?

  • Benny I feel you son, The Kid was my favorite player as a kid too hahaha.. still got 3 posters up above my bed. great player and a genuine nigga.

  • Great song, can’t wait for the album.

  • Brocho Cinco

    Songs dope, Shake what the fuck is up with all the clean music lately? You been slippin recently.
    Haha, I just playing with ya, Shake

  • hof


    You obviously haven’t heard any Cudi before his album. Listen to A Kid Named Cudi mixtape (especially Man on The Moon the song), has a very similar feel to it.

  • james

    This is the third song I’ve enjoyed from him. As I Em and Y.O.U were the other two.

  • djq

    first shit is dope fuck the hate

  • i like the message at the end of the song. true shit

  • CCW

    it has a positive message, and the beat behind it is different, but pretty nice…so it gets a thumbs up from me.

  • TheLostBoy

    it’s fucking clean.

  • dap

    this song is dope. fuck this clean shit tho

  • D23

    people need to stop hypin white people wen they do things that is mostly considered “black” i always hear “he’s a good basketball player for a white guy”n i feel lik ok white rappers get the same treatment..this song is NOT DOPE but not horrible its an alright song from a less than average rapper

  • I don’t know why you guys call him HIPSTER….us hipsters at pitchfork media don’t accept him either he’s a joke a walking minstrel show why did you allow this?

  • TheLostBoy

    lol @Courtney Lasen “us hipsters” LMAO! you fucking loser.

  • asher’s “i love college” song sucked so bad, and the greenhouse mixtape was wack too, but his album was pretty dam ill… n so was his recent mixtape… im startin to think hes a legit rapper… after my initial hate, i almost now wanna say hes underrated now, LOL… it may be a skin thing why people hate, but it also may not be…

  • Bill Clinton

    dee<cudi did not originate this style but yea its pretty much cudi's style (check er..his album and all his mixtapes)

    tune is alrite but corrrrrrrny as fuk. nice beat and chorus tho. asher can rap, as proved on muddy swim trunks thisll be his tour song for sure. can see radio givin it some shine too.

  • Bill Clinton

    D23< i feel ur pain. but it goes both ways my favourite sport is always expected to be basketball, and when i say i like bball i get a "ahh yea i know..u shud yea thats great" kinda thing. but yea its annoying either way.

  • Jesus

    This Shit is the fucking realist shit i’ve heard in a while

  • Snagz

    @Courtney Lasen You won’t accept Asher but you will feature a group of guys named “The Morning Benders” on your site? Fuck outta here you bitch ass nigga!

  • Bill Clinton


  • Ryuk

    Love this track. Very feel good summer song. Plus reading the production he is supposed to have on it, I’ll be looking forward to it.

  • guest

    pretty chill track, not sold on him yet though.

  • Zak

    love the comment about ash being ‘pointless’. what a pointless comment from a pointless mind.

  • This joint is smooth.

    Am I the only one who felt this has a Brother Ali-esque feel to it?

    Although I wish him more mainstream success, something tells me that Asher might end up going the indie route and prospering. He can actually spit and has this sort of grassroots feeling to his music, along with a decent fan base that can have him set for years to come, performing and what not, continuing to make a living off being a professional rapper, even if he never gets a hit like “I Love College” again.

  • asher seems cool as fuck.

  • Jamz

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  • Ash Roth can spit yo….song is dope to me

  • foie gras

    This is a bad song.

    Asher sounds more like Eminem than most white rappers do. This gay ass speech he gives at the end of the song is so fucking Eminem.

    “You can do anything you put your mind to man!!!!”

    Cornball!!!! Lose yourself!!!! GRIND!!!


  • Jobie

    @M. Hannah
    i think your right, i’ve been saying the same thing.if you listen to his music he is not mainstream at all. I Love College is the not the real Asher, its funny because i have become an Asher Roth fan and i forget he even made that song.

  • asher is irrelevant and very annoying

  • Bill Clinton

    the more i listen to it the more it grows on me..a remix would be well to do

  • Bill Clinton

    fulltimeboss<plz listen to muddy swim trunks..analyse it..then kill urself for ur statement.

  • I don’t really listen to Asher’s music , but this one got my atention , I’ll start to follow up more this dude .

  • JF

    Greenhouse mixtape was dope, the album was disappointing (& I bought it, and want my $9 back), but this is nice.

    Reminds me of the remix he did to John Mayer’s joint on the first mixtape.

    When he’s being socially conscious, or even serious, I can stomach him more than when he’s just being weird as hell for the heck of it. I don’t even know how people can say that he can’t spit though, that’s just being ignorant, dude has talent/flow/lyrics.

  • Kes Wiseman
  • KB Smoka


  • C-Flake

    This is the kind of shit Asher needs to put out to blow up. This kind of music will land him on the charts.

  • TE

    very dope.

  • hot 97 should play this more!

  • All I ever hear is..”oh gee golly, he sure has improved, he sure has come along way, he’s a lot deeper now then he used to be, he growing everyday as a lyricist.” … these are all synonyms for..”He’s wack as fuck!!!

  • p.s. I ain’t ever wanna look at a picture of the bottom of another mans feet. fagotry in motion

  • fuckyouducks

    You haters. He’s gay? How you know? You sucked his dick? Asher spits on this and the production is fire. Probably just pissed because your wannabe rap careers are stuck in reverse, never had Jay-Z call you in to hear your shit, never had a hit single, and never will. Go back to sleep for the rest of the day. The world has enough jealousy and hate without you today. Thanks and fuck off.

  • dirtysixchambers

    anyone have the dirty version of this? it isn’t even on itunes. or does anyone know when it drops on itunes?