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Kanye West – Power f. Dwele [Mastered]

blame it on Illy June 2, 2010

While Kanye’s new single has everyone speaking their own thoughts; it would’ve made sense to wait until the final/mastered version hit the net. And that it does, courtesy of the man himself. MEKA UPDATE: I honestly can’t tell the difference, aside from it being a bit louder than the first leak. But then again my hearing is shot as is, so I could not be hearing something. KNOWxONE UPDATE: Added the official single artwork created by George Condo.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – Power (prod. S1 & Kanye West) | Mediafire

  • tom

    1st dope

  • RSX

    2nd still awesome

  • Str8jckn

    drakes Lp gettin murdered on twitter right now…”on to the next one”

  • markeith504

    its the guitars it sounds like to me, there seems to be more

  • This is one of the dopest joints ever from kanye imo. Goes hard as f***

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  • song is pretty dope btw ha

  • Will Hickey

    sounds the same to me

  • This joint is nice. I’m hoping the next thing he drops is even better!

  • hof

    Kanye >


    This is a mediocre song at best, no hate. I was actually lookiing forward to hearing dude rap again but the beats lame, which is rare for a kanye song.

    Are you guys gonna post Ode to Illmatic? Fashawn just said it drops in 7 days on twitter.


  • sik


  • mR

    welcome back, mr west.

    and it sounds like he added some more of the sample behind the hook. DOPE

  • Micah

    its got little differences does sound better when played louder, and more sharper, and he echos power fater he says it in the chorus, shit is dope

  • Scipe

    How is this hot? Has anyone listened to and thought about the lyrics?

    This is nothing but a tantrum. Like a child sulking with his thumb in his mouth clutching a blanket. Just because this track is off that 808/autotune shit, people talking like this is great? SMH.

  • Justanothercrow123

    @meka, are you kidding me? this sounds miles better then the first leaked version. this is WAAAY better.

  • the idiot who types what number their comment is


  • Instant Classic


  • yougotrondo’d

    Yeahh I knew that first leak wasn’t mastered…the drums and bassline were just a little off. Sounds like they added a touch more reverb to the main sample too, and the vocals sound better. It is subtle but it sounds better.

  • Justanothercrow123

    kanye got the artowkr for the single on his blog btw. its fucking awesome.

  • Idk what to say about “I dont need yo pussy, bitch im on my own dick”….like is it gay or is it just a dope ass verse. Its like the ultimate conceit but still questionable lol

  • moonman

    the diffenece in this and the first one is the flow comes together alot better the effects fade from one side to the other left speaker to right speaker vise-vrse and the echo effect the electric guitar in the background is alittle louder and clearer…
    you got the power to let power grow is “well spoken” insted of spead and you have the laughing in the background sounds like the end of thiller… but i dont know it would be a cool thing if someone found out if it is from thriller

  • Bill Clinton

    yea its been fleshed out sample reverb some more gituar and additional layters/effetcs nice!

  • Snagz

    This track is above average but some of you are making it seem way better than it is. Let’s just say I hope this isn’t the best song on his album.

  • Jimbo

    His vocals are turned up. There is evil laughing at the end. Just sounds more polished.

  • OGEazy

    This song is simply awesome if you play it loud on some nice speakers.

  • Bill Clinton


  • Snagz

    ^^ Some of you really need to get a life or a clue. He drops 1 above average song so therefore his album will be a classic? How about he drop a classic song first? Smh…

  • i love haters


    Good linear thinking. keep it up. no one gets to vent on rap.

  • Bill Clinton

    Snagz< it my opinion. production, song progression, some great verses, overall great feeling, and im expecting alot. i THINK it will be classic. you dont. but u n ur opinion can eat a dick rite?

  • mR

    @snagz based on his previous work, odds are it will be classic.

    college dropout, late registration and graduation were classics. 808s was different, but still had some classic shit (see: amazing, street lights, love lockdown).

    Good Ass Job will be no different

  • i love haters

    funny how some of y’all get irritated.

    people are just excited. and y’all are the fckers who just kill the joy in here. take a blue pill and put it in your ass. relax faux cocks!

  • i love haters

    ^to the haters ofc.

  • bobbyrayftw

    damn that drake album is fire. i just copped the whole thing off thisisbuckwild.com


    guess what? the difference is that it’s mastered!

  • mk121

    they added strings

  • ME

    Do you fools listen to music or just skim through it. I can tell y u guys are just journalists. A true artist can hear tht the strings were changed to a differnt chord, all the sounds are livend up the bass is more, the background music is more relaveant

  • JaySpaceE

    Voice has been Normalized, the beat has been amplified to lower value, and they reverbed more of the song. Like anyone hears that crap though if you don’t study it for school like myself.

  • zach

    well obviously it’s 3 seconds longer… idk how you didn’t catch that meka ahaha; i hear no difference

  • TE

    Theres a big difference the bass sounds alot bigger so does the kick. also the ending has more synth added, its better than the original.

  • Jovell

    I’m no pro or anything, but I instantly noticed that Kanye seems to take center stage on this one, where on the last one the beat was overpowering the vocals.

  • Mtrx

    @Jovell I noticed that too and the echoes on “Power” stand out as well. Great song.

  • Cool ! Great Zik… !

  • nitro

    he cleaned up the vocals.. they sound more clear in this than they did n the first leak…

  • H808

    Ye’s vocals are mixed better. In the older one the background sample was overpowering, it’s much more balanced. And drake’s LP is a big fuckin waste of space, good beat selection but poor lyrics. So far gone was so much better

  • lolATtheHATE

    yeah vocals sound MUCH better… makes the song for me, i couldnt listen to the first version

  • I agree, the vocals sound A LOT better. I thought the first leaked version sounded un-finished. Props to 2DB.

  • Jovell

    ”Stop trippin’/I’m trippin’ off the powder”

    Am I the only one worried about that line?

  • this shit sounds a lot cleaner… and go dl/buy TML… despite the hate on here it goes hard, good album.

  • listen to dude, kanyes his idol

  • H808

    Thank Me Later lacks substance, it’ll probably sell regardless but that’s sadly the state of things. Drake will be #1 on the charts but Distant Relatives can barely sell any units and there’s two grammy winners on that joint.

  • Bill Clinton

    Jovell < dont he say im trippin off the power?

  • Nah h808 it doesn’t lack substance, it lacks substance that you’re looking for. Not every album needs to tackle societal issues bro…

  • Jovell

    @Bill Clinton

    The first time he does, but the second time around I’m pretty sure he says powder.


    distant relatives aint winnin no grammys.

  • jay

    kanye is back this version sounds a lot better yall sayin this beat is wack this beat is fire kanye is the king of samples i was tired of that electro shit

  • Jovell

    Kanye didn’t dig up the sample on this one. S1 did.

  • drmamibk

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7C3OuI0nmQ EVER HEARD OF A RAPPER NAMED SCO? HE DEEP.

  • The levels on the guitars, adlibs and vocals were raised, and the bass was evened out.

  • 1

    vocals raised and equed, reverb overall mix, panned guitars, raised levels and equed guitars, drums equed and compressed ,probably with some onflation, strings borught into key ,bass levels raised……dope track

  • @Jimbo “His vocals are turned up. There is evil laughing at the end. Just sounds more polished.”


  • TruthBeTold

    Sorry people, but Kanye’s following in Jay’s foot steps with this song. When he says “No ‘ONE MAN’ should have all that power”, he’s basically saying God shouldn’t have all that power. Not only that, but look at the artowrk. You can’t tell me that there isn’t evil written all over that cover. I’m slowly starting to realize that the end may possibly be near to be honest. So much has been told and revealed that I think someone knows something. And “Now this will be a beautiful death, Jumpinn out the window”, will freak you out. At the end he say “You got the power to let power go”, he’s saying you have the power to kill yourself. Music today, mainly Hip Hop is ran by the Sstanic government. Just open you ears and listen, these artists rather laugh now and cry later. In other words they rather have Heaven on earth then after they die they burn in hell. Wake up people!!

  • TruthBeTold

    Satanic government***

  • Idris

    If you dont like the music, and you just paranoid from smoking too much weed…or whatever shit you on, just say it. Don’t go weaving together shit for your cause to point at Satanic government.

    Like they say in New York, “C’mon son.” Really? Really, nigga? Really…??? Government aint nothing more than a bunch of people. Folks that breathe the same air as we do. Die just the same way I can, or might in the next 24 hours. What imma be scare dof them for?

    Get that bullshit out of here. You’re a grown ass man scared of an entity that has been around since the dawn of time: government. Rome, Greece, all had fucked up governments. China has a fucked up government. Everyone doesn’t agree with the government every move, but you go around pointing out shit. Ain’t trying to tell you off, but bruh – all you look like is some scary ass nigga, paranoid, and a nut from being crazy.

  • Idris

    By the way, the whole Power subject is about how his ego balloon being popped. Taylor Swift, 808s, all the last few years a climb to the top…now he’s on his drop.

  • LightsPlease


    lol Jeez, calm down dude… He’s talkin about the white man with all that power. He’s trying to scare white people with the evil laughing and the single cover, thats why it doesnt even have the title of the song, nor his name. But come to think of it, he could be talking about God. If so, then he really is following in Jigga’s footsteps. Music overall is really nothing but clues and riddles these days.


    haaaa haa haaaa haa haaa haa haaa haaa haaaaaaaa MIKE DEAN! LOL

  • D

    Gotta give it up this time. It’s grown on me.


  • Static


    Kanye’s back on my radar….this is dope…





  • A

    Put a Parental Advisory on my cover. Check it out: