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Michael Uzowuru (Afro Butterfly) – No Need For Sense (Mixtape)

blame it on JES7 June 4, 2010

The architect behind this incredible beat tape, aptly titled The Mellowest Trip is back again with No Need For Sense.

Michael Uzowuru, the young talented production assistant to the mighty Sa-Ra creative partners, is back with a new beat tape. After landing production work with Nicky D’s, Ev4n Holt, and Brandun DeShay and dropping his “The Mellowest Trip” beat project, he returns with an 8 track tape that’s sure to blow your mind. The IE beatsmith flips irregular samples and laces them with rugged drum patterns. Rappers, singers, and listeners can all enjoy these tagless beats from one of our talented 2dope affiliates. Contact: email: [email protected]
twitter: @michaeluzowuru
aim: micha3lwho

<a href="http://michaeluzowuruproduction.bandcamp.com/album/michael-uzowuru-no-need-for-sense">yellow by afro butterfly</a>

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  • Kanye East


  • OrNaw

    reminds me of some Nujabes shit

  • taylorgang48

    nigga is raw

  • Bill Clinton

    reallllll niceee

  • This is some of the best and most unique new stuff I’ve heard in a while. Much love, this guy is crazy talented.

  • John

    looks like he’s got another release called space is the place:

  • Charlie

    YES! Thank you 2dopeboyz! This guy is incredible.

  • deron


  • Lime

    Dope shit

  • smokexintellect

    Relaxing sounds. Thx

  • BAunique

    I’ll give this a shot

  • 20UTSIDERS10…Winnin

  • tre

    finna rip these

  • DOPE

  • 2Outsiders10

  • crackadon

    this is fucking beautiful music. 2dope!