Awkword - Imperialism f. C-Rayz Walz & Reks

With C-Rayz currently locked up*, Awkword thought it was a good time to let loose of this anti-imperialist anthem. I agree, this shit is dope. 2dbz premiere off Awk's upcoming album, World View. Featuring guest emcees from coast to coast and production from 15+ nations and every continent.

DOWNLOAD: Awkword - Imperialism f. C-Rayz Walz & Reks | Mediafire
*While the song and album are free. The artists are asking that you show support for C-Rayz by donating to his Paypal (suncycle7[at]gmail[dot]com) or reaching out to his family and management, via Twitter.

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  • Iodine

    1st verse alone makes it worth a download

  • othug

    C-Rayz Walz def underrated I gotta dl this

  • ans


  • d-bo

    Dope Shit. What is the Sun Cycle Emcee locked up for, this is news to me.

  • the real debo

    reks kills shit

  • Rev

    Showing love for the homie Awkword. Good joint here!

  • Leroy Paige

    AWKWORD, C-Rayz and REKS all bring something unique and equally dope to the table. The production and mix is also quality. This is refreshing. DOWNLOAD for sure!

  • Don Digit

    Dope joint! C-Rayz kills it!! Free Rayz Walz!!!!

  • The Iconic Company

    Never heared of you before, but i definantly gonna download!

  • Ra

    Dope Premiere Shake! Now This is Why I Fuk's Wit 'em 2dbz's
    Awk's Gotta Dope "World View" This Album is Show to Be as Ill
    as the Single With an All Star Line-Up of Greats the Earth is
    Soon to Be Blessed wit Hip-Hop's 1st 100% Nonprofit Project!

  • Iknowtoomuch

    LOL. Walz's dumbass is locked up for not going to court when he was originally charged. When will ppl learn that receiving a court summons means it is mandatory that your ass has to show up?

    And now his twitter is begging people to help bail him out.

  • tanyajc


  • concernedlistener

    the usershare link is not working anymore!

  • SK_Skulls

    Ha Agent Smith ass motherfuckers like "IKnowtoomuch" telling lies, don't believe it...hip-hop police is no one!!! FREE RAYZ WALZ

  • Skammadix

    This track is ridiculous. All 3 of y'all went in. People need to stop sleepin' on real shit like this..

  • Rich Manson

    A rumor is going around that there's a remix!? True??? Who's on it??? When's it dropping???

  • AK47

    This track is so tight and it tackles a very important issue. Big ups to AWKWORD for his continual effort to fight injustice via his music. Respect to 2DopeBoyz and C Ray too. Beautiful track.

  • djdex

    The "topic" is cool!!!!! ehhh C Rayz comes off a lilbit def!!!! Reks is aight and the
    other homie akword is kinda mad average at best, ehhhh not so great but decent, not to impressed with dude


    Word up! Thanks for all the feedback (and support!) yall... Yes, a remix is coming soon... And don't forget to donate to FreeRayzWalz. Homie's got a show this coming week. (And I may make a surpruse appearance to rock this joint.) 1, AWK

  • Vicente Anthis

    huge logbook you've accept

  • Ligia Pilsner

    is a forgotten path to give an edge to.

  • Twilight

    Remarkable write-up! Your plainly experienced. I've bookmarked your site!

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