• Iodine

    1st verse alone makes it worth a download

  • othug

    C-Rayz Walz def underrated I gotta dl this

  • ans


  • d-bo

    Dope Shit. What is the Sun Cycle Emcee locked up for, this is news to me.

  • the real debo

    reks kills shit

  • Rev

    Showing love for the homie Awkword. Good joint here!

  • Leroy Paige

    AWKWORD, C-Rayz and REKS all bring something unique and equally dope to the table. The production and mix is also quality. This is refreshing. DOWNLOAD for sure!

  • Don Digit

    Dope joint! C-Rayz kills it!! Free Rayz Walz!!!!

  • The Iconic Company

    Never heared of you before, but i definantly gonna download!

  • http://www.myspace.com/worldviewremixmixtape Ra

    Dope Premiere Shake! Now This is Why I Fuk's Wit 'em 2dbz's
    Awk's Gotta Dope "World View" This Album is Show to Be as Ill
    as the Single With an All Star Line-Up of Greats the Earth is
    Soon to Be Blessed wit Hip-Hop's 1st 100% Nonprofit Project!

  • Iknowtoomuch

    LOL. Walz's dumbass is locked up for not going to court when he was originally charged. When will ppl learn that receiving a court summons means it is mandatory that your ass has to show up?

    And now his twitter is begging people to help bail him out.

  • tanyajc

    "I DIED" THIS SONG IS SICKKKKKKKKKK! http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HEARTFELT HIP HOP.

  • concernedlistener

    the usershare link is not working anymore!

  • SK_Skulls

    Ha Agent Smith ass motherfuckers like "IKnowtoomuch" telling lies, don't believe it...hip-hop police is everywhere...trust no one!!! FREE RAYZ WALZ

  • Skammadix

    This track is ridiculous. All 3 of y'all went in. People need to stop sleepin' on real shit like this..

  • http://realhiphopforever.com Rich Manson

    A rumor is going around that there's a remix!? True??? Who's on it??? When's it dropping???

  • http://www.antiinjusticemovement.com AK47

    This track is so tight and it tackles a very important issue. Big ups to AWKWORD for his continual effort to fight injustice via his music. Respect to 2DopeBoyz and C Ray too. Beautiful track.

  • djdex

    The "topic" is cool!!!!! ehhh C Rayz comes off a lilbit def!!!! Reks is aight and the
    other homie akword is kinda mad average at best, ehhhh not so great but decent, not to impressed with dude

  • http://www.AWKWORDrap.com AWKWORD

    Word up! Thanks for all the feedback (and support!) yall... Yes, a remix is coming soon... And don't forget to donate to FreeRayzWalz. Homie's got a show this coming week. (And I may make a surpruse appearance to rock this joint.) 1, AWK

  • http://www.af2.com/ Vicente Anthis

    huge logbook you've accept

  • http://www.dumboFanter8906.com Ligia Pilsner

    is a forgotten path to give an edge to.

  • http://www.picturetrail.com/donny9rfreeman Twilight

    Remarkable write-up! Your plainly experienced. I've bookmarked your site!

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