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Jay Electronica x XXL (Video)

blame it on Meka June 3, 2010

Among other things, he mentions he’s working with DJ Premier, DJ Khalil and Just Blaze among other folks for his album. That alone quasi-excited me, until I realized it was Jay Electronica talking. Act II coming Neverary 37th, 2068. Props to XXL.

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  • Snagz

    He will still be talking about the album coming this time next year. This is the same guy who waited 7 months to put out a video for Exhibit C. Some rap dudes have no idea how to handle their career or their buzz. Say what you want about Drake but that dude has been in grind mode and he made all the right moves.

  • ChRiS.

    ^ Thats not a fair comparison since Jay Elec. and drake arent in the same situation.

  • ???

    This was after his Brooklyn show a couple days ago. Great show, he played some new shit too. But yeah we need that Act 2!

  • this guy

    add this to the collection of interviews. if he spent half the time making music as he does in interviews his catalog would be greater than Pacs. next up this dude will be talking to barbara walters. i like his music and im hating cuz i want more of it and not him telling us about him making it.

  • YeWe

    Firs.. naH im not gon do that haha

    hahaha @Act II coming Neverary 37th, 2068. u seriously got me with that one

    but im excited man jay working with them ppl should be gd 4rl

  • Mohammed

    What Jay Elec and Premo!!. I need to hear this.

  • risen357

    can’t rush genious

  • Snagz

    ^^ You obviously can’t spell GENIUS either.

  • james

    Jay Elec lost me with all his 5 percenter bullshit and that vid of him talking wild.

    He’s a lot of talk and little product.

  • TrueSense

    ^^ You obviously can’t spell GENIUS either.

    Snagz said this on June 3rd, 2010 at 1:16 pm


  • Jojoba

    my man loves to talk… someone needs to take all these interviews and put beats under them… that could be the album!!

  • FuckHimAndFuckYouToo

    There will be 3 new 2Pac albums before a snippet from Act II

  • smokexintellect

    So im from the D.C. area and I was on the bus listenin to Jay and caught myself comparing Gilbert Arenas to Jay elect. You might be like WTF but there was a huge buzz for Arenas and then he got hurt and this and that. So there was always an excuse, even if its a legit reason there is always something. Same as Jay elect, niggas always workin on something. dont know what he’s waiting for because unlike Arenas who can be traded to another team. once hiphop fans get fed up they’re gonna move on to someone else. so hurry up son

  • i could have sworn that Act II was the mixtape/street album/whatever whatever, and Act III was the album.

    Guess not.

  • i’m glad he’s working with d-d-d-d-d-d different people. quality takes time, people are waaaay too impatient nowadays. cuban linx 2 took how long?!

  • boistop!

    to a certain extent i don’t even blame Jay taking this long. His an independent artist trying to get his money up to get all these producers…at the same time make an EXPECTED classic LP.
    but then again, he needs to feed us something.
    right now we fiending, when that LP drops it will be his turn to fiend hoping we cop the record!

  • I think Jay is trying to get that Detox Buzz :P

  • hof

    Jay’s whole career is on Detox status as far as Im concerned.

  • boooooooooooooo

    stop fucking touring, and get in the studio. if he wants any longevity he needs to be more consistent. STOP THE BULLSHIT.

  • Snagz

    This guy is doing shows all over the world performing Exhibit C. Is there any other rapper that ever beat to the death a song more than Jay Elect? He is the definition of getting every ounce of success out of one thing. I hate to say it but J. Cole isn’t far behind when it comes to not releasing music. I know Cole has released more songs than Jay Elect but Cole has done 450 interviews in the last year and has released how many songs that WEREN’T on The Warm Up?

  • 88

    “jay let’s try that one more time without the stuttering” – the reason why act 2 has been delayed

  • lol^

  • Musikfiend

    Act II, Detox, & 24 Hour Karate School are dropping the same day.

  • who cares who

    ^ Thats not a fair comparison since Jay Elec. and drake arent in the same situation.

    i got hip to both in like 07 and I felt Jay elect had a bigger buz at that time. drake just capitalized since then and jay elect is at square 1

  • nahdude

    ill patiently wait 4 jay because he makes quality music with a new flavor. one of jay elect’s song is equivalant to ” good rappers” whole albums or not even….

    Big L took months to write his 2nd n 3rd verse of ebonics —just sayin

  • Jojoba

    yo!! jay is this decades canibus!!! keep waiting… keep waiting

  • midnightkat

    the hype he has built for himself is out of this world so he better take his time and make that shit Illmatic good because he is really on the fence with his fan base.

  • D. $cience

    You know what would be sad is if that one day Jay Electronica drop his album and it becomes a disappointment. I already see people talking about his album “not being better than this and that”, or “he should’ve capitalized off his buzz”…I somewhat agree with Jojoba as far as for Jay Electronica setting himself up as the new Canibus. Not in comparison to ‘Bus, because obviously Jay have better beats behind him, but I think Jay will eventually fade into obscurity and be talked amongst kids today how older heads talk about Canibus right now. I hope I’m wrong, but Jay Elect needs to release at least a dope EP (for sale, cheapskates!) so he can keep his name out there. I don’t care how long people say it takes to create “quality”, it didn’t take Jay-Z 4 years to create The Blueprint, which some will agree is his best work. If Jay is good, and KNOWS he’s good, then releasing new material should be nothing to him.

  • I try and avoid getting any kind of excited about this guy’s music until it drops. No disrespect, I’m not hating – I enjoy the music very much so, it’s just not something that comes out often, and after the New Years Day fiasco I just try to take everything with a grain of salt.

  • Joe

    The world is going to end in 2012…I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will see the end of humanity before I see a Jay Electronica album.

  • Boomerang Slang

    people need to stop wit the Act 2 jokes. Jay probably didnt put it out cuz he wanted to use some songs for his album, Nas was supposed to be on it right? i would want Nas on my album rather then a free release

    thats jus a theory tho

  • tanyajc

    “I DIED” THIS SONG IS SICKKKKKKKKKK! http://usershare.net/8ex5lowbc6iu REAL HEARTFELT HIP HOP.

  • Musikfiend

    people need to stop wit the Act 2 jokes. Jay probably didnt put it out cuz he wanted to use some songs for his album, Nas was supposed to be on it right? i would want Nas on my album rather then a free release

    thats jus a theory tho


    I though Act II was the album????

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